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Topics of the MCR in the past:

  • Forum 1: What problems do China have?

  • Forum 2: Underground Publication and Press Freedom in Mainland ChinaClick!

  • Forum 3:
    • a. Yu Luoke and His Inheriting TheoryClick!
    • b. Wei Jingsheng and His Right and Wrong Click!

  • Forum 4: From Yu Luoke to the Inheritance of Chinese

    Democracy Experience Click!

  • Forum 5: Tendency of China's Political Situation Click!

  • Forum 6: Press Reform and Its Relationship with China's Development Click!

  • Forum 7: Political and Economic Situations and the Relationship Between Two Sides of Taiwan Strait Click!

  • Forum 8: Revolution and Restoration--Anlysis of Modern Chinese History Click!

  • Forum 9:

  • Forum 10:

  • Forum 11: Retrospection and Expectation of Democracy In Taiwan Click!

  • Forum 12: The Future of Chinese Democracy Movement: Reform or Revolution? Click!

  • Forum 13: The Unveiled Historic Truth Of Anti-Japanese War Fifty Years Ago Click!

  • Forum 14: the Development of World Political Thoughts and Its Implication to ChinaClick!

  • Forum 15: The Cause of Chinese Communist Revolution in This Century Click!

  • Forum 16: The Change of Roles and Positions of Chinese Intelectuals in the 90s Click!

  • Forum 17: Recent Development Between the Two Sides of Taiwan Strait Click!

  • Forum 18: History of Chinese DiaoYuTai Islands and Japan's Occupation Click!

  • Forum 19: Reform and Revolution In Last Centurary Click!

  • Forum 20: Hongkon's Future after 1997 Click!

  • Forum 21(Special topic): Deng's Evaluation and China's Political Situation after Deng Click!

  • Forum 22: Liberal Trends And Confucianism Innovation


  • Forum 23:

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