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Hi my name is Dale I live in Sydney and am 44 years old. I have been giving readings for about 26 years including past life regressions, healing with colours, crystal therapy and messages from the other side. I have never charged for any of these services as I see it as using a gift to help others and by doing so I feel the power of spirit within me. Please feel free to email me on any matter and if I can help I will try to. Blessings to You

Due to the overwhelming demand for my services, I am having great difficulties finding the money to continue using the internet as a way to help others to communicate with their guides, friends and families. After great soul wrenching and asking for guidance, I feel in my heart I must ask for $10 US as a donation for my readings, to assist me in my work. Some of you know me well enough to realize just how difficult it is for me to make such a request, after having provided this service voluntarily over the past __ years. I truly hope this does not upset anyone. This is not compulsory for those who cannot afford to pay. Because of my back injury and the limited amount of time I can sit at the computer, I would like to purchase a program which will allow me to talk, while the computer types. This way I could answer more e-mails from my bed. Thanks for your understanding. My banking details are as follows: Commonwealth Bank of Australia Ryde Branch account number 06-2245-10097079 May the great spirit shine on us all Dale Scholes

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DOLPHINS: My Best friend in Brisbane

EVA: MY best friend in Sweden

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