The first two photos were taken by Beth Knizer during Flo's first round doubles match at the '96 US Open. Beth reserves all rights to them; no reproduction, distribution, or related funny business allowed. The '98 Wimbledon pictures are from IBM's Wimbledon web site. The other pictures were taken by me, so feel free to do whatever you want with them. Thanks go to Han Martens and Peter van Mierlo for scanning many of these shots.

Beth Knizer picture #1
Beth Knizer picture #2
'93 OTB International Open -- After 1st round singles loss
'95 US Open -- Smiling after 1st round doubles win
'96 US Open -- During 1st round singles win
'96 US Open -- Being interviewed
'96 US Open -- Another shot from the same interview
'97 Lipton -- Very nice practice court photo
'97 Lipton -- Smiling before 1st round doubles match
'97 Lipton -- Preparing to leave practice courts
'97 Toronto -- Walking to her chair during 1st round singles win
'97 Toronto -- At the net with Anke Huber after their 2nd round match
'97 US Open -- With Mercedes Paz after their 1st round doubles win
'97 US Open -- Flo and Mercedes shaking hands with Angela Lettiere and Meilen Tu
'97 US Open -- Walking to practice during rain delay

SPECIAL SECTION: NetCam pictures of Florencia and Dominique van Roost playing their third round doubles match at Wimbledon on July 2, 1998.

Florencia and Dominique sitting together during a changeover
Changeover picture #2
Changeover picture #3
Changeover picture #4
Changeover picture #5
Florencia and Dominique side by side on the court, preparing to return serve
Florencia and Dominique laughing at the end of the match

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