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This fan fiction is all assorted. If you wish to have some of your fan fiction posted on this site, than just drop me a line at By the way, if anyone has any type of fanfic, please submit it. I'm really heavy on Carter and Lucy fics. Thanks.

Mark/Susan Series By: Kris
Do It Before It's Too Late
Tunnel Of Love
Marriage Is Commitment
Love Is When Marriage Happens

Mark/Susan Series By: Kris
I Never Forgot
The Beginning Of A New Life
Mark/Susan Series By: Sarah D.
One Ticket, Please
Too Good To Be True
Blast From The Past
Time Heals Old Wounds
When Life Gives You Lemmons
Greene With Envy
Austen's Final Word
Taking Down Walls
Family Matters
Climbing The Ladder
In With The New
Journey Into The Unknown The Last In The Series!!
Carter/Lucy Series By:Christina
Ardent Reflections Part One
Ardent Reflections Part Two
Ardent Reflections Part Three
Ardent Reflections Part Four
Ardent Reflections Part Five
Carter/Lucy Series By: Laura Butler
The Continuation Of The Good Fight
Carter/Lucy Series By:Mandy
One Pill Part One
One Pill Part Two
One Pill Part Three
One Pill Part Four
Mark/Elizabeth By:Kris
Night Of Fun
Trouble In Paradise
Mark/SusanBy: Kris
Marks Vision
ER In General By: Kris
The Victim
The Doctor Was Right
Doug/Carol By: Sarah

Mark/Kerry & Carter/other
The Most Beautiful Girl In The ER Series By: Gina
The Most Beautiful Girl IN The ER Part One
The Most Beautiful Girl In The ER Part Two

Carter/Lucy Series | A Letter From Greece By: Samantha

Letter From Greece Part One
Letter From Greece Part Two

Carter/Lucy Series | By: Samanhta

Twice Bad Luck

Carter/Lucy Series | By Zelia White

Fools Rush In
Honeymoon In Las Vegas

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