[Chrysalis Foundation]

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My journey with the Christ, like yours, began long ago. In this lifetime, it started again consciously in 1984, while working with "A Course in Miracles." This was the first time I experienced the "Christ" as a palpable living presence. In 1988, he returned again and my life has never been the same since. During the last 8 years my partner, Karen Anderson, and I have been blessed with the experience of many spontaneous awakenings to the "Christ" occurring with those who have come to work with us in our Soul Awakening and Healing sessions. This has occurred in association with the presence we know as Jesus or Jeshua, often as a pure presence, identified with no specific form.

The series of conversations with "The Christ" occurred in late 1996, during of one of the deepest "dark nights of the soul" I have experienced. Standing in unemployment and food stamp lines and facing homelessness plunged me into a confrontation with shadow aspects of this world and within myself that opened the doors to new levels of death and rebirth.

Just recently I was guided to make them available, as they were actually received for the days which lie just before us now. Though they were received in personal conversations with the Christ, they were ultimately intended to be read by many at this crucial time on Earth.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you are either in the process of birthing or about to experience the birth of the "Living Christ" presence within you. The "Living Christ" is the ever new, always changing Christ, as it is expressing through the myriad beings that simply allow it to do so through them. It is never limited to a Christian format or definition. All too often that "Christ" is enshrouded with doctrine and dogma from the collective unconscious which limits as much as it illumines. The Living Christ is the Christ that is free of this—alive, expressing through our mind, our experience, in the present moment only. It can not be grasped upon as a conceptual foundation upon which to further prop our ego.

The Living Christ is the Christ that awakens in each one of us as we awaken to the core divinity residing in the center of our being. Each of us will walk as the Christ when we have fully awakened and embodied the spark of Spirit, the monad, the I AM or God Presence in the center of the Soul. To do so is the unavoidable outcome of this incarnational journey on planet Earth. Each of us will someday lift ourselves from the amnesia and sleep of the ego-identified condition and remember who we really are.

The time is Now for many of us to do so. The hour of the Second Coming is near, and we are it.