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Living Doll

Kenny is a bit miffed when a girl joins the chess club, but her and Steve make friends quickly. Dianne may be a little weird, but after Marty's little 'thought bubbles' experiment to find out what everyone was thinking, she and Steve decide to got out on a date type thing. Just as Steve's ready to leave Judy and Pam dump him with baby sitting duties. He doesn't want to stand up his 'sort of' date, so he and Marty come up with a solution. Marty brings to life Katie's Sun and Fun Cindy doll to watch her and Steve goes out. He brings Dianne back to his house but Cindy gives her totally the wrong impression and she storms off. Now Steve needs to find someone else to take to the holiday ball, and it just so happens that Cindy loves to dance, but Steve wouldn't fall for some brainless airhead who was born yesterday, would he? Well, not yesterday......

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