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Mike    Damus

What can I say. I think he's a babe. So sue me! Hey Mike! If you're reading this by any chance drop me an e-mail some time. Okay? Let's just drop back down to reality again for a moment and do Mike's bio shall we? Jolly good.

Mike started acting at a very young age. He did school plys and local community theatre. At the age of 11 when was cast as Arty's understudy in the Broadway production of Neil Simon's 'Lost in Yonkers', and was later cast as Arty in the film of the stage show. He's also starred in 'A Pig's Tale' (I have NEVER heard of it. Anyone wanna tell me what it's about?) and made his TV debut in 'My Guy's' (I've never heard of that either. Am I missing something? How come none of these things make it over to England? I don't think I should be deprived of Mike, or am I getting just a little off track now? I thought so, but I've got a picture! ) as the sarcastic older brother. He's also been in commercials and a couple of TV pilots.

He went to the Professional Performing Arts hing School in New York (I am sooo Jealous.....budding young actress here incase you can't tell) and he has an older brother called Robby.

He'll be 18 this year, and I've found out when his birthday is! It's September 30th. Aren't you proud of me? He's studying history at UCLA, the strange lad. You could not pay me to take history. He enjoys bowling and has formed a team with his friends. He also plays the guitar and likes to read.

I'll put more stuff on here as I find it out. I'm not exactly a world class information gatherer. Maybe that's why I suck at history........