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Judson's agency headshot 2002

This page is due for a serious overhaul, but it may not happen for a while, so please be patient.

When I was in high school, I watched The Phoenix, a short-lived sci-fi series of only 4 episodes about a spaceman with a mission on Earth being chased by a bad guy (sound familiar?). Somehow this little show managed to spawn not only a devoted fan club for Judson Scott but a conference called Phoenixcom! It boggles the imagination. At any rate, with the help of other fans like Diane and Robin, I have put up my little tribute to a talented actor.

This page is going to be revamped into a new multi-page format as soon as I can manage it.

Judson at the Trek Con in Germany, 2002
Judson (in the shades) is to the right of Dominic Keating from 'Enterprise'; Richard Hatch is to the left


Judson Earney Scott was born on July 15 in Azuza, California, USA. He's a rangy 6'3" tall and very fit according to his hobbies!

He went to Carl Sandberg Jr. High and Glendale High School then attended college and got a scholarship to Julliard. Graduated both with a B.A. in Theatre Arts. Trained at the Actor's Studio in L.A.

At the end of the school year in college Judson entered a contest at the American College Film festival in Washington D.C. which won for him the Irene Ryan Award - Best Actor in the Western U.S. Not bad for a beginner!

Judson is a champion surfer - he began surfing at the age of 9 for Hobie surfboards. He also plays tennis, skis, lifts weights, makes pottery, writes, rides horseback, paints, reads, play concert piano and does stand-up comedy. Where does he get the energy?


Judson has also finished working on another production, but I can't find my notes with the name of the show/movie. I'll have to add it later.

Charmed (2002)

The man himself has informed me (via a friend who met him at the Con in Vegas) that he will be guest starring in the first two episodes of the 2002 fall season of this TV series about three good witch sisters who spend their days battling demons and dealing with life. Safe bet that Judson will be playing a demon.

It's not a bad show, really. I like it better since Rose McGowan joined as the long-lost half-sister. I only started watching it because my brother's girlfriend used to know Rose in high school and wanted me to tape some episodes for her.

X-Files (2001)
Judson guest-starred as Absalom in three episodes in Season 8 ("This Is Not Happening", "DeadAlive", "Three Words") in a storyline that reintroduced Roy Thinnes' character, Jeremiah Smith, the man with the mysterious healing powers. Mulder is found more dead than alive, etc. Annabeth Gish is Agent Reyes and Robert Patrick is Agent Doggett also show up as regulars around this time.

Judson as Absalom, an alien healer
Absalom is the leader of a cult, but is he bad or good?

This Is Not Happening - Doggett calls on another agent to assist in the Mulder case and his persistant, closed-minded attitude about abductions and aliens causes friction between him and Scully. When several abductees taken along with Mulder are recovered and healed by Jeremiah Smith, Scully faces her fear about finding Mulder dead.

DeadAlive - Shortly after Mulder is buried, Billy Miles is found very dead but somehow comes back to life. Skinner and Scully put all their hopes into digging up Mulder and discovering that he too, is still alive. As Mulder lies in hospital without indication that he is going to fully recover, Krycek comes to Skinner and offers him a vaccine to the virus that has infected Mulder - but the cost of the vaccine is that Skinner has to kill Scully's unborn child.

Three Words - Mulder's request for reassignment to the X-Files is denied by Kersh, who hopes that Mulder will simply quit the FBI. When a census worker is killed on the White House lawn trying to get information to the President, Mulder gets in over his head trying to discover what the man knew.

Blade (1998)
You may have heard of this little vampire adventure starring Wesley Snipes and based on a comic book. I rented the video and can now report back on the gore-fest. The movie's actually not bad. Stephen Dorff looks like he's having way too much fun. Wesley and Kris Kristofferson are the good guys. Stephen is the young upstart vampire who causes all sorts of trouble for the old mafia-like vampire council (and everybody else). It's not deep but it's fun and a helluva lot better than that piece of puke called "Vampires" with James Woods, that Baldwin guy, Tim Guinee and Sheryl Lee (Tim was the best thing in it, but I digress). Judson played Pallantine, one of the wimpy vampire council members in Blade and of course he meets a grisly end. Don'tcha just hate that?

Star Trek: Voyager (1998)
Judson guest-starred as Commander Rekar, a Romulan dude in the Message in a Bottle episode of this Trek TV series. I don't watch the show regularly, so I missed this one. Dang!

Judson Scott as Commander Rekar Richard Lynch as Baran
Judson as Commander Rekar on Voyager and Richard Lynch as Baran on Next Generation

Fugitive Mind (1998)
Have no idea what this direct-to video movie is about, but Judson played a character called Karns. It sounds like a sci-fi to me, but I could be wrong.

Babylon 5 (1993)
Judson guest-starred as Knight One in an episode called And the Sky Full of Stars. Babylon 5 sure has changed since I started watching it!
Babylon 5
Episode Graphic for Babylon 5

The Adventures of Brisco Country Jr. (1993)
As Gil Swill in No Man's Land, Judson got to rub elbows with Bruce Campbell in this silly TV series which poked fun at westerns. Bruce Campbell plays Autolycus on Xena: Warrior Princess fairly regularly.

Raven (1992)
Blurb I found about the TV series: Jonathan Raven (Jeffrey Meek), A ninja-trained former Special Forces agent retires to Hawaii and uses his skills to help those in need and to search for his long-lost son, while avoiding assassins sent to kill him by his former associates in the Black Dragon clan. He is assisted by Ski (Lee Majors), an eccentric private investigator.

Judson played a guy named "Vulcan" (as opposed to playing a vulcan) in an episode called The Unseen Enemy, where another agent (Vulcan) from the US special operations team from which Raven quit is sent on an "expendable" mission to kill Raven--or die trying.

K-9000 (1991)
Some TV movie that I never heard of. Adventures of a robotic police dog perhaps? Judson played Anton Zeiss. Anybody know about this show?

True Identity (1991)
Iago? Hmmm, sounds more like Othello to me. Don't know if it's TV, video of film. More research required.

Escape (1990)
I begin to see a pattern here. Judson seems to be a favourite in sci-fi and adventures. This one sounds like an adventure. He's Gabriel LaFontaine. Oops! I was wrong - this one's a murder mystery starring Elizabeth Jeager, Judson, Kim Richards, Kim Milford, and Kin Shriner. A woman searches for the truth behind her brother's murder. Clues lead to a small town paralyzed in the grip of a sadistic man. Guess who gets to play the "sadistic man"?

Full Exposure: The Sex Tapes Scandal (1989)
Why does this sound so familiar? Hmm. TV movie based on real life perhaps? Judson is some guy named John "Amazing" Grace. I bet it's on video (no pun intended).

Mission: Impossible (1988)
The TV series playing Ernst Graff in The Legacy. Who starred in this version of the series? I think it was Robert Stack or Robert Vaughn in the older one.

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1988)
Here he is again in a Star Trek franchise playing Sobi (not S.O.B., ha ha) in Symbiosis. Captain Picard would have words with him, no doubt.

Jake and the Fatman (1987)
Joe Penny, cute guy with dark hair and blue eyes, was Jake alongside the big guy with the gravelly voice. Detective types if I remember correctly. Don't know which episode Judson was on.

The Colbys (1986)
A spinoff TV series from Dynasty. If you like night time soap slobber, you would have seen Judson in this show as Sacha Malenkov in the following Season 2 episodes: Sanctuary, Bid for Freedom, Bloodlines, The Gala, and Something Old, Something New. Ricardo Montalban was regular Zachary Powers.

The A-Team (1985)
Hey, I watched this show and I don't remember Judson being on it. I think Dirk Benedict was in the show (along with Mr. T), which would have been why I watched it. No, really, that's the reason. Judson guest-starred in Incident at Crystal Lake during Season 3, where a fishing expedition turns into a manhunt when Colonel Decker shows up at the team's lakeside retreat.

Dirk Benedict
Dirk Benedict played Face on the A-Team

Dukes of Hazzard (1985)
Hey, I thought Tom Wopat and John Schneider were cute. Kind of the hillbilly version of Starsky and Hutch. Judson popped by to play Wood Benson on an episode. Can you believe he was on this show three times and played three different characters? Maybe he got to kick Boss Hogg's butt - or kiss Daisy's.

V (1985)
Ya, more sci-fi. This was a pretty good show. Alien lizard dudes lunching on earthlings whenever they got the chance. Judson was Lieutenant James - until someone ate him! (I'm kidding.)

Velvet (1984)
Crime-fighting aerobics instructors (their headquarters are hidden in a gym) take in an inexperienced debutante to help them find a kidnapped boy (among other things). Judson played Mats Edholm. "Positively awful" is the IMDb review. Yup.

T.J. Hooker (1984)
So, here he is a couple of years later guest-starring on William Shatner's cop show as Bobby Curtis (can you see Judson as a 'Bobby'?) in Exercise in Murder.

The Greatest American Hero (1984)
I loved the movie with John Ritter but the TV series with William Katt was good too. Judson played Dak Hampton in It's Only Rock and Roll. In case you missed the show, it's about a guy who makes himself a costume and goes around trying to be heroic with mixed results. I still have the book on my shelf.

Dukes of Hazzard (1984)
Here he is again, this time as Benson on Sittin' Dukes.

General Hospital (1983)
Funny how he keeps turning up on the same shows. This time he was Peter Harrell.

Dukes of Hazzard (1983)
His first appearance on the show, as Parker in Witness: Jesse Duke.

Judson as Joachim in "The Wrath of Khan"

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Don't waste your time looking for his name in the credits like I did; his name isn't there. I can't remember why, it's recorded somewhere. Anyway, he played Joachim, Khan's son in this tasty trek treat. The scene where Khan and Joachim have a family moment was cut from the final film, unfortunately, so when Joachim gets killed by falling debris and Khan gets REALLY PISSED OFF at Kirk, now you'll know why. He just lost his son. It kind of ties in with Kirk's son because David gets killed off in the next movie. OOPS! SPOILER!

Khan and Joachim
Ricardo Montalban and Judson Scott as Khan and his son, Joachim, in "Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan"

I, The Jury (1982)
I have the book somewhere. This movie starred Stacey Keach as Mike Hammer (no, not Jack Hammer). Judson was a really creepy guy named Charles Hendricks who did some nasty things to a couple of blondes (and a few other folks) before Mike cleaned his clock.

Voyagers! (1982)
Hmm, another fantasy-adventure TV series I used to watch now and then. Judson guest-starred as Lawrence of Arabia on an episode.

Matt Houston (1982)
Uh, yes, Lee Horseley, the chiselled wonder. And that hair! But I liked the show anyway. Lots of action and adventure. Judson played Alan Garvey a.k.a. "Andre", an international assassin who kills a Navajo girl in order to use her apartment to have a clear shot at a victim.

The Powers of Matthew Star (1982)
Another familiar title, but I didn't see this show. Judson played Float. Now's there a name to stir the imagination!

General Hospital (1982)
Now I KNOW that Judson was on G.H. around this time. He played a kidnapper of somebody, but I can't remember the plot line. The only reason I watched this soap stuff was because Judson was on and then Rick Springfield was on as Dr. Noah Drake.

"Oh, and by the way, Rick Springfield was actually on GH before Judson. Judson came on later as the kidnapper of not Laura, but of Felicia, Aztec Princess. I thought that was pretty funny." Quote from Kathryn

Strike Force (1981)
Judson played Johnney Lee Bradick and that's all I know. I can't even remember who was on this show.

autographed by the man himself!
Autographed photo.

The Phoenix (1981)
Shortest series on record, I bet, with only four episodes being shown. But you can't knock a show that spawned a fan club and a conference and is still a cult favourite for a few devoted types like myself. Bennu (Judson) is an alien who wakes on earth and must find his partner and I think his mission (cut me some slack, it's been a while). Richard Lynch plays the nasty guy who's hounding our hero (Richard was on Starsky and Hutch on one of my favourite episodes where he's a psycho killer who almost gets Starsky - ooh, scary stuff!). Bennu being a swell guy with special powers, goes around helping people while he tries to carry on. Sound familiar? Shows like The Visitor (John Corbett) and Nowhere Man (Bruce Greenwood) are later versions of the Phoenix.

Richard Lynch's Preminger hounds Bennu
Still of Richard Lynch from a flick called Virus.

The Phoenix, starring Judson Scott and Richard Lynch aired in March 1982. The series was short-lived and only created 4 episodes. Bennu (Scott) was in fact from an alien world. He had come to earth 1,500 years before as a scout from a dying civilization and had been entombed in a pre-Incan sarcophagus in the Andes. Centuries later, when modern-day scientists had stumbled upon him and revived him, his goal was to find Mira, his partner, now in some other ancient burial ground somewhere in North America. Along the way, Bennu used his exceptional powers, vested in the amulet he wore around his neck, to help people in distress. He talked frequently and voiced his concern for the environment, which seemed to be in as much danger here as it had been on his planet. None of this impressed a hard-nosed government agent named Preminger(Lynch), whose goal was to capture Bennu and control his special powers. (Found this quote on E-Bay!)

If you want to put pen to paper and send a letter to Judson, you can contact him c/o The Artists Agency, 10000 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 305, Los Angeles, CA 90067 USA

Special thanks go to Judson's other fans for providing me with so much information and photos.

The information on this page is current and accurate to the best of my abilities as of December 16, 2003. I have tried to give credits for photos and quotes wherever possible. Please contact me at if you have any comments or suggestions.

Judson and Ricardo on a talk show, 2002
Judson and Ricardo share a laugh.

Please visit the Phoenix Web page for more detailed information about the series plus photos and episode write-ups, including the four planned but never filmed episodes! Thanks Robin!

(sorry, I've been informed that this link no longer works!)

Besides his TV and film credits, Judson Scott has an extensive theatre background. I don't have a chronology for this part nor many details.

Richard III (1973)
Al Pacino's version at the Cort Theater. If it's anything like the movie, it would have been great!

The Acting Company
Appeared with John Houseman's The Acting Company in several classical theatre productions at the American Place Theatre and toured nationally with the company for two years.

Cabaret Theatre Company
Judson was a founding member of this Los Angeles acting company.

Bennu from The Phoenix in 1981
Judson as Bennu in the 1981 series "Phoenix"

Here is Kathryn's discussion group where you can converse online with other fans. Please take a look and join if you're interested!

Join Judson

Bennu at the Beach!
Check out those freckles!


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