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    Welcome to Conan Fandom where Conan O'brien is king,
 Andy is also king, and Max is the Court Jester.
    Why is Late Night With Conan O'brien is the best late night
 talk show? Well first of all they mostly have good guest, and 
 thats not all.They also have stuff such as: If they Mated, and 
 In the Year 2000. Late Night With Conan also surprises us 
 with visits from Pimpbot 5000, Triumph, the Masturbating Bear,
 Polly the NBC peacock and others. I end this part of my page
 by saying "let the bear masturbate and "let Pimpbot 5000 turn
 out the ho's.
    This week on Late Night With Conan Obrien:
 4/6 Mon- John Goodman, Dikembe Mutombo, Steve Earl
 4/7 Tue- Matt Leblanc, Semisonic
 4/8 Wed- Steve Weber Steven Wright
 4/9 Thu- Yogi Bera
 4/10 Fri- Michael Moore, Ben Harper
    Stuff to we offer on our page:
 ~The UCF News letter- A news letter that comes every 2 weeks. It
 is about Conan Obrien News and the UCF (United Conan Fans) in 
 our fight to stop NBC from shutting down Conan Obrien web sites.
 ~Chat Room- A Chat room for Late Night w/ Conan Obriens to 
 chat about the King and other stuff.
 ~Facts- Pages where you can find out about Conan Obrien, Andy
 Richter, Max Weinberg, and Pimpbot 5000.
 ~UCF- A page where you can find out about the fight to stop NBC from shutting down our Conan Sites.
 ~and there is more.
    Comming Soon
 Triumph page- april 12th  
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 intend to make any profit from this web site. Nor do
 I intend on stealing viewership from Late Night With
 Conan Obrien or NBC.
 Under the Fair Usage Law I am with in my rights to 
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