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The Christy Article Archive

"Townsend 1993 Transformed Into Appalachia 1912 for 'Christy' "
(October 1993)

"They Gave The Set The 'Christy' Look"
(January 1994)

"Return To Del Rio"
(January 1994)

"Peter Marshall Sees His Grandmother's Story As A Voice In The Wilderness"
(January 1994)

"'Christy' Was A Voice That Would Not Be Silenced"
(January 9, 1994)

"Christy's Director Puts Pieces Together"
(January 1994)

(March 25, 1994)

"Next of Quinn"
(April 1, 1994)

"'Christy', Kellie Martin: One Perfect Match"
(April 2, 1994)

"Faith in the Mountains"
(April 3, 1994)

"Kellie Goes On"
(April 3, 1994)

"Christy's Pioneering Spirit Enriches A Homespun Tale"
(April 1994)

"Life after Life Goes On"
(May 2,1994)

"Religious Ideals Motivate Gentile 'Christy' on CBS"
(April 3, 1994)

"Teaching in the Mountains"
(April 3, 1994)

"'Christy' Crew To Do 13 More Episodes"
(September 1994)

"Tale Of 2 'Christys'"
(September 1994)

"'Christy', A Musical Where God Is Hero"
(September 1994)

"'Christy' TV Episodes Keeping Nation's Eye Trained On Townsend"
(September 11, 1994)

"Christy's Second Chance"
(November 14, 1994)

"'Christy' Wins Reprieve"
(June 14, 1995)

"Life After 'Christy'"
(October 1995)

"Hungry Heart"
(November 1995)

"'Christy' Fans Link Up On The Internet"
(December 1995)

"Viewers' Love Of 'Christy' Reaps Rewards"
(June 1996)

"Salt and Light in Hollywood"
(December 1998)