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This & That

- New Stuff -

*Big News: Kellie Exits ER

Read more about it here and here

Kellie is now married to
law student Keith Christian

Here's the Scoop

Read an article Kellie herself wrote
about her beloved sister -
Heather Martin 1979 - 1998.

- Other Stuff -

A Few Recents Pics of Kellie Martin
(pic #1 and pic #2)

A great posed pic of Kellie in ER

A great new pic of Kellie from People Magazine

A Pax TV Spotlight on Kellie Martin

UltimateTV News - Kellie Martin

Faces & Places - Kellie Martin
Interview from US Magazine, March 1999

Two great new pics of Kellie from US Magazine
(pic #1 and pic #2)

Beauty Talk - with Kellie Martin
from InStyle Magazine, January 1999