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A few Special Roses and Links to Winter in Phoenix

The wonderful clusters of pink roses greet you from "The Fairy", a busy little polyantha shrub that blooms like crazy all summer long. I was once told that if I could have only one rose in my garden that I should choose "The Fairy". I'm very happy that I don't have to limit myself to choosing only one rose but I believe she deserves a place in everyone's garden. The Hybrid Tea in the bottom photo is one of Joe's called "Party Girl", it is creamy white with surprise touches of amber and pink and is a rampant bloomer. As I write this, in mid October, she is still budding and blooming and will continue until we have had a killing freeze. "Party Girl" would be a bright spot in anyone's garden.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In 1997 Joe and I purchased a small condominium in Phoenix, in December of 1999 we sold the condo and purchased a three bedroom home in Sun City.... we needed more space so we could have winter guests. The links in this area will be about our winters in Arizona and the things two "kids" from the midwest find intriguing about the southwest. I am enthralled with the terrain of Arizona, from blossoming desert and the rigid, beckoning Sajuaro Cacti to mountains covered with snow and pines within an hour's drive is something you don't see in Illinois. Come with us on some of our sight seeing excursions into the "Valley of the Sun" and let me introduce you to the Arizona we "snow-birds" will eagerly return to.

Links to Winter in "The Valley of the Sun"

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