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Areas that turned out right !

The upper left hand picture is of the Patio in the spring..... it's edged with Sonata Cosmos, Zinnias, Nicotiana, several small shrub roses, Lupines and a group of Golden Tiarra Hosta near the pond. Later in the season the Stock bloom and a strawberry jar filled with Crystal Palace Lobelia gives that touch of clear blue that sparks a garden while the Moonbeam Coreopsis shine in the sunlight. The Bearded Iris grouping by the pond makes a sensational picture as they reflect into the water, that is Orange Sherbert nearest the pond. Late in the summer the Royal Standard Hosta send up their four foot flower stalks and bloom, the fragrance is overwhelming. This grouping is edged with New Guinea Impatiens and looks wonderful at all times since there is a generous planting of Hyperion Lily behind the Hosta.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" I will be the gladdest thing under the sun, I will touch a hundred flowers and not pick one. " ~~~~~~Edna St.Vincent Milay

The Roses and More of the Gardens

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