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More Awards and Great Links

Easy Gardening` : A Great Site for the New Gardener With Inspirational Ideas for Everyone....Thanks for the Award "Easy Gardening"
The Garden of Weeden: "Where the Weeds grow taller than the Flowers" so says Patricia! But don't believe it, it's a beautiful friendly site full of gardening "know-how"! Thank You for the Gardening Web Site Award.
Unique Space: The Title says it all. Rick has created pages that are exciting and unique. I found his site thru the "Rose" web ring and it is a "trip". Thanks Rick for the Putterspaw Award
Home Page - Time Began in a Garden: Thanks for coming, Hurry back to see us and Please sign the Guestbook
FlaRed's Rose Page: Carol's Homepage with Links to great Rose Gardening Sites and "Friends of the Garden Web Ring"
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