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Color For the Soul

In the spring the Cherokee Dogwood blooms in our front yard, it is underplanted with an assortment of Cranesbill (Perennial Geranium) that makes a wonderful spring combination. The Cranesbill bloom as the Dogwood is fading and they both continue to look good during the entire summer. The picture above is the beginning of spring in my very small greenhouse. Those are Sonata Cosmos starting, I usually start most of my annuals since this yard, because of it's size, devours plants. My greenhouse is the smallest "Simplicity", it's just six by eight feet but holds a multitude of seedlings with it's U shaped benches that total twenty running feet of space. I have a water barrel behind the garden shed for greenhouse watering in the spring so it's easy to give my seedlings a good "shot" of "Manure Tea". The bottom photo is H. F. Young, one of the bloomin-est Clematis I have ever seen! The gazebo shaped arbor in the Rose garden has Clematis at each of it's four corners, the colors of Clematis and Roses compliment each other very well so something there is always in bloom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Book of Life begins with a man and woman in a Garden and ends with Revelations"~~~~~Oscar Wilde

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