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A Few Words about the Hausfrau

Hausfrau, MY FOOT! My Mother's favorite admonition to us was "If you can't be anything else, be different" and I don't think I've ever been the stereotyped housewife. I'm an aquarius and, unlike Joe's virgo earthiness, I jump from one cause or project to another until, eventually, I burn out or get bored. I do, however, think things out completely before I immerse myself and always have a purpose for my actions. Several years ago I thought we needed to leave Illinois during the winter so I bought a condo,through the internet, from a young couple in Phoenix. We have enjoyed winter in Arizona very much and it was a good decision. My brother, who lives in the same complex, video taped the condo for me and that was our first and only view until we walked thru the door of our newly purchased home when we arrived for the winter. I grew up in a small town in Minnesota and loved to ice skate and was talented enough to be invited to perform, at age seven, as part of the ice capades from Duluth, my parents very wisely declined the offer on my behalf. I attended college at Bemidji, Minnesota as a Fine Arts major and have spent many happy hours at the easel painting, most enjoyably doing children's portraits. Last winter, my brother, sister and I took a water color class in Phoenix, we had such fun together during our evenings of painting and teasing. Creativity has always been a large part of my life and gardening is now fulfilling that facet of my personality. I thoroughly enjoy my gardens and have never met a flower I didn't like.

Joe and I were married on Valentine's Day in 1953 at St. Patrick's Church. My brother gave me away since my father had died four years earlier and I giggled nervously through the entire ceremony. We have four great kids, all married, all with children of their own. Joe and I have D.D., an aging 3 1/2 pound toy Fox Terrier with no teeth and asthma and life is still good. Our social life is nearly non-existant because of MS but we still enjoy the company of family, friends and neighbors, our beautiful yard and winters in Phoenix. I especially enjoy my lap-top, it has opened a world to me that I could not have imagined, it's the chosen way to communicate with my siblings and friends,it provides me with more information than a trip to the library and lots of entertainment. My computer has provided me with friendships that are very dear to me from places undreamed of. Having had a life-span from the great depression into the 21st Century has been wonderfully exciting and it's far from over yet. (Our aging D. D. had to be "put to sleep" in May of 2000, she had lost her eyesight and had failing kidneys.... she was a "force" in our lives and is sadly missed.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~Live One Day at a Time and Make it a Masterpiece~~~~~~~~~

Where We Are and More of the Gardens

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