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WINTER IN ARIZONA- Another Facet of our Lives: A Few More Special Roses and an Introduction to the Beauty of Arizona
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CHAT MEET PICTURES from JULY 22 & 23, 2000: Pictures from the Chat Meet in Ottawa, Illinois

Time Began in a Garden - A Little Bit About Us

Hello, welcome to our Web Site. We are Joe and Donna, we live in a small river community in Illinois and we love to garden. We are fortunate that our four children and ten grand-children all live quite near to us and we are happy being able to share part of their busy lives. Gardening is a pleasure for us, we try not to make it overly strenuous but enjoy the challenges of a new plant in a new setting. Joe has had Multiple Sclerosis for over fifty years but that doesn't prevent him from "dead-heading" his Hybrid Tea Roses nor from cutting our two thirds of an acre of grass on a riding mower. Donna plans, plants and maintains the many small gardens, small because they are easier to weed and water. Among our gardens are a formal Rose Garden, an Herb Garden, a Hemoracallis bed and an Oriental Lily bed, a shade garden, a nice variety of Hosta planted under Maples by the patio, a growing assortment of flowering shrubs and ornamental trees and several mixed perennial and annual beds......almost everything, with the exception of the "pick a salad for dinner" garden, is underplanted with bulbs-bulbs and more bulbs for early spring color. Welcome, come in and enjoy.

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