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Adventures of the Cosmic Mariner

Port Royal, Jamaica
Pirate Court
Documents on the Lady Pirate

New pic new Granddaughter!

Last known siting of the Pirate Valentina

So who is this woman who would lend herself to the pirate way of life?
Ysabella Valentina Goldrick
Biography of Anita Glenn Pierce

Ok, so you are wondering where this name came from:
In 1991, I met up with a strange group of people in Naples, Fl, known as the
Society for Creative Anachronism.  This group does medieval reenactment,
more for fun and companionship, than anything else, (although a few
see this as their primary reason for existence!)  Lots of fun, and like-minded
friends, so I joined up.  Found I was pretty good at making costumes.
This particular group was the Shire of Ac Shrin, in the Kingdom of Trimaris
(Shire of the Oaken Shrine in Florida)
Here is where I met The Dread Pirate, Goldrick, and Treehawk,
two people who would become very important in my life.
Treehawk, aka Tony, married my daughter, and is the father of
my two wonderful (of course!) grandchildren.
In the SCA, one needs a persona, so I became Ysabella Valentina, an Italian of gentle
birth.  Why Italian?  Loved the Renaissance dress!
Goldrick was added when I married the Dread Pirate June 11, 1994 at Loudermilk
Park in Naples, Fl. on the beach at sunset.

You are invited to attend
The Pirate's Wedding
on the Gulf of Mexico at Sunset

Anita, the early years:

Yep, it's me!
Note: some of the links do not work, I will fix as time allows.
I was born June 3, 1954, in the small mill town of Whitmire, S.C.
(a southern mill town is one who's sole purpose for existing is because a cotton
mill is located there).  I did not live in the town, but 5 miles west on the old
McCracken plantation site surrounded by 100 acres of land.  I am the youngest of
6 children of Ellis W. and Ethel A. Glenn.  My siblings are Dana W. Glenn,
Everette L. Glenn, Nancy L. Glenn, Peggy G. Goodman, and Margie G. Walker.
I attended Park St. Elementary School, and graduated from Whitmire High
in the Summer of 1971.

A bit fuzzy!
Back: Everette, Dad, Mother, Dana
Front: Me, Peggy, Margie, Nancy

Back:  Nancy, Peggy
Front:  Margie, Mother, Me

                  Dana, recently                       Everette holding son Edgar 1967
Everette and I have traveled far and wide, while the others have chosen to
remain in the Whitmire area.  My dear brother Everette passed away in 1986.
My father owned a construction company.  He had a contract with the U.S.
Forest Service, and built recreation areas and fire access roads for Sumter National Forest.  At this site you will see Woods Ferry, which he helped
build. You will also find a link to the Brick House Campground, which is 3
miles from where I grew up.

I was in the nursery at the First Baptist Church in Whitmire, where I met
Robin Campbell.  We played together, went to school together, had our wild
teenage years together, and remain the best of friends to this day.  She now
is married to Dave Born, and lives in Spencer, N.Y.

Age 3ish

I attended Park Street Elementary, where I met Angela Waddell.  She, Robin, and I
became a very close threesome, and Angie shared in our wild escapades as well.
She and I are also the best of friends to this day.  Angie is married to Dan
Battershell, and lives in Rancho Cordova, Ca.

 One odd thing I remember about Park Street is that an active train track ran between the school, and the playground! This track was a spur to the cotton mill.  We (little kids!) had to look for trains before going to and from the playground.  Some more adventuresome kids would hitch a ride on the train (it moved slowly).  I never
conceived of this track as a safety issue, and as far as I know there were not any casualties!  It must have been a nightmare for the teachers!

Are we talented, or what??
A little-known fact...
My sisters, Peggy, Margie, and I sang gospel music when I was 5.  We
had a Sunday morning radio show (6 a.m.!) at WPCC in Clinton, S.C. as the
Glenn Sisters.  We also traveled around to different churches and sang.  One of
our family friends wanted to take us to Nashville, but my dad said no.  (Who
knows what would have happened!) Peggy now plays
piano for a church, and Margie is in a group that travels and sings in the Carolinas.
Me, I just sing with the radio!  Classic rock!

Age 5, in the necessary Easter Outfit

New Pic!

3rd grade, Mrs. Dubose, one of my favorite teachers

Well, that hippie thing, ya know!

I remember seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show, and fell in love with
George!  Later saw the Rolling Stones, and I am a loyal Stones fan to this day.
Robin, Angie, and my music tastes developed in the same direction and after the
60's rock, we listened to acid rock (Janis, Jimi), southern rock, and of course, all of the
music our parents loved to hate! (the 60's link belongs to a friend of mine,
David (Digger) Barnes from London, whom I have never met in person
but will one day, I promise!)
My first concert was the Allman Brothers.
Our threesome had lots of fun together, daring to be different, and I won't go into alot of detail here because we are protected by the Fifth Amendment!

Robin, left, and Angie, right
sometime in the 70's?

Other friends

Michelle                        Renee                     Lynn
While Lynn was not as wild as we were, she was still a good friend.
At last word she is a nurse in Fletcher, N.C.
Michelle and Renee are sisters, and were often our partners in crime!
We had lots of great times together.  I have recently had contact
with Renee's daughter.
These pics are all dated 1969.
I have recently been in contact with another friend from school days,
Mary Alice!

Me and another good friend, check out my coat! Fake leather
and embroidery, how 70's!

Time is Wasting Away
I spent the next several years finding out what I did not want to be.  Once
I was a long distance operator for Southern Bell. That was kinda interesting.
I hung around Spartanburg, S.C. for a while.  Wasted time on jobs I hated, and
men not worth the time of day.

Blame it on Buffett
While in Spartanburg, I heard Jimmy Buffett, and
decided that Florida and the Caribbean were the places for me. It was still going to
take around 15 years to get to Florida, and another 10 to
get to the Caribbean, but worth the wait!
 Went to college, got the computer science degree.

July 27, 1975 I had the most wonderful darling baby girl, Alexis, the only good
thing about this time period.

Alexis, born July 27, 1975

 In the 80's I lost my father, lost Everette's wife, Carol,
lost my brother, Everette, lost my nephew Johnny.

High School picture

In this time frame, I took up a new interest,'s a Southern thing.

Tim Richmond, Dale Earnhardt
Got over it when Nascar did character assassination on Tim Richmond.  They treated him so badly that I do not care if I ever go to another race.  To this day, Bill France is a dog!  Tim was dying from aids, and those good ole boys could not handle it.
Now I have nothing to do with Nascar.....and I will always remember Tim.
Dale Earnhardt died the day of my Mother's funeral.

Take another road...
Sitting at my desk at the State Newspaper, in Columbia, S.C. reading Computer World magazine.I saw an ad for a programmer for a company in Naples, Fl.  Sort of, as a lark,
I sent a resume'.  I did not really expect to even get an acknowledgment.  Well, they called, I flew down for the interview, and was offered the job!

Never look back, this is my plan, run my pony through the sand.....

After living in Naples for about 7 years, Ed and I moved to Miami.
More job opportunities, and better pay.  Ed went to work for the Hyatt,
and I, at Lloyds TSB Bank.  Ed and I apparently have a differnt work
ethic than most in Miami, because we were both seen as excellent
employees, and rewarded well for our efforts.  Ed was awarded
Employee of the Year at the Hyatt, and we spent 6 days in Maui
and Kauai, as a result.  Ed was Assistant Director of Engineering
at the Hyatt in St. Lucia, and I visited last year.  We have since moved
to Savannah, Ga, and have a restored home in the historic district
but have plans to move back to SW Florida.
More recently live in a cottage on Tybee Island, Ga.
We are moving to Key West, Florida!

Sad note...
Robin and I both recently lost our Mothers.  Ethel Glenn passed away on Feb 15, 2001,
and Julia Campbell passed away on May 3, 2001.  She was my 'second' Mom when I
was younger.

The Line Continues.....

OK here they are!
Kyrie, age 6, and Brianna, age 3 and1/2
The most wonderful girls in the WORLD!
Sunday, March 5, 2000 at the Lani Kahi, Ft. Myers Beach
Kyrie spent the summer of 2001 in Paros, Greece with a friend who
owns a windsurfing business.

Adrianna, born Feb 8, 2002
An addition to the most wonderful girls in the world!

This story will continue.......

Fantasies and Fancies
My family historyupdated!
The Jukebox in My Head updated!


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