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June 7, 1955 - August 13, 1989



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Personal Memories
I have seen several tribute pages of Tim on the web, and would like to add my own.
Below are a few of my memories, pictures, and keepsakes.
After this are some pictures found on the web,
and some of the tribute pages links.
I have tried to keep the dates as accurate as possible,
but can't be really sure about some of them.  If you remember any of this at a different
time, please let me know!
I started attending races in 1980, being a Bobby Allison fan.
My first race was at Rockingham.  Dale Earnhardt was Rookie of the Year
Around 1982 I noticed the young man driving the J.D.Stacy car # 2.
Really started noticing him when he won the pole at Charlotte in 1983.
One of the prizes for that was a new Thunderbird.  Tim jumped in the car
and drove it around the track!   I soon begin to realize that this driver was
extremely talented; who can forget the wheels off of the ground at  Riverside?
Not just once, but every time through the S turns!
Soon I began sporting the t-shirts and hats, and joined the Tim Richmond Fan Club.
One of the most disappointing races I attended was in Rockingham,
Tim was second on the pole, they dropped the green flag, he took off, but slowed
dramatically.  The coil wire went on his car.
I will never forget 1986, the best ever for Tim.
He was on a talk show on a Charlotte radio station on Oct. 1, 1986.  They were joking
about his recent breakup with a girlfriend.  They invited callers, and I actually connected!
My being from S.C., we discussed the Carolina Gamecocks.  Tim was a big fan of
them, and a good friend of Coach Morrison.  He asked where I would be sitting at
the upcoming race, and asked me to stand up on lap 44 and he would see me.
Silly, but of course I did!  I am sure at speeds of over 175 mph, he got a good look...hmmm.
Tim had me as a loyal follower throughout his career.  When he begin to become
ill, I was, as I am sure his other fans were, worried as to what was wrong.
I heard pneumonia.  I sent a get well card to the Ashland address.
When Tim returned to the Winston in Charlotte in 1987 I remember when they
introduced him in the driver lineup, the crowd stood up and went totally wild!
What a wonderful feeling to have him back!
Things of course, did not get better for Tim, or his fans.  We were all worried,
and wondering what was wrong.  The character assassination by Nascar left
a very foul taste in my mouth.  To this day, I will not attend a race, and would
like to spit on Bill France!  A faked positive drug test!  Nascar really botched
that one, and can not be trusted  for any other tests they may wish to administer.
 Early morning, August 13, 1989, and this is true, I was lying
on my deck watching the  Perseid  Meteor shower.  I saw a very large purple and white
shooting star, smoke trails, and the hissing sound, very awesome.
I thought about Tim at that moment.  It turned out to be very near the time that
he passed away.  I have never mentioned this to anyone, for obvious reasons.
Perhaps a goodbye?
The attitudes of my fellow southerners when the Aids news came out, was so
bad, that I was disgusted, and vowed to move away.  Always planned to live
in Florida anyway.  Soon afterwards I moved.  I do not miss the South, or the
backward ways.  Had Tim's illness come after Magic Johnson, things would have
been different.  Johnson became an icon, while Tim was shunned, and not
mentioned.  It is up to the web community of Richmond fans to make sure that
Tim is not forgotten.  He was one of the most charismatic, talented, and charming
drivers ever.  None will ever have the all-out racing talent that this man possessed.

This is a picture on a key ring that I bought years ago at CMS.
I still carry this in my purse.

            This was the last time that I saw Tim at a track.       Race Schedule from 1987 for fan club members

A picture distributed by the Tim Richmond Fan Club

One of my favorite pictures.

This is from the Press Guide as well.

From the Atlanta Invitational program book, 1986

Here are some tee shirts and a hat that I have kept.


I was reading the paper the morning of Aug. 15, 1989, and my then - husband was
watching CNN, before work.  Below is the headline that greeted me at the same time
that my husband snidely said, "Hey, Tim Richmond died"

The item below is very precious to me, and I would like to share it with you.

Pictures from the web:

Picture of Tim from "Amy's Pics"






Photo from Tim Richmond Image Gallery I

"Did they get you to trade
                                                                                         your heroes for ghosts?"
                                                                                       "Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd

We miss you so...

Tribute in West Palm Beach, Aug. 13, 1999

Ashland County Memorial Park, Ashland, Ohio

Web Tributes and Acknowledgments

A Very Special "Thank You" to
Velda Wilson.   Without her help this page would
not be possible.  Another web space provider lost this page, and Ms. Wilson
had downloaded all of it.  She sent it to me so that I could
reconstruct it!
Thank you, Velda!
Please click here to read a wonderful article by Velda.

Top Photo from The Official Tim Richmond Home on the Web

Great tribute to Tim

*** Photo by David Allio

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