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Current Issues

Performance Related Pay and Performance Management

We are currently in negotiation with the LEA over advice and guidance to go to schools about Performance management. Schools should not be writing their own policies until they receive this advice. If your school is planning too do this then get in touch quickly. Policies do not have to be in place for the start of term. They must be fully consulted on. We have sent out a briefing paper to all our members highlighting some of the potential pitfalls - make sure you have seen it.

Workload Action

The NUT and NASUWT are jointly taking action over workload. The NAS have recently balloted their members, our ballot is still in place. You will have received advice from the National Office on beating back bureaucracy 2000. Make sure members are aware of it in your school.

Long-term Sickness Scheme

Schools have now had to buy in to a new scheme for Sickness absence since the Coventry Scheme collapsed. There are 3 different levels of cover available. If your school has only bought in at the lowest level there are potential problems ahead. Make sure you know what level of cover is available for your school. Having insufficient cover poses a serious threat to the cover agreement.


The EAz implementation plan has been approved and projects are starting to appear in schools. All schools should be appointing a member of staff to act as co-ordinator. This post carries time as well as responsibility point(s). Remember there are clear guidelines about the way projects affect conditions of service. If you think any of these are being broken phone the office for advice.

Surplus Places

The newly formed Schools Organisation Committee has agreed the draft Schools Organisation Plan which was circulated last term. This means that the Council can now draw up plans for removing over 2000 Surplus places identified in the plan. Councillor George Duggins the Chair of the Education Excellence committee has already warned that this will mean school closures. The NUT remains totally opposed to School closures on grounds other than Educational.

Newly Qualified teachers

The introduction of the Induction period brings a welcome reduction in teaching load for the first year of teaching. However there are hurdles to be crossed. Newly Qualified teachers must be assessed termly to ensure they are achieving the required standard. If they do not they can be dismissed at the end of the year and will then not be allowed to teach. This puts additional strain on both newly qualified teachers and those required to do the assessing. Both groups should ask for advice if they are uncertain of their responsibilities.


To contact the office phone 7667 0182 or fax 7671 5792

or email