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Copyright 1999,
Coventry Teachers Assoc.
Created Monday 1 September 1997.

Page created by
Kevin Noble


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National Union of Teachers

Who's who

...and what do they do?

Joan Ivens - Secretary, LEA Teacher Rep Secondary Education, National Executive Officer West Midlands


  • Help and advice on union issues
  • Co-ordination of casework
  • Individual casework
  • Co-ordination of negotiations with the LEA
  • Communications with members
  • Communication with other public sector unions
  • Liaison with the press
  • Regional Council and Executive

Contact the NUT Office - Tel: (01203) 670182 or
Mobile 0378 358407

Helen Noble - Secretary Union Affairs

  • Help and advice with union issues
  • Individual casework
  • Support for Newly Qualified Teachers
  • Co-ordination of Association meetings and organisation
  • Liaison with National and Regional Office
  • Regional Council and Executive

Contact NUT Office - Monday, Tuesday am,Wednesday pm, Friday am, or
contact mobile 0498 792 672

Pauline Luckett - President

  • Chairs union meetings
  • Help and advice on Union issues
  • Individual casework

Contact Alderman Harris School - Tel: (01203) 466391

Ann Duggan - Equal Opportunities Officer

  • Help and advice with equal opportunities issues (international disability, race, gender and class)
  • Individual casework
  • Early retirement
  • Training opportunities

Contact NUT Office (01203) 670182 Monday am, Wednesday or Thursday pm or
Coundon Court School

Jane Nellist- Education Officer, Minuting Secretary

  • Liaison with Special Schools
  • Individual casework

Contact NUT Office - Tuesdays or Wednesdays or
contact Annie Osborne School - Tel: (01203) 613163

Janice Wale- Treasurer

  • Union finances

Contact NUT Office or
contact Elm Bank Teachers' Centre (01203) 228258

Membership Officer - vacancy - refer queries to Helen Noble

  • Membership recruitment
  • Membership records and queries
  • Co-ordination of Association mailings
  • Individual casework

Contact the NUT Office

Chris Wilkin - Health and Safety Officer

  • Health and safety issues

Contact Lyng Hall School - Tel: (01203) 689447

Anna Reese - Conditions of Service Officer

  • Help and advice on conditions of service issues
  • Help and advice on Union issues
  • Individual casework
  • Ofsted

Contact Alderman Callow School - Tel: (01203) 467779

Will Reese - Past President

  • Support and advise the current President

Contact Finham Park School - Tel: (01203) 418135

Nicola Downes - Vice President

  • President next year
  • Chair meetings in the absence of the President
  • Returning Officer for elections

Contact Frederick Bird Primary School - Tel: (01203) 221920


Executive Members

Cath Amphlett - Hawkesbury Fields School
Tom Duffy - Behaviour Support Services
Melanie Harris - Hawkesbury Fields School
Pat Hughes - Finham Primary School
Chris Kinsella - Supply
Geraldine Marshall - Supply
Phil McAuley - Alice Stevens School
Brian Morley - Supply
Maire O'Hagan - Coundon Court
Sandra Shipton - Advisory Service(Convenor of NUT Heads and Deputies Group)
Paul Stafford - Lyng Hall / President Kennedy

Co-opted Members

Ken Sugarman - (TBF Secretary)
Doug Young - (Retired Teachers Section)

Last updated: February 1999
Helen Noble - Secretary (Union Affairs)