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This is certainly one of the famous jumpsuit of 1970 and named the " Chain suit " by the fans, all the photographs above were taken during the first week of  August 1970 and several sequences with that jumpsuit were in the movie T.T.W.I.I. and later on also in the video " Lost Performances ".Elvis has also worn this attire during the  tour after his Vegas appearances, he also used different belt variants, the one above being as seen in the movie.  


chain-1.JPG (22366 bytes)August 14th 1970 midnight (left). Here's one of the belt variant used by Elvis, this belt  belongs to the " Red Ladder " jumpsuit (Wonder Of You, Make The World Go Away,etc.. in the video " Lost Performances "). In the movie T.T.W.I.I. you can see some sequences shot from the back ( Polk Salad Annie & Can't Help Falling In Love (before the curtain is closed) ) where Elvis is dressed exactly like that. I don't know however if the sequences in the movie are actually from August 14th, hopefully it's the case as this is the show where Elvis performed an excellent version of " Oh! Happy Day ",by the way folks, you can hear Elvis saying on the tape during " Polk Salad Annie " that "....You all gonna be in movie now, so smile! " the show overall is excellent and I wish we'll see some of this in the future.



stlouis70.jpg (57262 bytes)St-Louis,MO. September 10th 1970 (right). We have here another belt variant , that latter has been used with different suits but is widely known as its being featured on the " I Got Lucky " front cover (with a different suit), and was equally worn with one of his two pieces suit in August 1972 .


Detroit70-1.jpg (25303 bytes) Detroit,MI. September 11th 1970 (left). Although it's not too clear on the photograph, this time the belt is dark brown.







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