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A fan wrote a show report several years ago and I quote " One member of the band told him he looked like the " Cisco Kid " and everyone broke up." Elvis started to use these said " Cisco Kid " jumpsuits during his shows at the Sahara Tahoe for a two weeks gig, from July 20th to August 2nd, right after he went to Vegas and started a month long engagement on August 9th 1971. All the photographs on this page were taken in Las Vegas, where Elvis continued to use these new jumpsuits and some 'old ones' as well.

Elvis had different " Cisco Kid " jumpsuits made for him,some were two pieces with a sleeveless jacket like all the photographs above, he had one with light blue yokes on the shoulder.He equally used the same suits with several shirts of different colors, the one above has been used with a white shirt and also a red one from time to time.

Judy Palmerę (2 x photos)








Elvis used mostly the two pieces Cisco Kid suits for the first two weeks of his engagement of August '71 in Vegas and began to use more often their one piece (jumpsuit) counterparts like the two above.They had similar design except they were in one piece, the one illustrated on these two photos was Black with leather light-Blue yokes across the shoulders.The two photographs above were taken on September 5th 1971, this is not known at this time if it was the dinner or midnight show.

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