And The King On Dessert

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Fort Baxter FB 2203

Lake Tahoe,NV. May 25th 1974 Dinner Show


Track listing:

C C Rider / I Got A Woman - Amen / Love Me / Tryin' To Get To You / All Shook Up / Love Me Tender / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me / Hound Dog / Fever / Polk Salad Annie / Why Me Lord / Suspicious Minds / Band Introductions / I Can't Stop Loving You / Help Me / An American Trilogy / Let Me Be There (incomplete) / Funny How Time Slips Away (incomplete) / Big Boss Man / It's Now Or Never / Can't Help Falling In Love.Bonus tracks:Bossom of Abraham - You Better Run from March 29, 1977, Alexandria.



A Fort Baxter release a couple of years ago, "Spanish Eyes" revealed a good humoured Elvis live on stage at the Sahara Hotel in Lake Tahoe. That CD had great sound, what we have come to expect from Fort Baxter, and a rare performance of "Spanish Eyes" and for 1974 "Bridge Over Troubled Water".

    Now, with the release of "...And The King For Dessert" on Fort Baxter, we get the very next show on May 25, 1974. We find Elvis still in good humour cracking jokes about Wayne Newton's brother, Fig and streakin'' all the way thru Tryin To Get to You.

    There are no rarities here, but maybe that's why a bonus track of "Bosom of Abraham/You Better Run" from Alexandria in March 1977 has been added.Of course, no rarities doesn't mean a good show. Elvis displays the same commitment to his set list that audiences of the time would have expected. Though on this particular night he seems a little bit less involved in the
proceedings then he did the previous evening. (compare "Spanish Eyes" with this show).

    The only songs Elvis seems committed to performing are the old Sun song "Tryin' To Get To You" (added to the show back in January in Vegas), "You Don't Have to Say You Love Me", "Why Me Lord" (another new addition from early in the year), "Help Me" (added to the show on the most recent tour) and "Big Boss Man" (again, added in January).

    The fifties hits are now fast becoming throwaway songs that he feels he must perform for the audience, but his heart, mind and soul are just not into "All Shook Up", "Love Me Tender", "Hound Dog". This would be more evident in the years to come but at least he is wise to only perform these three on this night.

    From listening to the this show you will find Elvis has the most fun with "Fever" (making a joke about a deep voice and lemonade), "Polk Salad Annie" (which he never seemed to tire of) "Big Boss Man" (commenting that he screwed the ending up, yet I can't hear the mistake) and "It's Now or Never" (taken as a request).

    "It's Now Or Never's " arrangement is much more pleasant to the ears than the other live versions on import releases. in 1970 Elvis played electricguitar when performing this classic (Electrfying Feb. 23/70) and in the tours of 1976-1977 there was an overabundance of horns as well as a tagged on intro of "O Sole Mio" (sung by Sherril Nielson) - on this night, the band, obviously taken off guard, follow Elvis with just the rhythm section and the acoustic guitars (for a mandolin effect) while everyone else stays subdued playing softly. Elvis' vocal really shines thru on this track.

Overall Elvis' performance is very good with a few vocal mistakes here and there but nothing that would be considered out of the ordinary for a man nearing the end of a 22 show engagement.

The sound of course is excellent. everything is audible and well balanced with the bass and backup vocals mixed up front with Elvis' lead vocal. It is not the best sounding soundboard but it is way up there.

    This CD is recommended but for those that find they must choose between
Spanish Eyes and this show, choose Spanish Eyes.

by John Carpenter Aug. 1st 1998


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