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Dear Friend,
       My Husband is the Pastor of Malaga Pentecostal Assembly of God in Malaga, NJ.  Each week he receives a newsletter from the Assemblies of God.  Last week he handed it to me and said he thought I would be interested in reading it.  Boy, was he right!  You see my husband knows I have a soft spot in my heart regarding today's abortion issues.  As I read the article the hair on the back of my neck stood at attention, I knew this was something I wanted to be part of.  After finishing the article I sent some e-mails and made a few phone calls.  From this I received permission to help in this project any way I could.
     The article I read was titled "Pipe Fitter Heads Up Shoe Collection For the Unborn."  The article told the story of a Kokomo, Ind. man who was at his churches Saturday night prayer meeting.  Dale Browning states in an interview "I was on my knees praying and all I could see was piles of shoes every time I closed my eyes.  I didn't know what it was about.  Then the Lord brought it on me, 'That's for all the babies that will never wear them.'"  Mr. Browning didn't know how to respond to his compelling experience, so he waited for God to confirm.
    "That went on for about a week or two," he says.  "I was at work at the factory and a lady came up and said she had eight pairs of baby shoes and asked me if anybody could use them at our church.  To me that was an answer.  I told the people at our prayer meeting on Saturday night what I intended to do and I've been getting support from them locally.  We sent out newsletters through the state, my wife and I starting out. But what's been happening is, it's not just the state of Indiana, it's coming from all over the country."  Mr. Browning has been receiving shoes, 106 pairs of shoes came from a school in Texas.  Mr. Browning said "Some of them even had socks in them and little notes like 'for the babies' it was babies helping babies."  Two pairs of new shoes came carefully wrapped in pink and blue paper in a gift sack.  An anonymous grandmother attached a simple note asking the unseen twins not to hate her daughter for aborting them.
     The Brownings are collecting 1.5 million pairs of shoes to represent the 1.5 million abortions done yearly.  Once the 1.5 million pairs of shoes are collected the Brownings plan to take them to the Indiana State House and then on to the Capitol.  When the project is completed the shoes will be donated to charity.
     In speaking with Mrs. Browning she said I was the only one in our area who has contacted them, and I was free to involve anyone in this project.  Since my conversation with the Brownings I have started the project in my own church and am currently in the process of contacting and involving as many other people as possible. 
     This is where you can become involved.  You can start a "baby shoes project"  at your home, your job, your local Church or Temple.  All you need to do is begin collecting new or used baby shoes, size six or smaller.  Once you have reached your goal you can send them to the Brownings in Kokomo, Ind.   It's as simple as that!
     If you need further information on becoming involved in this project you can contact me either by phone (732)868-1685 or e-mail me at "".  Or you can contact the Brownings directly either by mail at 1125 South Wabash St. Kokomo, Indiana 46902. By phone (765)459-5959 or e-mail  at".

Dorey Sabella

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