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Seeking information about David Baker who died in Claiborne County, TN, in 1813. I have traced him back to Berkeley CO,. WV on the tax rols of 1790, 1794. 1797on 1800 census of Berkeley County, When did he arrive in America, Who were his parents and where did they live. Supposedly he was only 3 years old on arrival. Will share information. Harold L. Baker

Harold L. Baker

For About four years pr longer I have been getting so many differnt reports on Nellie Ellender Baker Who married Col. Jesse Ray in Wilkes Co. NC, now Ashe Co. that I am thoroughly confused. Some say she was the daughter of Maj. John Bolling's and Elizabeth Lewis's Mary "Polly" Bolling who married Andrew Baker. Others say John Bolling didn't have any children by E. Lewis, but had this huge family all by second wife Elizabeth Blair. Some say she was daughter of Benjamin Baker, John Renta Baker, James Baker etc. I know there many Bakers in the Ray line, and the Bolling name has been added to some of their names. Could anyone tell me something for sure about this? I believe John Renta was a brother because of the birth dates. Ellender (Eleanor) was born December 24, 1765. Some people who seem to know so much about the Bakers totally omit Eleanor. Mary "Polly' seems to be shrouded in mystery.

Mimi Lathan

Looking for info on Lucinda (Lou Dicia) Baker daughter of John L. Baker Sr. and Lucity (?.) Lucinda had a brother named Jesse who was wounded and died at Gettysburg. Lucinda married William Cummings and lived in Edgecombe County, North Carolina until their death by carpetbaggers around 1863. William and Lucinda's young children, David Lawrence, William, John and Jane were raised by William's brother Staton.

Leslie Varner

Are there any other locations where information regarding the Baker Hoax can be found? (Newspaper articles, records, etc.) Thanks!

Amy Horn

Searching for a marriage license for Carrie Baker (Indian) and George Washington Crose (part-Indian) in Boone Co., MO. They had one child; Walter Lee Crose who married Marjorie Maryetta Bias, of Howard Co., MO. Know nothing at all about Carrie. When and where was she born? Who were her parents and siblings? When and where did she die? Where is she buried? Marjorie's sister Clara Josephine Bias married Walter's half-brother, Marshall Lee Crose.
Any help with this is greatly appreciated. LiRae W. Sullins, 339 W. Sea St., Independence, MO 64050.


Looking for: John Jack Baker, John Denis (Dennis) Baker, Dorothy Matilda Haines Baker, all circa 1890-1922

With thanks

Brian Baker

Searching for the family of Mary Lucinda Andrews, wife of Martin Luther Baker (son of Jacob>John>Conrad Becker)Her father was Charles Andrews. Mary and Martin married 7-2-1891 Washington KS.

Tammi Pickens

I am looking ancestors of Horace Hoskins Baker, born in Philadelphia, PA, on April 10, 1909. His father was also named Horace and his mother, Isabella Hayes. She may have been born in Massachusettes. I have heard speculation that Phineas Baker may be his grandfather's name. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ginny Iannelli

I am searching for the ancestors of James Baker, who was born December 15, 1843. His wife's name was Betsy. They came from Durham Co., England, to the U.S. in 1880. Any help would be appreciated. My address is 902 11th Ave., Apt. 1, Huntington, WV 25701. Thank you.

Amy Baker

We are searching for information about Joseph Seabacher who when he came to the United States from Germany changed his name to Joseph C. Baker (Nov. 2, 1836-Jan. 20, 1902). His parent's names were Charles and Johanna Seabacher which they changed their names also when arriving in the US as Baker. Joseph came to the US in the late 1800's. In a photograph we have of the Baker family, there are as follows: William, Rosa, Joe, Anna, and Frank Baker---siblings. Charles and Johanna Baker---parents. This picture was taken in 1902. Please if you have any information contact us through this e-mail. Joseph Baker is our great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. We are trying to fit in some missing loopholes in our family tree.

More info on Joseph's family:
William Baker married Ella Cronhardt. Cronhardts are believed to have immigrated from England and these two met in the United States. They settled in Sedalia, Missouri and he became the first shoe cobbler in Metz, Missouri which is a little town outside Sedalia.

I will post more info in the next couple of days once I gather more photos and dates. Please contact me. Thanks Jennifer Amayo


I am seeking information on Granville Baker m. to Rosetta ? Son was Granville Harrison Baker m. Matilda Elizabeth Shaw.

Thank you.

Mary Kiss

I am looking for information about the Baker family in Boston. Chett A. Baker was a pharmacist practicing there in the 50s. I can't find any Chett Bakers. Does anyone know if Chett is a nickname?

Thank you.

Anne Marie Rossi

Any data on John Baker Born 1853 New York, married
Anna Sutherland born 1839. child born 1862 G.H. Baker


My g.grandfather: Daniel L. Baker, b.Feb 1841,d. Jun 26, 1921 in Baltimore, MD,his daughters hm-Gertie (Baker) Frank. He & my g.grandmother Lydia Ann (Hollinger)Baker,d. Oct 20, 1902,are both buried in East Berlin Cem., E.Berlin,PA. They lived most of their lives in E.Berlin,PA & York Springs,PA areas. Searching for Baker & Hollinger relatives of same g.grandparents.
Jeanne Spangler -
Manassas, VA (N.VA)

Jeanne Spangler

Looking for info. on Charles Baker of Warren County Ohio, born 1816, grandfather of Charles S. Baker.


looking for relaitives of Mabel Rose Baker (approx 1907-1942) Married to John Merrrill Keating on 09/29/25 in Chelsea, MA

Maureen Meade

Looking for a Baker family possibly from Cadiz, Harrison County, Ohio. Gr Grandfather, Jasper Lafayette Green was a foundling - biological father is a Baker. Jasper was a large man with a deep cleft chin. If this sounds familiar, please contact me at e-mail or PO Box 76, Massillon, Ohio 44648-0076

Jean Adkins

Aaron Baker, born 1808, son of Thomas Baker - not sure what country they are from. Can't find where Aaron is buried. His wife was Margaret Beall, she is buried in Iowa. Thomas' father might be Joseph. Aaron's children were Marie, Zephaniah, Thomas, Christina Joshua, Sarah. Zephaniah was my great-great grandfather. Rt. 3 Box 58, Appleton City, Mo. 64724

Barbara Page

We are looking for evidence that Robert Criswell Baker (b KY 1816- d IO 1868) was the son of Hugh Baker (b KY 1791) and Margaret Criswell (b KY 1788). Much searching has failed so far. Your help appreciated.

WC Banta

I am looking for the parents of Mary Baker, she was the wife of Isaac Fales. Isaac Fales was b. abt. 1807/17 in Wilmot, Nova Scotia. I believe they were both living in the Wilmot area in Annapolis Co.,Nova Scotia. They had a son named Isaac Baker Fales b. 1844 Nova Scotia he married Julia Stronach.
Any information about Mary Baker and Isaac Fales would be very appreciated.

Joyce Mac Innis

Looking for information on David Baker. He was listed in the 1840 and 1850 census in Davie County, NC and married Rebecca Jones, in Rowan County, NC in 1831. David had at least 2 sons - Wiley, whom I have no information on and Thomas Jefferson Baker. I am trying to find out where David was before resided in Davie Cnty and who his fater was.

Thanks for any help.

Linda Sanders

Asa Baker was born in 1788 in North Adams, MA
Married Lydia Potter
Died in 1836 in Chili, NY
Need to verify parents names and location: Stephen Baker and Lucy King

Asa Baker

I am looking for information on Baker's. These Baker's are from the Eaton County, Michigan Area. Floreene Baker, Ralph Baker, and Ion Baker. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


I'm from Denzil, Saskatchewan, Canada, and I'm trying to trace back beyond my great great grandfather, John Baker. All that I know is his son(my great grandfather) Frank Baker, was rased by Quakers after his mother died and then moved to Ontario, from Penn state. My Granfather and Father (Frank Jr, and Terry) still live in Denzil where Frank Sr. laid his homestead. Any help would be great, although I realize that this is very vague.

Cameron Baker

Seek parents of John D. Baker born 1823, I believe they were Quakers. He was born probably in New York, possibly Ohio. Married Adelia Hubbard.

Helen Kelly

My grandma's mothers name was Ethel Marks and she married a Frank Baker. They lived from my understanding in Pineville, KY. I don't know the date of birth or death. My fathers side of the family never talked much about the past, please if you can help me. One of Ethels and Franks childens name was Morine and she was born on 4/23/1917 in Pinvelle, KY.

Donna Frazier

I am looking for any information that may connect my ggg grandfather Reuben Baker to the Barnstable Bakers. He was born 7/13/1785 somewhere in Mass. and died in Summit New York in 1862. He married Delana Sherman who was born in Columbia county New York. Thanks Barry Schinnerer

Barry Schinnerer

I am looking for Isreal Baker b Feb. 8,1832 in Paradise Twp.York County Pa. married Sarah Ann Summers they had 4 children Charles Summers Baker, William Henry Baker, John Wesley Baker and Ada May Baker


I have not seen another Baker ancestry that is even close to mine. This leads me to believe, Isaac Baker and his ancestry are not in the high circles of white dominant culture, as half breeds, and very poor folk dissappear into obscurity. Or ... they broke off from rather rich to do parents who are not generally broadcast in geneology unless professionally greased with generous green.

Anyway, If you have found you are a Baker from Warren County PA, and your earlier reletives are from Freehold Twp, Warren Pa, not to be confused with the four or five other Baker Families from other parts of the county, then I have what you want. We have ... Isaac Baker, Marries Susan Bates, daughter of James Bates. Direct lines of Bakers from Isaac are Thomas Isaac Baker, who has son Earl Allen Baker/Miller of Lottsville Clan. William Whitticar Baker, who has son's Edgar and Willis Baker ... Willis Baker to Warren Baker to William W. Baker To my family of New Jersey. Then we have two other son's by Isaac, Horace Baker, and Emmer Baker. There are a number of daughters, who I am not sure married into the surrounding population or Indian tribes? Of course, my Aunts and Uncles deny any connection other than cousins marrying into tribes. No direct blood lines? Should you be another Baker with ties to Six Nations Tribes, Iroquois by the French name, Haudenosaunee by the area name, contact me. I believe we are many Bakers hidden from tribal contact by our grandmothers due to high kill rate of Indians by white settlers? Where better to hide than among the crowd?

Bruce Baker

Searching for info on Benjamin Baker, born Rome, Vermont 1819. Cannot find info on Rome. Any help would be appreciated

L Baker

I am trying to trace the lineage of John Baker, born in Prussia on 30 Nov 1789 and immigrated to PA between 1808-1620. He married Mary Rutter (?) in PA between 1815 and 1822. Between 1825 and 1828 they moved from PA to OH. Their first appearance in OH is in the 1830 census for Lawrence Twp, Tuscarawas CO, OH. Their children were as follows:

Glenn Baker

searching for info. on g-grandfather:Napoleon John Baker 1812-1820? Harrisburg,Pa? married Sarah Elisabeth Woliver/Woolever (both ways used to spell last name)

George Spencer Baker II

My ancestor David Baker was a German immigrant arrving at age 3 about 1750. I know nothing about his parents. I assume that it must have been about 1750. He supposedly participated in the Revolution. My first records place him in Berkeley county, Virginia (now west Virginia about 1794. He was married to Elizabeth Wolf and they has 6 sons, at least 4 had chldren. John, Peter, Henry, George, Jacob and William. George is my great, great, grandfather. Are you related to anyone of them? Please contact me if you are. Phone: number is 262-633-1814 if the email address fails. Thanks Harold Baker

Harold L. Baker

I am searching for information on the father of Robert Pinckney Baker. His mother was Lovina Ivy/Ivey. Robert was born in Texas Nov. 14, 1840. The family stroy is that his father either died or divorced his mother around 1841 as she remarried in 1842. all help appreciated. Paula Jones 7011 Roberts Drive Big Spring, Texas 79720

Paula Jones

I am looking for anything on a W.Patton Baker, Liza Stidham Baker and Cris Stapleton & Callie Dean Stapleton who were married in Wise Va.

Mary Baker Beam

Baker/Bates found in Freehold Twp, Warren County, PA have roots in New York around 1820-1830 and futher east in Vermont/ and Mass/ Conn in the early 1700s. My problem is that Isaac Baker is born in England, but has not shown a father or mother or connection to any other reletives before getting married about 1835 to Susan Bates Daught of James Bates. James Bates is shown as a claimant for War of 1812 in NY roles residing in Freehold, PA. Isaac on the other hand, is a mystery, other than father is claimed to be from NY and he is born in England? From this one Isaac, there is no variation to moving until he dies in PA. What is strange, is that so many Isaac Baker ancestors link into the same reletives found in Vermont, or Massachusetts? So many families named their children after uncles, and past ancestors, I have chased down Merrit Baker, Horace Baker, Thomas Isaac Baker, Earl Allen Baker, and even Emmer Baker who might be the mysterious EDD found in my uncles family Bible. Too Weird? Maybe. But if Ithaca, NY around 1820 and Warren County, PA are the destination of your Bakers, let me know. I didn't know I had any Baker reletives before two years ago, and boy am I sorry I bit into this one. It never, ever ends.

Bruce Baker

Looking for Jacob Quincy Baker, likely of PA. M. Sara Jane Lutton (b.1/7/1858), had 7 children: Joseph Lutton, Nancy Jane, Robert Kinzie, Milton Clark, Charles Leonard, David Alexander, and Hattie Blanche

Kirstin Armstrong

I'm looking for anyone related to the Baker family in Jackson County, West Virginia. My grandmother was Goldie Baker, and her father was Jesse James Baker.

Wanita Brown

Would like to connect with someone from Francis Baker of Yarmouth, MA lineage- Heman Baker b.1741 MA. d. Tolland, Ct. , Samuelb. 1769 & Betsey Baker ch.Harlow Charles,Lyman, Jane, Almon, Rhoda Ann

Judith C. Poolman

Looking for information on Thomas Gibson Baker born approx 1869 died 21 Dec 1935 married Sarah Ann Brown born 12 Oct 1870 died 28 Feb 1950. Thomas's sister married someone named Dawson. She was Florence Desmond's mother.

Donna Fieldhouse

Am interested in knowing if anyone has information on Sidney Onyett-Baker of Hornchurch, Essex born approximately 1880,who moved to Canada around 1900 and married Caroline Kreager

J. Robinson

Researching descendants of Michael Baker of Londonderry Twp., Bedford Co., PA abt 1804-1890. I'm missing Albert
P. Baker b 1858 in PA. Said to have been in Cedar Rapids,
IA in 1892, later in Montana and then Florida--a RR man.

Richard Blue

Looking for George C. Baker Baker Wire Company, Des Moines, Iowa. He had a son that went by George Cy baker who married Mary Edna Hahn they had two children George Lincoln baker and Robert Paul Baker.
George Cy baker was convicted of Chicken theft in Iowa and sentenced to prison in the 1930.
Mary hahn divorced George Cy baker and married Floyd Garrett in Dakota city Humboldt county Iowa. George Lincoln Baker changed his name to Jack Lincoln Garrett, and robert Baker to Robert Garrett.
would like info on George Cy Baker and his ancestors.

Charles Osborne

I am looking for information on the parents of Frank L. Baker born 1828 in Proctorsville, Vermont and died after 1897 in Schenectady, New York. He married Selenna Caldwell in 1850 in Richfield, New York and Emma Van Vrancken in 1873 in Niskayuna, Schenectady, New York. He was a schoolteacher. According to one family story he and Selenna died in an epidemic and their children were farmed out to families near Watertown, New York. However, since he married again to Emma Van Vrancken and was still alive in 1897, it must have been only Selenna who died. She died in 1862 in Russell, New York. Another family story says that his father was Thomas Baker, an engineer from England. He may have had brothers named Nate and Ike, who lived in Watertown. Does any of this sound familiar?

Sharlene Shipman Baker

I am trying to find information on a Jesse Baker. I found a tomb stone in Wright County Missouri. It has J. P. Baker Husband Elizabeth Baker Born 1818 Died 1862. My Grandfather was James U. Baker born 1899 in Wright County Missouri. He was sheriff of Wright County Missouri for 27 years. His father was John S. Baker Born 1840 in Kentucky. John was married 3 times and outlived all his wives. His last wife was (My Great Grandmother Mary Naomi Robertson born 1860) I have a copy of John's death certificate and it lists his father's name as Jesse. John S. Baker died in January of 1934 at the ripe old age of 94. He was a civil war veteran, and I have some civil war pension documents. I know that the Jesse P. Baker is the Tomb stone that is near Manes Missouri. He had a daughter Emily that married a Shelby. I want to know if Emily is the sister of John S. Baker that is my Great Grandfather. Is this Jesse Baker the same Jesse Baker that is listed as my 2nd great grandfather?

James A. Baker

I am looking for info on the Bakers of Clay County, Kentucky,USA. All information on the subject will be of help. The area of concern are the lineage of Emma Baker. The daugher of James and Margeret Baker. Circa 1900's.
Thanking you in advance,
Nick Root
402 West Walnut St
Salem IN 47167

Nick Root

I am interested in anything about my relatives or ancestors. My grandfather, Jacob Baker, was born at Cresco, Iowa in 1862. His father, Jakob Becker, was born at Kreis Walldfischbach-Rodalben, in the Rhein-Pfalz in 1838. I am descended from the latter's grandfather, Georg Jakob, who married a Schneider in 1795.
Gerald Baker, 624 W. 8th St., Cedar Falls, IA 50613

Gerald Baker

Anything on Andrew Jackson Baker,born 1866 Pulaski Co,Ky &
His Father William Henry Baker born June 25, 1842.

Vince Warlaumont

Looking for any descendants of Lyman Baker and Charlotte Dow. Lyman was born in 1822 and Charlotte in 1825 , lived in New York and had 14 children.

Douglas Riebe

Looking for information on Aaron and Candace Church Baker, Aaron was born abt 1784-6, their first child Ira born 1811-12 in Vt., abt 1820-5 they went to Canada, and later to Michigan and Ill. Children were born in Vt, Ny., and Canada, some of the 18 children were Ira, Russell, Orange, Zubah, Lucy, Seneca, Delia, Julia, Rhoda Matilda, Samuel, Amaziah, Clarissa, Looking for the rest of the children and the parents of Aaron

Rose Marie

Looking for Aaron and Elizabeth Baker, m.1864 in Somerset Co., NJ; had John Nicholas Baker in 1865; he later went to Kansas, m. Daisy Lillian Hitchcock and died in Peabody, KS 1938 (he's my g. grandfather). Need info on Aaron and Elizabeth's ancestors.

Jeanette Reed
don't have one

I am just begining to piece together my family's pedigree. Can anyone offer me any help? I am Gene Benjamin Baker. My father grew-up in eastern Kentucky. My father's name is Shafter [b.1937]. My grandfather's name was Finley b?-d.1939-40?. My great-grandfather's name was Ben[jamin?].

Ben Baker

My gggrandfather was Samuel Baker, born in Worcester, Md. died in 1885 in Delaware. Trying to find who his father was.

Betty Baker Carey

Am looking for information regarding Joseph Baker from Botetourt County, VA. Joseph (1) born between 1804 and 1808, married to Eliza. Joseph (2) born 5-4-1843 in Botetourt. Both families moved to Missouri between 1851 and 1859. Elder Joseph stayed in Macon County, Missouri. Younger Joseph moved to St. Clair County, Missouri. Any information appreciated - willing to share what I have on rest of the family line.

Chris McCune

I am searching for my Grandfathers family from Texas. His name was John H Baker. Born around 1777 moved to Arkansas then to Oklahoma. Keep running into roadblocks. Please help me Pat

Pat Baker Barlow

I'm looking for further information on ancestry of Baker family -starting at ww1 with Franklin Benijamin Baker-he had several half-brothers and sisters,his mother died giving birth to him. he died in Mt. Pleasant,Pa. and had several children which I need to find also. If you can help I would begrategul.

Ruth Baker Leaure

Searching for information on Amos Trotter Baker (Died 2-22-1928). Lived in Sevierville, Tn.
Wife: Susan Eliza Nichols
Children: James , Ernist, Ellis, Frank & Oscar

Lawton Baker

I am trying to locate the family of my gr grandfather who was born in Lancashire England in 1828 to Sarah Baker and
James Dixon, his name was Wright Dixon. I am at a road block. Can anyone help me. I would greatly appreciate any help that I can get. May God Bless. Sincerely, Elaine

Elaine Trncak

looking for Catherine Baker b. 1801/02. Father was Captain or Colonel in Revolutionary War. believe they were from Connecticut.


I am looking for any information on my great grandparents:Hiceson Baker/Rachel Marcum. They were married in Ky.. moved to Minnesota, then back to Adams Co. in Ohio. Had a son George Washington Baker, June 8, 1871.

Verda Baker Muladore

I have just started my research and I am looking for more info for my great great grandmother, Rosa Lee Baker. She was born in 1898 in McCurtain County, Okla and she lived on a farm called the Old Kellogg Farm. I think that her sister Alice may have lived in Foreman, Arkansas. I have been told that is where their father was buried. If anyone can help, please e-mail me... Thank You

Carrie Bratton

Trying to find my husband's great-grandmother.Vera Baker married John Stacy,possibly from the Barnseville,Oh. area.That's where John is buried(in the old Antioch Cemetary.)Would really appreciate any help!

Vera Baker

Looking for info on gr gr grandparents, Tom Baker and Sarah Pace. Two known children, Charlie M. Baker b. abt 1873 d. March 1933 Alabama and James Richard (Rich) Baker b. 27 March 1878 d. 25 May 1964 Alabama.

Pamela Baker

I am trying to find any information on my grandfather,George Washington Baker. He was born Feb.4th. 1881 in Tennessee,died June 17,1955 in Hayti,Missouri. Any information would be appreciated.

Shirley (Baker) Gibsons

I am researching my fathers family on his dads side. It is really hard because his father died when he was very young.
My fathers name was Redbird Baker. His father was John H Baker. According to the 1920 census in Cobb Township in Mcintosh county Oklahoma John Baker was born in Texas around
1877 or 1878. He was 42 in the 1920 census. But I keep running into dead ends everywhere I go. Pat

Pai Baker Barlow

Looking for any information on a Maggie C. Cox Baker b. 1852 in OH; married Isaac Frank Baker 1873 in OH; was living in Hancock Co, IN when they were divorced in 1889; Maggie died in 1897 leaving her estate to their daughter, Myoptia; any information on her would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at

Rene Retterer

As I go over many of these message in the Baker Family linege.
From what names I saw are really putting me into a comment about some of the names.
For the Baker / Ray connections yes there are Ray family members that married into the Baker family in Virginia Yes I say Virginia , But they are the Ray family are also the same as Wray family Yes the same family linegae.
Here is a run down on what am going say about this Wray/
Ray that is from Virginia that married into the Baker family lineage. Larkin Perry Wray father of George G.Wray
the W was drop from the family name when they movie to Blowing Green Owen County , Indiana . His son John W.E. Ray father of Agnes Virginia Ray was the daugther -in - law of Julie A. Baker who married NS . Lowe .
In this same family lineage of Baker family the was a Joesphine Baker who married a James DeCamp in Preble, Ohio there daugther Annie W. DeCamp married James Jenkins Jr. in the same County in Ohio.
Baker / Ray / Lowe are from in or around Terre Haute Vigo County , Indiana.
Agnes Virginia ray one of her daugther married into a Jenkins family lineage that not connected to the Jenkins in Ohio only by marriage only.
Julie A. Baker was my Great Grandmother on my mother side of her Grandmother Julie A. Baker family.

John Howard Jenkins Sr

I am searching for any information on the desendants of Jonas A Baker married to Maria Jennings I do know he had a brother named John C Baker Last known whereabouts was close to the Gettysburg Pa area

Looking for any and all information on the decendants of Daniel H Baker 1856-1923 married to Susan Miller 1869-1940 looking to find siblings and parents to Daniel.


Hi, I found an old picture at a yard sale (I think it's old because when you hold it to certain light it has a silvery tint), it is printed on a postcard and inside a paper frame. It says it is of "George Baker (Brother of Joseph)". Does anyone have any idea who these people are? Any help would be great!!

Hey Jen... what State is it from? Or name of photographer? That could help trace the right family... CJ


I am looking for any Info on Charles and Jacob Baker, born in Ohio in the 1840s, last known residence was Henry Co. In. per the 1880 census

Melvin Baker

I am writing a book about the women who won the George Cross fighting the Nazis during WWII, behind enemy lines in France. Noor Inayat Khan, was one of these women. The family lineage however, is written almost entirely from the Muslim,male perspective and it is as if half the family did not exist. There is no lineage on any of the females.
The family claims to be related to Mary Baker Eddy through the mother Ora Ray Baker. Ora Ray Baker is not the niece of Mary Baker Eddy, as the family claims. The Institute has confirmed this for me. Ora Ray Baker was born in the late 1800's and left the U.S. with Inayat Khan. She married him in Europe, which would have retracted her American citizenship, since U.S. immigration law made any white woman who married a person of color from Asia..personna non grata.
Pierre Arnold Bernard (aka Peter Coons) was her half brother and claimed also to be a relation of Mary Baker Eddy's. He called himself Ohm, The Omnipotent and is credited with bringing yoga and Tantric practices to America.

corie johnson

Betsy Baker b. ca. 1800 Philadelphia? married bef. 1820 John Craft - several children - dtr. Isabella Wood Craft b. Oct 1820 Philadelphia was my ancestor. Need names/info of Betsy's parents. Thanks. Judy Alexander, Roswell, GA

Judy Alexander

I am looking for the descendants of David Hollis Baker-founder of Bakersville NC. My husband's father was Howard P. Baker, whose father was William Ervin Baker. Trying to establish a connection with this group.

Nancy S. Baker

Information on Bakers that moved to Perry Co. Kentucky in early 1800,s. GGG Grandfather's name is Wilson Baker married to Mary Baker.

David C. Baker

Looking for anything beyond William Henry Baker who married Frances Carson in Greenfield, Indiana. I have the Carson information. Thanks!

Earl Meech

Wilson Baker & Louisa Coats. Does anyone have any information on this couple who lived around Clay Co. Ky from about 1830 to ? Had a son, Christopher Baker in 1858. Christopher Baker married Mary Williams in Clay Co,. Ky. in 1876 and was listed on Clay Co. 1880 census. Please help if you have any information.

David C. Baker

Seeking information on 1. John Ross Baker b.- 5-8-1861 married to Amanda E - last known residency Dyersburg (Dyer Co)TN 2. Thomas Edgar Baker b. 1879 married to Minnie Jack Viar - residency Dyersburg (Dyer Co) Tn. Thanks J. Melton

Jim Melton

I am searching for Phyllis Baker daughter of Katherine Mcguire Baker of West Bromwich UK, sister of George Richard Baker, Emigrated in 1950's to Philadelphia, Penn..


I am looking for Thomas A Baker, married to Martha Ellen Norris, 14 Aug 1856, Fredrick Co. Maryland. Searching for his Birthdate, date of death and his parents. 1880 Cencus
shows them w/ 9kids/still in Fredrick Co. Maryland

Gary O. Baker

Looking for Herbert Lee Baker born 9/27/1888 married to Bessie Mae Holt in TN. Herbert was the son of Alice Monroe and George W. Baker. Herbert had a sister Ella born 1894.

Marilynn Baker Serotko

Looking for parents of Sarah Baker that married Kirk Monroe about 1859. Possible that Sarah Baker is Indian.

Daughter of Sarah Baker and Kirk Monroe was Lucy Ann Monroe born 1860 in Missouri, who married Charles C. Roberts, born Iowa.

Family stories are that Kirk may have had a brother Hugh Monroe who travelled to Montana, and was the first white trapper in the territory.

Hope somebody recognizes these Baker names and can help me.
Connie Naylor

Connie Naylor

I have just started looking for my great grandparents. I know their names are John Baker and Ettie Teneyck. They had a son name Harold Kenneth Baker, b. December 20, 1915. Does anyone have any information on them? Thank you!

Theresa Baker

I am looking for the parents of William W. Baker born 7 Mar 1822 in Shipley, D, England and Married Alice Stephenson on 4 Oct 1845. She died 26 Jul 1853. I don't know where the marriage or death took place.
Thank you for your help.

Una Loy Clark Farrer
875 Rio Virgin Dr. #264
St. George, Ut 84790

William W. Baker

Seek info re: Edward Baker, emigrated England to Philadelphia prior to 1863, then moved to Baltimore where he became partner in Baltimore Meter Works. Fathered, with whom?, Jane Baker, Phila. on Dec 31, 1863, and perhaps Rosa Baker who died by suicide around 1880. Known inventor.

Margaret Schneider

Looking for parents of Morris Baker, born 12-09-1825 in Indiana, died 10-13-1911 in OK. He married Esther (Baker) Baker, born 02-04-1832 in MO. Esther died 06-09-1903 in North Salem, Linn Co., MO She was the daughter of William Baker born 1804, died Sep. 1846 in Linn Co., MO, he was married to Sarah Jane Jennie (Baker) Baker. Wlliams parents were Bolin and Elizabeth (Bunch) Baker, Bolin born 04-16-1784, in Wilkes Co., NC, Bolin's parents were John Baker and Elizabeth (Terrill) Baker. John born 10-07-1735, in Ashe Co., NC, John's parents were Andrew Baker, Esq and Mary Molly (Bolling) Baker, Andrew was born 1692 in PA, his parents were Robert Baker and Susan (Packer) baker, Robert born abt 1660 in MA,Roberts parents were John Baker born abt 1624 in Boston Suffolk Co., MA, John's dad was Andrew Andy Baker born 1604 in Buckinghamshire, England. Does anyone know of this Morris and Esther Baker for they are my great great grandparents. I have alot on the Bakers on Esther's side, but know nothing of the Baker's on Morris's side. Any information would be very helpful. Thanks
Alan Cordray P.O. Box 143 Hartsburg, IL 62643

Alan Cordray

Baker, Thurman

I am trying to find a connection between David Hollis Baker, founder of Bakersville Mitchell County NC and my father-in-law Howard Percertle Baker of McDowell County NC. Howard's father was William Ervin Baker who married Lela Eritta Ruff. If anyone can help me, please contact me at Thanks in advance.

Nancy Baker

Hello; my great grndmother Annie Elizabeth Baker married James Wakefield Shrum 17th Sept. 1885 in Oklahoma. She was born 16th Feb. 1861 in Eagle Rock, Barry Co., Mo. Her father was John Williamson Baker and her mother was Mary Jane Brim.
I know that she was full blood Cherokee indian, perhaps she was adopted? Could any one please help me link my ancestry to the Cherokee Nation.
Very much appreciated, yours, Mel Shrum.

Mel Shrum

Am looking for Archibald Baker who Married Nancy Youngblook. Georgia Morrell C. Baker

Merrellyn Stark

It is my understanding that Barnabas Baker (Born in Yarmouth, Mass in 1733, Died Litchfield Maine in 1797) was a direct descendant of Francis Baker who immigrated to Yarmouth Mass in 1634. I would like to know the genealogy line between Francis and Barnabas.

Glenn Nasman

Seaching for info. ggrandfather William Benjman Baker b)1866-67 Birmingham Alabama.Moved to texas died bandera tx.

Robert N. Baker

Researching James Harrison Baker b. 1890-1900 Penalosa, Kingman County, Kansas. U>S> Marines WWl, moved to Quincy, Ma. Married Mary Stewart in Quincy. My G-Grandfather.
Any Information please contact me.

Bob Baker

I am searching for the children of Abner Baker b. @ 1798 GA. He married Cynthia McKee and had ten children, all born in AL. I only have names of six: William McKee b. Dec 1817; Nicholas L. b.1820; Alexander b.1827; Lucy b. 1832; Mary S. b. 1834; and Joseph L. b. 1836. The family moved from Perry Co. AL to Nacogdoches Co. TX. @ 1843. If you are related to any of these Bakers, please contact me by e-mail or write:
Judy Hopkins Baker
784 S. Lincoln Ave.
Mart, Texas 76664

Judy Hopkins Baker

hey i am just looking for my history of my family..and i really don't know what i am if someone can help me it would be awsome thank you...

Tony Baker

Tony Baker

Looking for Edward Perrine Baker married to Elizabeth Essex daughter is Arra Belle Baker married to Obebiah Horner. Obediah was from Wellsburg, W.Va. but came to the Washington County, Pa area in the late 1800's. Census says Edward and Elizabeth Baker were born in PA. Can't find anything for them. Thanks

Carol Taylor Lanza

Searching for ancestors of Thomas A Baker, married to Martha Ellen Norris on 14 Aug 1856 in Fredrick Md. Thanks for any help that you can provide.

Gary Baker

searching for info on great-great-grandfather john c. baker born before 1820. some children
1. john n baker=married mary o'dell
then married sarah a. wolliver on april 10,1869
john c. baker is his father/ john n. is my great-grandfather

george baker

Maurice baker is my 8th great grandfather. I would like to know more about him and his parents. Where they came from in england. Any stories or information would be greatly appreciated.

Karl Baker

How would I go about getting a copy of the baker newsletter?

Karl Baker

Need information on Benj.E.Baker b.Ind. abt. 1817 m. to Elizabeth b.Ind. 1860 census of Lamar County Tx. shows they had John 18: Jane 16; Ann 16; Robert 12; Indiana 11; Mary F. 8; Wm 5; All children were borned in Texas.

wanda whitaker

Looking for RS Baker his youngest son Charles Steven Baker was a brother to my ancestor John HV Baker. Would like to share information.

Jacquelyn Baker DeVane

Descendant of Bolin Baker. Any info on Bolin's parents or what country this family immigrated from? Thank you.

Lisa D'Aunno

searching for ancestry of Noah Baker born ca1818 in ohio & Rebecca Hudson born ca 1818 in virginia, married in medina ohio on 26 oct 1837, moved to browne county illinois
Teresa Miller
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Stover,Mo. 65078

Teresa Baker Miller

I am a historian researching the life of Gardiner Baker, an early museum owner in NYC, born 1761. He died in Boston in October 1798; he married his wife Mary Wrighton Baker on 12 July 1783. She died in 1800; they had several children [Mary, Elizabeth, James, Gardiner]. I am searching for any available information regarding him. He is listed in the DAR records, and IGS databases, but little is known about his parents-[ mother Hannah]. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ellen Fernandez-Sacco, Ph.D.
281 41st Street, #35
Oakland, CA 94611-5603

Ellen Fernandez-Sacco