Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Drusilla

Known as Drusilla, last season she was very weak caused by a mob from Prague. They picture above is from when she was very weak because she is wearing her white dress and black nails with white tips.

Dru's sire is Angelus (the one that made her). It was his blood in a ritual that made her strong again. Spike, her other half, had found the ritual that would restore her strength and it worked. Only Buffy got in the way...

Angel had stalked her, causing her to be insane. She had had visions and could hear people talking to her when she decided to go to confession. Angel, who had just finished eating the priest, listened to her story and was fasinated. He told her she was the devils spawn and must act upon her evil needs.

He had managed to kill everyone that knew Drusilla, causing her to be in a worse state than before. It was the night she was going to take her vows to become a nun, that he vamped her. After that, he got a soul and turned to blood banks for the rest of his life.

Up until Dru got her strength back, things were fine between the two. But the ritual was disturbed by Buffy, causing Spike to be seriously injured and weak in a wheelchair, and Dru strong, now wearing a red dress with red nails and white tips.

With Spike in a wheelchair, and Angel becoming evil again, Angel took Spikes place, causing Spike to be extremely jealous. Drusilla would go hunting with Angel and flirt with him, while Angel did the same with her in front of Spike in order to piss him off.

It worked and when Spike got out of his wheelchair, he beat up Angel and put the "Sleeper" chokehold on Dru, making her pass out and leaving Sunnydale.

As the season finale ended, fans were left hanging not knowing where Drusilla and Spike would end up, only knowing that we would soon see them again.

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