Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Spike

Known as Spike, William "the Bloody" earned his nickname by killing people with railroad spikes before he became a vampire.

He and Angel used to be buddies, always backing each other up when needed, but then Angel got a soul, causing the two to have to many differences.

Spike was "vamped" by Angel, his sire, about 150 years ago. Angel felt the need to find somebody to take care of his Drusilla while he went to Romiana or wherever, and behold, we now have a twisted love story of Spike and Drusilla.

Spike never left her side after Angel took off and got a curse put on him by some gypsies. The two would kill people together and have lots of fun. But then one unfortunate night in Prague left Dru seriously injured by a mob.

Always with her through thick and thin, the British bad boy took care of Drusilla, through her blackouts to her visions, to her insane talk. Sometimes it would get to him, and he would spaz at her, but he would always apologize to her and make up.

Then one night Spike found the cure for Dru: to let the blood of her sire (Angel) flow through with her blood. It worked, but Buffy got in the way, setting the church where they were on fire and causing an organ to fall on our beloved Spike.

When Dru awoke from the ritual, she was more powerful than she was before her accident. Spike was left in a wheelchair, turning the table on him, causing Drusilla to take care of Spike.

Then Angel became evil again, joing Spike and Dru once again. Only this time since Spike was left helpless, Angel took advantage of this and he and Dru started to flirt, then becoming more than that.

Spike had taken enough of Angels name calling and girlfriend snatching, so as soon as he got better he got out of his wheelchair without the 2 vamps knowing and teamed up with Buffy to stop Angel.

It worked, only Spike hadn't really thought that Drusilla would try to defend Angel. Spike was kicking Angel's ass by beating him with a crow bar when Dru jumped on Spike to save Angel.

Spike put the "sleeper" chokehold on her, by cutting off the blood supply to her head, making her pass out. He grabbed her and drove out of Sunnydale, making the viewers wonder what will become of them next season...

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