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EMMANUEL GORDON born: 1783, he married BARBARA WILLIAMS (this has not been confirmed) They had the following son (this is the only child I know at the present time). His name was JOHN GORDON born 1814. JOHN GORDON married ELIZABETH (maiden name unknown), they had the following children: MARY GORDON born 1845, JONATHAN GORDON born June 12, 1849.

JONATHAN GORDON married WILHEMINA GARRIS on November 15, 1872, they were married in Tinicum Twp., Bucks County, Pa. WILHEMINA was born in Bucks County, Pa February 21, 1852, she died on March 18, 1891 in Bucks County, Pa at the age of 39 years.

JONATHAN GORDON and WILHEMINA had the following children: LIVERIA GORDON born: July 12, 1877; CORA BELLE GORDON born July 25, 1883, CHARLES GORDON born: April 1885; FRANK ELMER GORDON born: May 1888: HARVEY GORDON born: March 16, 1891.

LIVERIA GORDON married HARRY SCHUMAN; they had the following children: TILLIE SCHUMAN; ELLA SCHUMAN; RUTH SCHUMAN (dates of birth unknown at this time).

CORA BELLE GORDON married: OSCAR F. ALLEM (son of HENRY O. ALLEM and HANNAH FILLMAN. OSCAR was born in Kellers Church, Pa on April 1, 1877, he died in Quakertown, Pa on June 1, 1962. CORA BELLE GORDON and OSCAR F. ALLEM had the following children: RUSSELL ALLEM born 1902 died 1981; ERMA ALLEM born in Tinicum Twp., Pa on September 17, 1906: died: October 24, 1972 in Quakertown, Pa. She married WILLIAM NEUBERT. WILLIAM NEUBERT died in 1994.

MYRTLE ALLEM born: May 13, 1909. Her date of death is unknown. Myrtle married JOHN MEYERS, JOHN was born 1914 and he died in 1955. JOHN and MYRTLE were married May 12, 19?? DOROTHY ALLEM born January 21, 1911, she died February 28, 1911. EARL ALLEM born August 8, 1912 in Quakertown, Pa, EARL died February 23, 1983. EARL married DORIS FULMER born 1910. ETHEL ALLEM born March 16, 1917. MILDRED (PINKY) ALLEM born August 28, 1918, she married HAROLD GETZ July 29, 19??. HAZEL EDITH ALLEM born June 11, 1922.

CHARLES GORDON married IRENE FUNK; they had the following child: LAVERNE KATHERINE GORDON born June 18, 1918.

FRANK GORDON died May 1988. He married RUTH DILLON; RUTH was born 1892 and died 1964. They had the following children: HATTIE GORDON, ROLAND GORDON and LILLIAN GORDON.

HARVEY GORDON died October 5, 1969 in Doylestown, Pa. He married MARGARET FISHER in Doylestown August 19, 1914. MARGARET FISHER was born September 26, 1897, and died November 7, 1987.

HARVEY GORDON and MARGARET FISHER had the following children: CHARLES GORDON born March 8, 1915, CHARLES died November 1977. He married four times; his had one sone by his second wife MARIE SPRINGER. CHARLES married CATHERINE CLEARY December 1956, they had two sons and one daughter. HARRIET ETHEL GORDON born August 26, 1916 in Doylestown, Pa died December 8, 1988 in Voorhees, NJ. HARRIET married ALWYN RIGBY GLOVER October 27, 1934. ALWYN RIGBY GLOVER was born September 13, 1914 and he died September 19, 1956 in Abington, Pa. HARRIET and ALWYN had two daughters, and one son. HARVEY GORDON, JR. born August 4, 1923, died June 6, 1966. HARVEY married twice, he had two sons by his first wife EVELYN KRIMMEL, HARVEY had a daughter and a son by his second wife NANCY DOLORES GUTHRIE. LESTER ROBERT GORDON born November 30, 1927 in Doylestown, Pa LESTER married twice. LESTER and his first wife KATHERINE MARY EDDY had two daughters and one son. LESTER's second wife is PATRICIA.

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