BYO - someone's gonna get their head to believe in something

Someone's Gonna Get Their head To Believe In Something

An Introduction to the BYO.......1992

The BETTER YOUTH ORGANISATION [BYO] was envisioned as a collective, positive voice for the often maligned "punk, independent, alternative," music community. Bros. Shaun & Mark Stern, who, along with younger brother Adam made up the notorious YOUTH BRIGADE, started the BYO in '79 as a reaction against police violence, outside exploitation & general negative outlook held against Punk/alternative music scene in Los Angeles, CA. After running a house called "Skinhead Manor" in Hollywood during the summer of1980, a place where kids from all over Sth. California met & exchanged ideas, the group was able to run a rather large nightclub called "Godzilla's" for about 3 months during 81/82. They then released the 1st BYO LP, the " Someone Got Their Head Kicked In," compilation in Spring 1982. It featured 8 sth CA. bands including the 1st vinyl from YOUTH BRIGADE. They invested in an old school bus and organized the 1st BYO tour. It took Youth Brigade and friends SOCIAL DISTORTION through about 20 shows, thousands of miles of travelling and a wild and wonderful time recorded on 60 hours of video tape and made the documentary, "Another State Of Mind." Since then they've released over 25 records, promoted shows, booked bands and toured in the US, Canada & Europe, published a mag, several videos (along with being instrumental in creating the previously mentioned movie and have plans to produce a new video... "Searching For America" documenting what's happened in the 10 years since the BYO began and examining what music and youth can do to change things in the world!) We believe that "youth" is an attitude, not an age & that every generation has the responsibility to change what they feel is wrong in the world.

You can do anything if you believe & we must try to make the world a better place for everyone, 'cause if we don't who will??!!!!

HERE'S THE SOUNDS. All a Minute long and about 120kb.

  • YOUTH BRIGADE- Violence
  • AGRESSION - Intense Energy
  • BATTALION OF SAINTS - Beefmasters
  • SOCIAL DISTORTION - Mass Hysteria