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Pownal Center Cemetery Pownal Bennington County Vermont

This cemetery is located in Pownal Center near Town Clerk's office. These stones have suffered from the ravages of time and air pollution. They were difficult to read. Hopefully errors are few.


h/r - hard to read f/s footstone d/d death date * manuscript by unknown author at Berkshire Atheeneaum or Vermont Historical Society

Earliest gravestone death date 1785 Latest gravestone 1968

Copied for Genealogical Society of Vermont by George & Janet Derbyshire copied 9 Jun 1979 rechecked 8 Jul 1979

HARRINGTON, In memory of Mrs Sarah wife of Mr Josiah Harrington who departed this life April 29th AD 1818 in the 88th year of her age (verse) (f/s Mrs Sarah Harrington)

HARRINGTON, In memory of Josiah Harrington who departed this life December 9th AD 1815. In the 89th year of his age (verse) (f/s Mr Josiah Harrington)
CLARK, Amy wife of Dea Isaac Clark died Nov 27, 1854 ae 91 years (verse) (h/r)

CLARK, Dea Isaac Clark died July 16, 1838 aged 75 yr 1 month (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, 4 small stones

PHELPS, In memory of the Rev Elnathan Phelps who died Jan 2 1813 in the 79th year of his age (verse) (f/s E P)

NICHOLS, In memory of Caleb Nichols son of the Rev Caleb N & Ruth who died Oct 29th AD 1785 in the 14th year of his age (h/r) (f/s C N)

NICHOLS, In memory of Mrs Ruth Nichols wife of the Revd Caleb Nichols who departed this life on the 21st of June AD 1801 in the 56th year of her age (f/s Mrs Ruth Nichols)

NICHOLS, Sacred to the memory of the Revd Caleb Nichols who after 15 years of faithful service as a minister and watchman over the First Babtish Church in Pownal ? Departed this life on the 27th of February 1804 in the 61 year of his age (h/r) (f/s Revd Caleb Nichols)

WATSON, Sacred to the memory of Mrs Sarah Watson amiable consort of Mr Silas Watson who departed this life Feb the 11 AD 1810 aged 67 years & 8 months (verse) (h/r) (f/s)

WATSON, In memory of Silas Watson who departed this life Jan 20 1827 in the 89th year of his age (verse) (f/s)

CUTTER, Wm Cutter Co E 31st Mass Inf 9GAR) (h/r)

NO SURNAME, (broken stone)

BEALS, (Wm?) Beals Co A 2nd VT CAV (h/r)

MYERS, in memory of Mr Hezekiah Myers who died in Pownal October AD 1798 He being 52 years of age (verse) (h/r stone sunk) (f/s Mr Hezekiah Myers)

MYERS, Mary wife of Oliver Myers, died Nov. 1800 aged 86 years. (H/r) (f/s M M)
NO SURNAME, fieldstone

MUNSON, In memory of Mrs Sarah Munson wife of Mr Timothy Munson (stone sunk) (*died Feb 5 1806 age 69 years)

MUNSON, In memory of Mr Timothy Munson who died the 29th of Oct AD 1826 in the 93rd year of his age (h/r)

MUNSON, In memory of Mrs Sarah Munson wife of Mr Timothy Munson (*died Mar 2 AD 1819 in the 72 year of her age) (stone broke & on ground) (f/s Mrs)

BUCK, In memory of Mr John Buck who died July 17th AD 1800 in the 84 year of his age (verse) (f/s Mr John Buck)

BUCK, In memory of Mrs Mary Buck wife of Mr John Buck who died in June AD 1812 in the 94th year of her age (stone broke) (f/s Mrs Mary Buck)

ATHERTON, E D Atherton died Dec. 22, 1883 ae 62 yrs 4 mo & 16 ds (verse)

ATHERTON, Susan M wife of E D Atherton died Mar 1 1905 ae 75 yrs 8 ms & 17 ds (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /B/N A?/nothing/

CARD, ARNOLD, Electa daughter of Abel & Waity Card & wife of Benjamin G Arnold born Apr 9, 1812 died Sept 18 ____ ae 74 (stone broke & leaning against tree)

BATES, In memory of Mrs Achsah, wife of Col Willard Bates who died Nov 3 1822 in the 41 year of her age (h/r)

BATES, In memory of Mrs Eliza S wife of Col Willard Bates who died Apr 7 1825 aged 29 year 5 months & 2 days (h/r)

STARBUCK, Gilbert Starbuck died Sept 9 1885 ae 46 yrs 8 mos (verse) (stone on ground)

SHERMAN, In memory of Susannah Sherman wife of Jacob Sherman died Jan 1? 1813. In her 86 year (h/r)
SHERMAN, In memory of Jacob Sherman died Aug. 17, 1811, In the 79th year of his age (h/r)

ARNOLD, Benjamin G Arnold died Dec 26 1897 ae 87 yrs 4 mos &10 ds (verse)

CARD, ARNOLD, Electa daughter of Abel & Waty Card & wife of Benjamin G Arnold born Apr 9 1812 died Sept 18 1886 ae 74 yrs 5 mos & 9 das (2nd stone for her)

ARNOLD, Alice P daughter of Benjamin & Electa Arnold died May 9, 1879 ae 26 yrs 3 mos & 9 dys

ARNOLD, Erskine M only son of Benjamin G & Electa Arnold, died Sept 8 1873 ae 33 yrs 2 mos & 24 ds (verse)

ARNOLD, PEAK, Mary E dau. of B G & Electa Arnold & wife of W H Peak died July 10 1870 aged 34 yrs 1 mo & 1 day

ARNOLD, Sarah G dau of B G & Electa Arnold, died Aug 19 1906 aged 68 yrs 8 ms & 17 days
PEAK, Albert Albert S Peak born Jan 22 1860 died Mar 3 1927

PEAK, William H Peak died March 19 1907 age 79 yrs 6 ms & 1 day (h/r)

BATES, In memory of Mrs Experience Bates consort of Major Josiah Bates who departed this life? Feb 14 AD 1807 aged 53 years and 3 months (verse) (f/s Mrs Experience Bates)
BATES, Major Josiah Bates died Sept 15th 1829 aged 73 years 3 mo 2 ds (h/r0 (f/s Maj J B) (DAR marker)
LADD, Sarah wife of James Ladd died Sept 19 1850 aged 92 years & 5 mo & 14 ds (verse) (f/s S L)

LADD, In memory of Mr James Ladd who departed this life July the 6th? 1816 being in the 71st? year of his age (verse) (h/r) (f/s Mr James Ladd)

STANTON, In memory of Mrs Mary wife of Lodowick Stanton Esq who died March 3 1827 in the 44th year of her age (verse) (h/r) (f/s M S)

STANTON, In memory of Mr John Stanton who died April 18th 1814 aged 65 years and l1 moths (verse) (h/r) (f/s John Stanton)

STANTON, John Stanton Jun died January 29th 1838 in the 67th year of his age (f/s John Stanton)

WHIPPLE, Harriett Janette Whipple died July 19th 1819 aged 19 months

WHIPPLE, Mary died Dec 11, 1823 aged 7 months

WHIPPLE, Marcus died Feb 9th 1831 aged 5 months

Children of Moses & Clarisse Whipple (verse) (f/s H J W M W M W)

LADD, In memory of Miss Abigail Ladd the daughter of Mr James & Mrs Sarah Ladd who departed this life January the 29th 1807 being in the 29th year of her age

????, ?? Aged 12 years ( can not read)

BATES, Charles P son of Williard & Eliza Bates, born & died Mar 11 1825 (h/r) (f/s)

BATES, Josiah Henry son of Col Williard & Achsah Bates died May 30 1822 aged 12 days

BATES, Achsah Harriett, dau of Col Williard & Achsah Bates died Apr 9 1825? Aged 2 yr l0 mo & 9 dys (h/r)

BATES, Achsah Emeline dau of Col Williard & Achsah Bates died Sept 3? 1819 in her 3rd year of her age (h/r) (f/s Achsah E Bates)

BATES, In memory of Achsah E dau of Majr Williard & Mrs Achsah Bates who died Sept 30th AD 1816 in the 3d year of her age (verse) (f/s A B)

BATES, Nelson W Bates son of W Bates died Feb 16 1808 aged 9 months & 14 days (h/r) (f/s N B)

BATES, In memory of Josiah G son of Williard & Achsah Bates who died Nov 26th 1803 aged nine months & 1 day (verse) (h/r)

BATES, In memory of Alvira daught of Col Williard Bates & Achsah his wife who died March 14 1812 aged 15 days (h/r) (f/s A B)

BATES, Statira dau of Williard & Achsah Bates born June? 28 1813 died Aug 18 1813 (h/r) (f/s S B)
WRIGHT, Willard B son of Boultwood & Anna Wright died March 18 1825 aged 2 years & 13 days (verse) (h/r) (f/s HBW)

KEYES, Samuel Almeron, son of Samuel & Susan Keyes died Aug 9 1849? aged 2years 9 mo & 25 days (verse)

WAGAR, Polly wife of Sebastian Wagar died Apr 27 1866 ae 69 (h/r)

WAGAR, Sebastian Wagar died Sept 13 1869 ae 80 (stone broken)

LINCOLN, Ruth P Lincoln died Dec 14 1870 aged 54 yrs (h/r)

BANNISTER, Tryphosa, M wife of Dr Crammer Bannister, died June 1 1863 ae 73 yrs 9 mo & 8 das (h/r)

??? stone on ground

BATES, Harriett M wife of Josiah Bates died Oct 22, 1838? ae 40 ((f/s H M B)

NO SURNAMES, 3 fieldstones

BABCOCK, Betsey, wife of Oliver E Babcock died July 8 1824? in the 30th year of her age (verse) (h/r)

BABCOCK, Harriett M dau of Oliver & Betsy Babcock died Feb 1?4? 1825 in her 5 year
HERRINGTON, Wm C Harrington died Aug 23? 1832? Ae 43 years (h/r)

HARINGTON, Capt Thomas Harrington died July 30 1838 aged 43 years (h/r) (f/s T R)

HARINGTON, In memory of Mr Elijah Harington who departed this life Aug 4 AD 1811 in the 18th year of his age (h/r) (f/s Mr Elijah Harington)

HARINGTON, Mary P wife of Thomas Harrington died May 15 1865 aged 71 years (stone broke)

BANNESTER, In memory of Lydia wife of Dr Thomas Bannister died Dec 12 1861 aged 65? 76? years. (h/r)

BANNISTER, In memory of Dr. Thomas Bannister who departed this life Apr 6th AD 1824 aged 65 years (verse) (f/s Doct Thomas Bannister)

BANNISTER, Jesse Bannister born Apr 24 1751 or 4 died Apr 1 1833 (h/r) (f/s J B)

BANNISTER, In memory of Tho B Bannister died July 7 1839 in the 25th ? year of his age (verse) (f/s T B Bannister)

WALLACE, In memory of Nathaniel Wallace Esq who died May 14th 1809 in the 65th year of his age (stone broke)

HARRINGTON, Deidamia G aged 18 daughter of William C & Prudentia Harrington (no death date) (f/s D G H) ( she was born 12 SEP 1832 Family Search IGI)

NO SURNAME, field stone

CLARK, Mrs Sarah, wife of Mr lthamar? Clark died March 12 1797 in the 40 year of her age let it be known that three infants of the deceased are buried by her side (can't read rest)

CLARK, (* William son of Isaac & Amy Clark died) Dec 22 1788 in the 5th year of his age (stone on ground)

CLARK, (* Sarah dau of Isaac & Amy Clark died June 3 or 8 1796 in the 10th year of her age)

STEVENS, In memory of Mr John V Stevens who died May 17th 1807 in the 39 year of his age (h/r) (f/s Mr John V Stevens)

NO SURNAME, R D (on ground) 3 field stones

MASON, Leah Mason wife of Christopher Mason, died Apr 27 1871 ae 72 yrs

MASON, Christopher Mason died Dec 3 1854 aged 57 yrs (verse) (h/r)

MASON, Henry P son of Christopher & Leah Mason, died Dec 5 1846 Aged 13 years 2 mo & 25 days (verse) (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /1789/ 2 small stones/

GARDNER, The grave of Roxana wife of Esq Benjamin Gardner who died June 18 1836 aged 65 years (verse) (f/s R G)

HALL, In memory of Mr William Hall who died March 31 AD 1813 aged 68 years (verse) (f/s Mr William Hall)

WAGAR, Eveline died June 15, 1833 aged 5 yrs
Joseph died Nov 8, 1833 aged 8 mo Children of Alice & Sebastian Wagar

WAGAR, (*Alice, wife of Sebastian Wagar died Feb 11 1834 aged 42 yrs)

STANTON, William B son of Lodowick & Mary Stanton died Sept 28 1825 aged l year 2 months & 1 day (h/r)

STANTON, In memory of Alice daughter of Mr Lodowick & Mrs Mary Stanton who died February 12 1808 aged 6 months & 2 days

STANTON, in memory of Mary C Stanton daughter of Lodowick Stanton Esq and Mary his wife died Feby 16th 1819 aged 2 years 7 months & 6 days
STANTON, Abigail S Stanton daughter of Lodowick & Mary Stanton died Aug 20 1825 aged 16 years 7 mo & 11 days (verse0 (f/s A S S) (h/r)

NO SURNAME, field stone

KNAP, In memory of an infant daughter of Mr Ezra & Mrs Sally Knapp it died Nov 27th 1822 aged 4 hours (f/s E K) (h/r)

JEWETT, Mary A daughter of Nathan & Lucy Jewett, died November 26 AD 1847 in the 22d year of age (verse) (f/s M A J)

JEWETT, in memory of Sally J Jewett daughter of Nathan & Lucy Jewett who died Jan 16 1819 in the 5 year of her age

JEWETT, Susan J daughter of Nathan & Lucy Jewett died March 22 1831 ae 18 )f/s S J)

JEWETT, Nathan Jewett died Jan 13, 1835 ae 64 (f/s N J)

JEWETT, Lucy widow of Nathan Jewett, died Apr 3 1869 ae 90 (f/s L J)

MYERS, Joseph Myers died Nov 14 1843 in the 84 year of his age (f/s J M)

MYERS, Zellah Ann wife of Joseph Myers died Aug 28 1841 in the 71 year of her age (f/s Z M) (h/r)

MYERS, Rufus Myers died July 12 1827 in the 32 year of his age (f/s R M) (h/r)

MYERS, Benjamin Myers died Jan 18 1857 ae 65 yrs 6 mo & 15 ds (f/s Benjamin Myers)

MYERS, Olive wife of Benjamin Myers died Feb 3 1877 Ae 84 yrs 3 mo & 11 ds

NO SURNAME, S M (broken stone)

BENNETT, Polly wife of Solomon Bennett Esq died March 31 1858 aged 74 years 1 mo & 3 ds (verse)

BENNETT, Solomon Bennett, died Jan 11 1850 aged 62 years 4 mo & 27 days (verse)

BENNETT, Eliza Bennett born Apr 13 1820 died Oct 11 1879 (verse)

BENNETT, Mary daught of Solomon & Polly Bennett died June 25 1811 aged 9 days (h/r)

MANN, Sacred to the memory of Lieut Ephraim Mann who departed this life Sept 15th 1809 in the 57th year of his age (f/s Lieut Ephraim Mann)

MANN, Sacred to the memory of Mrs Comfort Mann wife of Lieut Ephraim mann who died April 14th 1831 aged 68 years 1 mo 18 days (verse) (f/s Mrs Comfort Mann)

NO SURNAME, 2 field stones

CHOAT, Erected to the memory of Mrs Eliza Choat wife of Mr Isaac W Choat who departed this life August 26th AD 1819 in the 25 year of her age (f/s Mrs Eliza Choat)

MOOAR, John Mooar Esq died Feb 3? 8? 1843 ae 70 (f/s J M) (Family Search IGI Feb 8)

MOOAR, In memory of Seth Mooar son of John Mooar Esq who died Nov 25 1825 in the 24th year of his age (verse) (f/s S M) (Family Search IGI 5 Mar 1825)

MOOAR, In memory of Caroline daughter of Esq John and Mrs Lucy Mooar who died July 25th AD 1820 aged one year and twenty days (f/s Caroline Mooar)

MOOAR, in memory of Allen Mooar son of Mr John & Mrs Lucy Mooar who died Nov 25th AD 1810 in the 2d year of his age

MOOAR, In memory of Olive Mooar daughter of Mr John and Mrs Lucy Mooar who died Oct 10th 1812 aged six years two months and one day (f/s Olive Mooar)

STEVENS, Electa wife of Capt Benj Stevens died Aug 3rd 1830 in the 36th year of her age ( verse) (f/s E S) (h/r)

POTTER, Lydia wife of Zorobubil Potter died Sept 1? or 4 1810 in her 36 year (f/s L P)

POTTER, Zerobabel Potter died Aug 3 1834 ae 71 (f/s Z P)

POTTER, Anna wife of Zerababel Potter died Nov 19 1808 in her 40th year

NO SURNAME, broken stone

MOOAR, Lucy wife of John Mooar Esq died Oct 6 1860 ae 84 (stone sunk) (f/s L M)

NOBLE, In memory of Esther Noble wife of Abner Noble who died Jan 1 1820 in the 57 year of her age (f/s Esther Noble) (h/r)

NOBLE, In memory of Clarissa daughter of Mr Abner & Mrs Esther Noble who died October 15 AD 1815 aged 19 years 4 months and 8 days (verse) (f/s Miss Clarissa Noble)

NOBLE, In memory of Wm B son of Mr Abner and Mrs Esther Noble who died Sep 18 AD 1795 aged 8 days (f/s)

NO SURNAME, fieldstone

ELLSWORTH, In memory of Jediah Ellsworth Esq who departed this life April 3 1800 in the 78th year of his age (verse)

NO SURNAME, fieldstone/stone/fieldstone/

SEELYE, In memory of Hannah Seeleye wife of Ebenezer Seelye who died Sept. 1, 1819 in the 88 year of her age (verse)

SEELYE, Erected to the memory of Ebenezer Seelye who died Nov 6th 1805 in the 77th year of his age

NO SURNAME, 2 field stones

EVENS, In memory of Mr Danl Evens born June 11 1758 died April 19 1833 aged 75 years (verse) (f/s D Evens) (SAR marker)

EVENS, Sarah wife of Daniel Evens died Sept 23 1845 aged 84 years & 3 days (verse) (f/s)

CHOAT, Jacob Green Choate son of Joshua & Betsey Choate died July 9 1803 ae 4 yr 4 mo 15 ds (stone sunk)

NO SURNAMES, /fieldstone/ fieldstone J W 1804/ fieldstone S W 1800/

WELCH, In memory of Ebenezer Welch died May 29 1837 aged 70 years 7 months and 2 days (verse)

WELCH, In memory of Patience Welch wife of Ebenezer Welch who died Jan 2 1827 aged 61 years (h/r)

BENNETT, Betsey dau of Solomon & Polly Bennett died July 4 1817 aged 1 day

BENNETT, Solomon son of Solomon & Polly Bennett died Aug 9 1819 aged l yr & 2 mo

BENNETT, Triphenia dau of Solomon & Polly Bennett born & died Oct 10 1811

BENNETT, Mary A dau of Solomon & Polly Bennett died Apr 1 1840 age 2 ys l mo 20 ds

WELCH, John Welch a Patriot of the Revolution, died Sept 3d 1838 aged 79 years (f/s J W)

WELCH, Sarah, widow of John Welch died Feb 20 AD 1844 aged 83 years (f/s S W)

PARKER, Joseph Parker died March 16 1855 aged 75 yrs & 4 months

PARKER, Charlotte Adaline Parker daughter of Joseph & Eunice Parker Esq who died Sept 10? 1819 in her 2nd year (stone broke & on ground)

PARKER, Joseph son of Joseph Esq & Eunice Parker died Aug 13 1822 ae 2 yr & 2 mo f/s J P) (h/r)

SEELYE, Anna wife of Barnes Seelye died Feb 26 1818 ae 39 An infant dau died Sept 14 1808

GETTY, In memory of William A Getty son of William & Susan Getty born July 10 1826 died May 2 1830 (stone sunk & h/r)

NO SURNAME, broken stone

MYERS, Loren Myers died Feb 5 1848 in the 34 year of his age

NO SURNAME, fieldstone

KNAPP, In memory of Clarissa an infant dau of Mr Ezra & Sally Knapp who died Dec 26th 1821 aged 6 hours

NO SURNAME, /2 field stones/ SAK/

MERCHANT, ORTON, Matilda Orton wife of Stoddard Merchant died Apr 11 1867 aged 84

MERCHANT, Sacred to the memory of Stoddard Merchant Esq died Sept 28 1828 in the 47th year of his age (verse) (f/s S Merchant)

MERCHANT, HOLSAPPLE, Jane Merchant wife of Jacob M Holsapple born Sept 3 1815 died March 11 1865

MERCHANT, Sacred to the memory of Louisa, daughter of Stoddard & Matilda Merchant who died August 3d 1820? 1825? In the 18 year of her age (verse)

MYERS, Huldah J dau of Seth & Sarah Myers died June 16 1840 aged 10 yrs 7 m & 17 days

NO SURNAME, stone sunk

GRANGER, In memory of Lusenea D daughter of Mr Eleazer B & Lusenea Granger died March 27 1818 in her 4th year (h/r)

GRANGER, In memory of Eleazer son of Mr Eleazer & Mrs Lusenea Granger who died November 1st AD 1812 in his 4th year

PITT, In memory of Cyrene Anis Pitt dau of David & Anis Pitt who died Sept 27 1819 in the 2 year of her age (verse) (f/s C A P)

NO SURNAME, /field stone/ f/s/

WELCH, David Welch died in Pownal Dec 10 1876 ae 81 yrs

WELCH, Betsy wife of David Welch died June 14 1846 aged 49 yrs 1 mo & 20 ds

WELCH, Laura dau of David & Betsy Welch died Feb 18 1825 age 9 mo (h/r)

NO SURNAME, /3 field stones/f/s S E)

THOMSON, Sergt L P? Thomson Co A 14 VT Inf (GAR marker)

THOMPSON, Barber Thompson died July 11 1874 aged 62 yrs 3 mos & 21 days (Mason Insignia)

NO SURNAMES, /broken stone/ stone/ W B N/ 3 field stones/

THOMPSON, Benoni Thompson died Jan 23rd 1831 in the 82 yr of his age (f/s B T)

THOMPSON, Sarah wife of Amasa Thompson died July 17 1853 aged 69 yrs 3 m & 27 ds (f/s S T)

THOMPSON, Amasa Thompson died Oct 15 1840 aged 59 yrs 9mo & 10 ds (f/s A T)

NO SURNAME, /4 S cornerstones/ Florence/ Mother/ Father/

SWEET, Col Z Sweet 1854 1936

SWEET, Julia A his wife 1856 1920 Sweet

SWEET, (side) Florence Sweet born Aug 29 1879 died Feb 5 1893

SWEET, (side) Chauncy J Sweet born May 10? 16? 1826 died June 13 1906

JEPSON, SWEET, Lucinda M Jepson wife of Chauncey J Sweet born May 30 1831 died Sept 21 1900

NO SURNAMES, / Julia (stone fallen over)/ Colonel/

GLOVER, BAGG, Eunice M wife of GW Glover & daughter of the late Doct Henry & Susan Bagg of Princeton Mass died Jan 1 1842 in the 27th year of her age

GLOVER, G Mortimer son of GW & Eunice M Glover died Sept 16 1839 aged 15 mo (stone sunk)

NO SURNAME, / field stone/

MYERS, Mary wife of Joseph Myers died Nov 16, 1854 (*aged 76 yrs stone patched)

BLANCHARD, Charles M son of John & Mary Blanchard died Feb 14 1847 aged 25 years

BANNISTER, Minerva E? wife of Lyman Bannister died Oct 28 1855 aged 37 years

BANNISTER, Lyman Bannister born Oct 22 1818 died Mar 8 1887

BANNISTER, Henry M Bannister died Jan 22 1874 aged 27 years (Mason Insignia)

AMADON, Thomas J Amadon died Aug 12, 1862 in his 21 year (verse)

AMADON, Lucy B Amadon 1820? 1830? (*1880) verse (h/r)

AMADON, Josiah Amadon died Oct 6 1848? aged 29 years 2 months and 22 days (verse) (f/s Josiah Amadon)

MYERS, Daniel Jr son of Daniel & Lovina Myers died March 30th 1836 aged 4 years 11 ms and 3 days (f/s Daniel Myers)

MYERS, Lovina wife of Daniel Myers died Apr 15 1856 ae 52 yrs

MYERS, Sarah dau of Daniel & Lovina Myers born Sept 24 1841 died Feb 28 1846 (h/r)

NO SURNAME, (stone sunk)

MERCHANT, Ellie L daur of Edgar J & Eunice I Merchant died Jan 11? 1861? aged 5 mo & 2 ds (verse) (h/r)

MYERS, Harmon L son of L D & H A Myers died Feb 27 1863 ae 4 yrs & 7 mo (f/s) (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /2 filed stones/ field stone D M)

BURLESON, In memory of William Burleson who died June 6 1832 in the 57 year of his age (f/s W B) (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /broken stone/ field stone/

MOULTON, Corpl John H Moulton Co G 1 VT CAV (no dates)

MYERS, Sophia A wife of Simeon Myers died July 19 1833 ae 29 (f/s) (h/r)

MYERS, Edward F son of Simeon & Maria Myers died Dec 18th 1837 aged 1year III months & XIV days

MYERS, Coralia, daughter of Simeon & Maria Myers died Sept 15 1842 aged 8 months and 7 ds


BURLESON, Abigail daught of Wm & Jane Burleson died June 26 1830 aged 23 years (verse)

**** post enclosure with chain ****

MYERS, Harmon Myers died Nov 24 1869 aged 60 yrs ELDRED, Margaret R Eldred his wife died June 3, 1877 aged 64 yrs THOMPSON, (side) Blandena A wife of Byron A Thompson born Aug 23 1838 died Mar 1872 MYERS, (side) Harmon Myers (no dates0 (top off shaft)

NO SURNAMES, / Mother/ Father/ (BAT?) (H/r)

ELDRED, In memory of Miss Belinda daughter of Esq Mumford & Mrs Ruth Eldred who died June 23 1822 aged 17 years & 16? days (verse) (h/r)

ELDRED, In memory of Ruth Eldred wife of Mumford Eldred Esq who died Sept 21 1819 in the 34th year of her age. Verse)

****end of enclosure****

NILES, Niles Monroe E Niles member of Co E 31 Regt Mass Vol died Oct 22 1895 ae 55 yrs 5 mos (GAR marker)

SWETMAN, Maria wife of Reuben Swetman (right spelling) died August 8 1850 age 58 yrs

SWEATMAN, Reuben Sweatman (right spelling) died Aug 19 1850 age 63 yrs

BURLESON, Stephen Burleson died Jan 19 1878 aged 68 yrs (stone on ground)

BURLESON, Sarah wife of Stephen Burleson, died Mar 20 1875 aged 53 yrs & 8 days (stone sunk)

JEPSON, Harriett F wife of L D Jepson died Aug 18 1868 ae 46 yrs

JEPSON, Lorenzo D Jepson died Aug 28 1871 aged 64 yrs 7 ms 4 days (f/s) (h/r)

JEPSON, Amy M wife of L D Jepson died June 7 1860 ae 44 yrs

NO SURNAMES, /3 footstones/

PERQUA, John A son of J & Z Perqua died Sept 8?1841 aged 31 years 1 month & 6 ds (f/s J A P) (h/r)

PERQUA, Joseph Perqua died (* Oct 4 1854 age 67 years (stone broken)

MYERS, Andrew P son of Simeon & Maria Myers died Oct 22 1852 aged 16 yrs 11 mo & 7 ds (verse) (f/s A P M) (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /broken stone/ 4 foot stones)

JACKSON, Ruth wife of Obed Jackson died Feb 19 1860 ae 67 yr (h/r)

MERRILL, Maj James Merrill died Apr 14 1842 in the 84th year of his age (*a soldier of the Revolution) (f/s) (h/r)

MERRILL, Lois wife of Maj James Merrill died August 23 1839 in the 79th year of her age (verse)

CRAIG, In memory of Ammy wife of Matthew Craig who died March 4th 1832 in the 29th year of her age (f/s A Craig)

NILES, Philomelia wife of Russel Niles died Feb 8 1869 aged 78 yrs 5 mo & ll ds

NILES, Russel Niles died Mar 29 1852 aged 72 years 11 mo & 10 ds

MANCHESTER, Martin L son of Able & Sophia Manchester died Jan 12 1841 aged 1 year & 8 days (f/s)

NO SURNAMES, /broken stone/ 2 fieldstones/

NILES, Adin C Niles 1840 1914

NILES, B C Niles died May 19 (* 1891 age 80 yr 3 mo 8ds) (stone broken & patched)

NILES, (*Laura A wife of B C Niles died Jan 1) 1864 ae 45 yrs NILES, Ervin W our son who fell at the battle of Cole Harbour VA June 3 1864 ae 27 (stone broken)

NO SURNAMES, 3 stones can not read

****enclosure at one time****

NO SURNAME, post /field stone/

THOMPSON, Thompson Perry H 1847 1960 TOWSLEE, Inez Towslee his wife 1850 1921

THOMPSON, Levi B son of PH & I? Thompson died Mar 23 1879 ae 4 yrs 9 mos (h/r)

THOMPSON, Thompson Nelson Thompson 1818 1903 BUSHNELL, Mary Bushnell his wife 1820 1898 (*Mary B wife of Nelson Thompson born Aug 3 1820 died Oct 4 1898)

MATTISON, Eva daughter of S J & S E Mattison died Dec 31 1862 aged 7 ys 8 mo 29 ds (h/r)

CARD, My father Parker Card born Dec 13 1797 died June 1 1872 age 75 yrs BARBER, My mother Mary A Barber wife of Parker Card born Nov 29 1813 died Oct 4 1879 age 66 yrs


FOOT, Vesta L wife of George Foot died July 26 1862 aged 42 years (verse)

YOUNGS, DeWitt C Youngs died July 28 1857 ae 22 ys & 5 mo

YOUNGS, Roena wife of H B Youngs died July 17 1863 Ae 56 (h/r)


CAMPBELL, John T Campbell 1818 1904 (verse)

CAMPBELL, Belinda (*1st) wife of John T Campbell died March 21 1867 ae 43 ys 1 mo & 22 ds (verse)
NILES, CAMPBELL, Eunice C Niles (*2nd) wife of JohnT Campbell 1834 1904


PROUD, Adelbert F son of Joseph E & Laura M Proud died June 8 1856 aged 13 yrs & 4 mo (verse) (h/r)

CAMPBELL, Amasa Campbell died July 9 1869 aged 77 yrs 1 mo & 3? days (verse) (h/r)

CAMPBELL, Sally wife of Amasa Campbell died Mar 10 1860 aged 66 yrs 3 mo & 14 days

LADD, S Ladd (no dates)

LADD, An infant son of Sherman & Lydia A Ladd died Oct 18 1852 aged 7 mo

LADD, Lydia A wife of Sherman Ladd died Oct 15 1866 aged 36 yrs 6 mo & 15 ds (verse)

LADD, Sherman Ladd born Sept 3 1824 died Feb 26 1912 LADD, Lydia A his wife died Oct 15 1866 ae 36 ys 6 mos & 15 ds (verse) Ladd LADD, (side) An infant died Oct 18 1852 ae 7 ms LADD, (side) Lee died Jan 28 1874 ae 18 yrs 10 ms 18 ds LADD, Eunice A born Dec 19 1848 died July 5 1885
LADD, Lee son of Sherman & Lydia Ladd died Jan 28 1874 aged 18 yrs 10 mo & 18 ds


NILES, Mother Ellen M Niles Belle 1847 ____

NILES, Charles W son of Russell & Ellen Niles 1870 1910

NILES, Burt E son of Russell & Ellen Niles 1863 1898


NILES, (*Infant of Russell & Ellen M Niles died Apr 10 1860 age 19 ds)

NILES, Emerson (*Emerson B son of Russel & Ellen M Niles died Sept 6 1872 age 10 y 11 mo) (h/r)

**** wrought iron fence enclosure****

BURRINGTON, Burrington Joel S Burrington died Nov 23 1883 ae 63 yrs BURRINGTON, Charlotte wife of J S Burrington died Oct 21 1860 ae 39 yrs

BURRINGTON, William H Burrington son 1904 1961

NO SURNAMES, /Joel/ Charlotte/

BURRINGTON, (* Mable G dau of M J & E Burrington 1903 1904)

BURRINGTON, DEAN, Mother Eunice M Dean his wife 1882 1971 BURRINGTON, Father Marcus J Burrington Sr 1856 1929 Burrington

BURRINGTON, Albert L Burrington died Apr 23 1876 aged 25 yrs (verse)

BURRINGTON, William Burrington died Apr 25 1871 ae 28 yrs (f/s) (h/r)

BURRINGTON, Joanna wife of Joseph Burrington died Mar 21 1869 aged 57 yrs 9 mo & 17 ds (verse) (f/s)

BURRINGTON, Joseph Burrington died May 20 1869 aged 73 yrs 2 mo 5 ds (f/s)

****end of enclosure****

****wrought iron fence enclosure****

CARPENTER, (front) Reynolds Carpenter died Aug 21 1862 ae 77 y 8 m NILES, Mary Niles his wife died Aug 23 1822 ae 31 yrs CARPENTER, (side) J P N Carpenter died Oct 30 1848 ae 32 yrs CARPENTER, Hannahette Carpenter died Sept 25 1850 ae 15 yrs CARPENTER, Sarah A Carpenter died Oct 5, 1852 ae 19 yrs CARPENTER, (back) Children of Reynolds & Mary Niles Carpenter Lyman, Niles, Reynolds, Andrew, Joseph, Mary NILES, CARPENTER, (side) Hannah Niles wife of Reynolds Carpenter died Mar 13 1889 ae 89 yrs CARPENTER, children Abigail, David, Emeline, Margaret, Sarah, Hannahette, Jane

CARPENTER, NILES, /Mary Niles Carpenter/ Reynolds Carpenter/ Hannah Niles Carpenter/

CARPENTER, Reynolds Carpenter Jr born Jan 20 1818 died Oct 14 1878

CARPENTER, Andrew P Carpenter born Oct 17 1819 died Feb 10 1877

CARPENTER, Eliza A wife of A P Carpenter died Dec 22 1862 ae 40 yrs

CARPENTER, Hugh died Feb 14 1861 aged 2 yr 2 mo 29 ds CARPENTER, Wright died Oct 28 1860 aged l yr 11 mo 13 ds
Children (*twins) of Andrew P & Eliza G Carpenter

CARPENTER, HOLT, Hannah Carpenter Holt 1874 1968

CARPENTER, Margaret Carpenter 1830 1914

CARPENTER, Sarah A Carpenter

CARPENTER, Hannette carpenter

HILL, Betsy Hill died Aug 20 1904 aged 72 years ( stone sunk)

CARPENTER, J Carpenter died Aug 30 1848 ae 32 yrs

CARPENTER, Audria M wife of J N & J L Carpenter died May 27 1894 ae 80 yrs

CARPENTER, J L Carpenter died Dec 26 1887 aged 73 yrs

GARDNER, CARPENTER, Augusta E Gardner wife of Joseph I Carpenter died May 20 1853 ae 25 yrs (top off) (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, / Mother/ Father/

GARDNER, Solomon W Gardner born Jan 11 1822 died Nov 21 1880
CARPENTER, Abigail M Carpenter his wife born Oct 23 1824 died Dec 20 1882 Gardner

GARDNER, Hannah A daughter of Solomon & Abigail Gardner died Oct 13 1852 ae 16 weeks

****end of enclosure****

GLOVER, George D infant son of George W & Rachel A Glover died Sept 15 1846 aged 8 mo

MYERS, MALLERY, Lucy A wife of Joseph B Myers & daur of Eli & Lydia Mallery died June 21 1853 aged 23 yrs 4 mo & 15 days

MYERS, Kirk E J Myers 1848 1902

MALLERY, Eli Mallory died Apr 28 1853 aged 61 yrs 5 mo 29 days (verse) (f/s E M)

NO SURNAME, /stone/

MALLERY, Harvey W son of Eli & Lydia Mallery died Aug 30 1852 in the 37 year of his age (f/s H W M)

MALLORY, Alb't M Mallory Co A 14 Vt Inf (no dates)

NO SURNAME, /fieldstone/

JEPSON, Priscilla wife of David Jepson died July 13 1845 aged 79 yrs 10 mo & 24 days (verse) (h/r)

JEPSON, David Jepson died March 29 1849 aged 88 yrs 7 mo & 11 days A Soldier of the Revolution

BARBER, Noel son of John & Harriet Barber aged 3 months

JEPSON, Reuben son of Harvey & Polly Jepson died June 30 1850 aged 14 years & 15 days (verse)

NO SURNAME, /stone/

THOMPSON, Marium wife of Levi Thompson died Nov 17th 1829 in the 37th year of her age

NO SURNAME, /stone/

THOMPSON, Freelove born May 26 1802 died Nov 5 1888 THOMPSON, Levi Thompson born July 27 1794 died Mar 15 1877 Thompson (h/r)

KIMBALL, Abigail wife of Samuel Kimball died Jan 1 1809 ae 49 (h/r)


KIMBALL, Daniel W Kimball died Jan. 14 1878 ae 51 yrs 1 mo & 16 dys

KIMBALL, Mary J dau of D W & H A Kimball died Mar 15 1875 23 yr 7 mo (h/r)

KIMBALL, Hannah A wife of Daniel W Kimball died Oct 18 1864 aged 33 yrs 3 mo & 15 ds

MYERS, Sarah wife of Seth Myers died Dec 31 1871 ae 77 yrs 9 ms & 28 ds

MYERS, Seth Myers died Sept 6 1859 ae 66 yrs

****end of enclosure****

****post & chain enclosure****

NO SURNAMES, / Julia/ Charles H/ Father/ Mother/

BROOKS, Eleanor Brooks (no dates)

DANFORTH, Miranda wife of Hon S Danforth died Aug 27, 1857 ae 72 (h/r)

NO SURNAMES, /Paul/ Harry/ Harriet/

BARBER, Albert E Barber (no dates)

THOMPSON, Perry Thompson (no dates)

BENNETT, Ida M Bennett (no dates)

BARBER, A E Barber (no dates)

BARBER, Barber Elijah Barber born Nov 11 1798 died Aug 1 1884 BARBER, Electa his wife born Mar 14 1811 died Oct 24 1886 JEWETT, Harriet Jewett 1834 1917 BENNETT, (side) Ida M wife of Dr R W Bennett died Nov 5 1867 ae 20 BROOKS, Eleanor wife of Jonathan Brooks died Oct 21 1869 ae 38 yrs (*4 mo & 11 ds) BARBER, Harry E son of C H & J C Barber died Nov 30 1888 ae 23 yrs BARBER, (back) Albert E son of C H & J C Barber died Aug 14 1863 ae 1 yr & 9 mos THOMPSON, Perry G Thompson died Aug 8 1861 ae 33 yrs BARBER, Paul J., son of C H & J C Barber died Jan 10 1895 ae 17 yrs BARBER, (side) Albert E Barber died July 12 1858 ae 14 yrs BARBER, An infant son died March 6 1830 ae 22 days (top off shaft)

BARBER, C H Barber 1839 1912

JEWETT, BARBER, Julia Jewett wife of C H Barber 1843 1899

MYERS, (* Eveline dau of Sebastian & Alice Myers died June 15 1833 age 5 yrs)

MYERS, (*Joseph son of Sebastian & Alice Myers died Nov 8 1833 age 8 mos)

KING, (*Moses King died Dec 20 1877 aged 82 ys 7 mo 27ds)

CARD, KING, Sally Card wife of Moses King died Feb 6 1896 age 91 ys 27 ds)