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Famous 2-Pac Sayings Below

"I see Death around tha corner"

"And Tell Da Brat to keep her mouth closed, Fuck around and get Tossed Up by the fuckin Outlawz"

"I heard they call you Big Poppa Nigga how ya figure Cause to me you'll always be a phony fat nigga!"

"WestSide Death Row Outlaw Riderz"

"Is there a Heaven for a Ghetto"

"Thug Life"

"Made Nigga to tha Grave Nigga"

"This is it, Whats up ya'll It's tha Thug Lord Tupac"

"WestSide 4 Life"

"I Fucked your bitch you fat mother fucker"


"All Eyez On Me"

"Makaveli Outlaw DeathRow WestSide"

"I Ain't Mad at Cha"

"How do you want, how do you feel"

"WestCoast Rider coming right behind ya, should have never fucked with me"

"I had to beg bitches to Fuck Biggie"

"Who Shot me but, ya punks didn't finish"

"My only fear of Death is Recarnation"

"If your a BadBoy then you Die WestSide Outlawz when we ride get me high, they Fucked Up when they robbed me, put another contract on Mobb Deep"

"Oh ya Mobb Deep, you wanna fuck with us you little young ass Mother fuckers"

"This is how we are going to do this- Fuck Mobb Deep, Fuck Biggie, Fuck BadBoy as a Staff, Record label, and mother fuckin crew and If you wanna be down with BadBoy then fuck you too, Chino XL fuck you too, all ya'll mother fuckers."

"Were going to kill all you mother fuckers"

"Were the Winners, Fuck em' We BADBOY KILLAZ"

"Hit Em' Up"

"Thug Life mother fucka Whats' poppin"

"I'm not one of them fake dis Record writing mother fuckers"

"Niggaz love to scream peace after they start some shit"

"When we Rider on are Enemies"

"Where tha fuckin M.O.B"

"I made Biggie"

"Cuz Niggaz talk plenty Shit, I fucked your bitch cuz I'm true to this"

"Biggie Poppa don't mean Shit to me"

"Fuck with me, you'll be deceased"

"Fuck Peace"

"It's on for Life!"

"I Won't Let you Down"


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" I Gotta Thank The Lord That You Made Me" ....2-PAC