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Road Rovers characters, names, situations, etc are the property of Warner Brothers. Neither myself nor this web page are connected with WB in any way form or fassion. This page is strictly for fan appreciation and I am reciving no payment or compensation for what is seen here, monetary or otherwise. (One thing I AM getting as a result of this is early grey hairs because I have no idea what I'm doing)

Fan made characters and fan writing on this page are the property of their creators, the proper names will be listed with the character/writing

UPDATED!! January 12, 2001. Another overdue update. This time to the photo album, added several pics from a talented artist who needs to be seen more :) Also added a pooch to the Adopt-A-Rover page. I also added that pic of the RRMC launch bay. I had been dying for some pictures of the hangar, where DJ works when he's not out on missions. Kylen generously made that screen grab for me. :) Thank you KyKy!

DJ's had it. I dunno who he's glaring at, but I guarantee you, they're gonna wake up sore tomorrow. Drawn by Kylen Miles :)

Artists and authors! Got some work you're proud of? Want to see it here? Email me at and I'll post it!

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What are the Road Rovers?

The Road Rovers was a cartoon which aired on Kids WB in 1996-97. The show was an excelent mix of comedy and action, but for some reason was cancelled after only 13 episodes. The stars are a group of dogs from around the world. Each was chosen for their specail abilitys by an American geneticist named William Shepard. Professor Shepard constructed a machine called the "transdogmafier" which transformed normal dogs into "cano-sapiens". (Having human bodies with canine heads, tails, fur, etc.) The Road Rovers live normal lives as pets, belonging to the heads of state of their respective countrys. When bad situations arise however, these pups leave their frisbees and chew toys behind and enter the transdogmafier to become an unbeatable crime fighting force. They operate from Road Rover Mission Control, an underground complex of buildings shaped like giant fire hydrants. At their disposal is a huge variety of vehicles and weapons, suitable for every immaginable situation.

Who are the Road Rovers?
Click HERE to find out.

Adopt-A-Rover. The adopt-a-rover program is back, under new management. Only a few chars available so far, hope to have more soon. Thank you Star for allowing me to take over and bring the program back!

Ray's dog house My pupski's place.

DJ's photo album. This place looks rather lonely right now. Artists!! I need pics of anything Rover related. (gets down on knees) Please?

DJ's book shelf. Hidden here among all the old car magizines you'll find some neat fan stories, check 'em out.

DJ's dog toy. A new piece of Road Rover equipment that suits DJ well...

DJ's file. More than you ever wanted to know about DJ.

Dusty's file Info on my new character!

NEW!! Before and after. The transdogmafier works both ways, here we take a look at a part of the Rovers that is often overlooked.

Road Rover nitpicks. Strange and unexplained happenings on the show......

Who is this lug-nut? Wanna know who's over-active imagination thought this character up? Click here.

DJ's voice. Wanna know what this furry, gun slingin' mechanic sounds like?

Thank ya' buddy My thank you page.

DJ's Road map. DJ isn't a Rover who likes to sit still, he gets around. Here's a few cool places he likes to stop off at.

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Jake Williams.

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