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Declawing a cat is not like removing a person's fingernails. It's more like amputating a persons fingers. Declawing causes a cat enormous pain. That's why in the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, and some other countries it's banned as abuse. In the United States many vets refuse to do it and anti-cruelty groups oppose it. Declawed kitties often suffer infection and their immune systems are often weakened from the stress of the amputation. They can no longer defend themselves so well and often have trouble walking. Personality changes, including a cat becoming nervous and reclusive or becoming a biter, are common. Please don't declaw.

I decided not to let my cats outdoors anymore. This is a sticky issue, one that I don't feel as strongly about as I do declawing. I decided that the risks involved in letting my cats outdoors are simply too great. I made this decision one day when I saw Snowball napping in the middle of the street! Cats simply aren't aware of the dangers they face outdoors. For example: they don't understand that there are anti-cat people, sick people who would rather hurt a cat than not.