It's amazing that Figaro let my wife take him home that night. Figaro is such a scaredy cat! But that evening he was soaking wet, cold, very hungry, and alone. Perhaps instinct told him that we would not hurt him but would care for him well instead.

He loves my wife and I to pieces. The only time he acts skiddish around us is when he's been naughty. But he is scared to death of any other humans. He stays hidden in the farthest corner of the house whenever we have company.

He also dislikes other cats. Snowball has made friends with Figaro. And Minnie gets along OK with Figaro. But he still keeps lots of space, even by cat standards. He chooses napping places where the others won't mess with him. His current favorite place to sleep is penned between the TV and the wall- barely enough space for a kitty. But sometimes all three cats will sleep on our bed together.

Figaro's favorite hobby has always been sleeping. He enjoys testing places for sleepability. He has tried out every inch or every piece of furniture; every shelf; every square foot of floor. Any time we bring something new into our home, Figaro checks it out. This includes all bags, boxes, and buckets. This also includes any temporary pile of clothes or even any jagged jumble of books! He is very thorough in his search for the perfect place to sleep.

Sometimes I laugh out loud watching Figaro sleep. He enjoys it so visibly. His facial expression is one of joy and peace. Sometimes he wiggles around in the same way he does when you rub his tummy. Could he be dreaming that his tummy is being rubbed? Sometimes his feet move as though he's dreaming that he's running. He sleeps in all positions, including on his back with his legs spread. Sometimes I want to pet him when he's asleep but then I hate to interrupt his fun. There have been times when my day has been so long and involved and I've stayed up so late that when I go to sleep it feels like Heaven. Figaro always seems to feel that way about sleep.

Figaro is the only one of our three cats who will play fight with me. Laying on his back, he'll bare his teeth and make clawing motions at me. Yet he'll keep his claws pulled in so that he can't really scratch me. Figaro is also the catnip junkie of the house. Snowball doesn't pay catnip any mind. Minnie chows down on catnip yet it doesn't make her high. Figaro gets high smelling catnip. A couple of snorts and he's in a daze, rolling on his back, wiggling, rubbing against stuff, and getting himself covered in catnip.

Until Figaro, all my cats have been mixed-breed cats. I don't care! Mixed-breed kitties are just as sweet as purebreeds. Having a purebreed is a nice novelty, I guess. But so is having a cat with its own, one-of-a-kind markings. Both purebreeds and mixed-breeds are pretty to me. Figaro is a grey tabby Maine Coon. He looks a lot like the kittie in this page's border, only Figaro is bushier, especially his tail. He has a white chin and green eyes. Like any Maine Coon, he talks a lot, both meowing and cooing.

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