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Snowball is the first solid black cat I ever remember adopting. He has medium length hair and a semi-bushy tail. It brakes my heart to remember him nearly hairless and very underweight as he was when he showed up at our door. He is very different from Figaro. Snowball likes all people and cats. He loves sitting in a lap and wants to be petted constantly, though he gets over stimulated if we pet him long. He purrs loudly and for any excuse. We've had him for a year and I think has just realized he is no longer a stray. He's stopped digging through the trash so much. He used to sleep and bathe without enthusiasm, as if he were just doing these things because he has too. Now he seems to be finding enjoyment in his baths and naps. Although he's over three years old, he still plays with toys like a kitten.

Minnie is a black and white domestic shorthair. She is the only girl kitty we have living with us. She is the smallest of our cats. She is so small that we thought her was a six month old kitten when we adopted her. We were shocked when the vet said she was two or three years old. The vet was going to spay her but discovered scars on her tummy that indicated she'd already been spayed. Minnie was given to us by a local Episcopal priest. She had been hanging around the priests house, hoping he'd adopt her. The priest had tried hard to find out if anyone was missing a little black and white girl cat, even taking out an ad in the paper. When I talked to the priest, he was going to take her to the human society the very next day if nobody would claim or adopt her immediately. So I took her home with me. I gave Figaro his name and let my wife name Snowball and Minnie. Minnie is a sweetheart. She is not so aloof as Figaro but not so cuddly as Snowball. She and Snowball are best friends, with Figaro doing his best to ignore them both. We have had Minnie almost a year now.

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