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WebTV surfers: To search for a newsgroup press your keyboard's "Go To" button. Use your "Delete" button to erase "http://". Type "news:" and hit "return". This will take you to your newsgroup listing. Once there, click on "Find" to perform a newsgroup search.

If you know the name of the newsgroup you want to visit: use "Go To"; erase "http://"; type the name of the newsgroup, starting with "news:"

Here are some WebTV newsgroups where you can talk to other cat enthusiasts. These are good places to get advice, share stories, and invite visits to your website. Please don't rush off until you've signed my guestbook! :)


Newsgroups with names that begin with "news:alt.discuss" are WebTV newsgroups. WebTV users are not limited to WebTV newsgroups. WebTV newsgroups welcome the posting of HTML: graphics, pictures, banners, music, etc. Posting HTML in computer newsgroups can result in flaming. Here are some computer cat newsgroups:

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