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**All appearances under each catagory DO NOT come on one video**

Did any of you enjoy that *N Sync Top 40 Videos countdown on MTV a little while ago? Especially those adorable interviews in between? Then I have something for YOU! !!!!! I have a full 1 Ĺ hour video of all of the unedited footage from that special!!!!! So it has everything that you saw in between their countdown and more including all the boo boos too!!!!! It's sooo cute, and I'm sure any of you crazy *N Sync fans would luv to get your hands on this!!!!! So if you're interested I sell it for $30. It's really really rare, so I suggest you grab it while it's hot, cuz Iím on selling this stuff for a short time!!!!! This footage is a copy from the original so it's in really really good condition!!!!!


*N Sync on Dini

*N Sync on Electric Circus

*N Sync interview with Rick the Temp on Much Music

*N Sync on YTV's Hitlist

*N Sync on YAA Awards

*N Sync interview with Juliette Powell on Much Music

*N Sync on the Zone

*N Sync "Warehouse concert News"

*N Sync Musique Plus FAX


*N Sync Spotlight

*N Sync Hitlist interview featuring Britney Spears

Musique Plus Interview #1

Musique Plus Interview #2


Musique Plus/La Ruche

(*(*(*(*(*(Brand New)*)*)*)*)*)

New Much Music interview with Bill-girls who won photoshoot


*N Sync on Miss Teen USA

*N Sync MGM concert

*N Sync FANatics

*N Sync MTV Live including the interview

*N Sync on RuPaul

*N Sync on Ricki Lake

*N Sync on The View

*N Sync on Good Morning Dallas

*N Sync on the Fox Kids Countdown

*N Sync Disney Channel Interview

*N Sync on Entertainment Tonight

*N Sync on Regis & Kathie Lee

*N Sync on Jay Leno

Total Request Live

News 15/15

Rock N Jock

*N Sync on TGIF

*N Sync on Jay Leno #2

*N Sync on Kathie Lee's Christmas Everyday

*N Sync on the Macy's Day Parade

*N Sync on Howie Mandel

*N Sync on the Billboard Awards

Holidays In Concert

House of Style

This Morning

MTV news brief/1515 segment

*N Sync on Ricki Lake 2nd time

MTV *N Sync talks about the Janet Jackson Tour

MTV Rock 'N Jock warm up

MTV news Justin talks about tinting car windows

MTV news *N Sync talks about their Christmas Album

*N Sync on Regis and Kathie Lee (Merry X-mas, Happy Holidays)

MTV premiere of "GMHSALMTOY" *N Sync on the phone

*N Sync TRL 12/17

CBS This Morning

Very Merry Christmas Parade


*N Sync FAVORITE VIDEOS (only *N Sync parts)

*N Sync on Rosie O'Donnel

*N Sync on LoveLine

MTV News (*N Sync talks about what's up for '99)

CNN World Beat

Hawaii Pro Bowl 1/2 time show

National Anthem

Pre-game show news

*N Sync's Fab 5 Video Picks

MTV Springbreak *N Sync on Fashionably Loud

Teen People's Hottest Peeps under 21


Kids Choice Awards

Making of song on Tarzan Soundtrack

Jay Leno 3rd time

Fanatic 2nd time

Access Hollywood


WB Cartoon Celeb Showcase

Road to Fame

Before they were Rock Stars


-*N Sync at a photoshoot

-mini concert

-comparison with other boy bands

-make up artist putting make up on *N Sync

-at the studio

-signing autographs

-taking pix with fans

-interview sitting in a car, performing I Want You Back

-*N Sync on Viva

-giving roses to girls and they say something sweet to them.

-questions at a table with some guy


-answering questions from a jar

-I WANT YOU BACK performance on Viva

-*N Sync does a skit

-singing at a club, I THOUGHT SHE KNEW

-performance at a club

-*N Sync performing at some huge venue singing TEARIN UP MY HEART, AND I WANT YOU BACK.

-performance of Tearin Up My Heart and Here We Go

-special on getting their first gold award

-performing on a show that the Spice Girls were hosting

-performing on a show TEARIN' UP MY HEART, singing a capella and present host with heart single

-the making of "HERE WE GO"

-performing HERE WE GO


-select MTV

-chart attack

-Bravo TV

-Stars Aktuell in Spain

-Children Need A Helping Hand video


-Lion Sleeps Tonight Video

-Bambi Awards

-Wetten Das


-Bravo TV

-Bravo TV

-Bravo TV

-Making of Here We Go

-Behind the scenes of For The Girl Has Everything

-Together Again video

-Viva Interview (very good)


-Viva Wekker



-Interview in cars and clips of filming IWYB

-performance at club

-menschen 96

-Welt Premiere

-interview Bravo TV

-Mega Preis

-First Gold Record Appearance

-performance at huge venue the Dome


-interview in B-ball Jerseys


-N Sync at venue with lights

-Awards show presented by Kavana


-TMF: 1st interview on Dutch TV

-Rabo Top 40: interview

-Telekids: Tearin' Up My Heart and interview

-TMF: intervie, go carting w/ competition winners

-*N Sync visiting competition winners house

-TMF Extra: *N Sync visiting fan at home

-Amersterdam TV: backstage at "meet and greet"

-Now TV: interview in caravan

-Pepsi PoP '97: performance, interview

-Viva Wecker: interview

-music video, "YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY"

-Bravo TV: interview, YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY performance

-N Sync surprize fan

-Toute Fabienne

-BBC Economic Rehearsals

-The OZone


-N3 Kinderratgever

-Ultra Top



-Tigeranten Club

-AT S-meet and greet party

-Guten Abend-B-ball challenge footage

-Stern TV-B-ball challenge footage

-ZDF Morgen Magazin-B-ball challenge footage

-Blitz Sat.1-B-ball challenge footage

-National Lottery Live

-Top of the Pops-UDMC

-Revenge is Sweet

-Night Fever

-Pop Explosion '98

**Brand New**

-Viva Interaktiv

-Starz TOTP

-Starz Aktuel

-Bravo TV interview


-Viva Hand In Hand

-Chart Attack


-Super Popcorn

HOME VIDEO: priced individually, unless you have home video to trade back.

*N Sync-MGM concert, taped by an audience member-10$

*N Sync-MGM handprint ceremony-10$

*N Sync-6 Flags Concert in Texas on home video 15$

*N Sync '95 Pleasure Island Concert, first concert ever!15$

*N Sync's christmas special on ABC 10$


Florida Mall backstage footage 10$

Florida Mall Show 10$

Mall Of America show and autograph signing 15$

Kansas Concert 15$

The KiKi Show (maui) 10$

Football pregame show 15$

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA CONCERT (great footage!I will also include hotel footage) 20$


*N Sync-Chris at Universal(only traded for other home video footage)

*N Sync-Joey at Universal(only traded for other home video footage)

Joey Fatone at a party singing before he joined *N Sync(only traded for other home video footage)

*N Sync at their hotel in Toronto(only traded for other home video footage)

*N Sync singing the National Anthem at the Orlando Magic Game(only traded for other home video footage)

*N Sync at Planet Hollywood(only traded for other home video footage)

Justin at Universal(only traded for other home video footage)

ORLANDO RELIEF FOOTAGE!(only traded for other home video footage)

DETROIT CONCERT FOOTAGE!(only traded for other home video footage)

EPCOT CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!(only traded for other home video footage)

*N Sync performing at Pasadena Town Square performance!(only traded for other home video footage)

RED HOT BOOM (only traded for home video footage)

ATLANTA CONCERT FOOTAGE phat videos unedited footage(this footage is da bomb only traded for home video footage!)

Santa Monica GREASE PARTY!(only traded for home video footage)

RED HOT BOOM #2(only traded for home video footage)

*N Sync getting into limo on their way to Dallas Autograph session

*N Sync getting out of limo in Dallas

Dallas Autograph session

Hotel in Rotterdam (cool footage! includes Tyler, J.C's little bro!)(only traded for other home video footage)

Chris' and Justin's moms talking to fans (only traded for other home video footage)

Detroit Concert 2nd time(only traded for other home video footage)

Virgin Megastore signing(only traded for other home video footage)

Brampton autograph signing (only traded for other home video footage)

Dallas Meet & Greet at JC Penny(only traded for other home video footage)

Getting out of bus

Biloxi Concert(with Britney Spears and B*witched opening)


-Outside Trans Con(only traded for other home video footage)

-Ny Airport footage(only traded for other home video footage)


- MMC Concerts on home video-Target Appearances-10$ each

- MMC Concerts on home video-Mall Appearances-10$ each

- MMC autograph session on home video-10$

- MMC SOFTBALL GAME on home video-10$

- Tonz of MMC eps

Tape 1-6 hours

Tape 2-6 hours

Tape 3-4 hours

-mixed tape of eps and performances 5 1/2 hours