Cool Sites for the "right" coast.

Wrench's Hiking Page
My Main Hiking Page
Maine Resource Guide
Tourist info for the state of Maine
Backpacker's trip reports page
recent trail conditions from fellow hikers
Appalachian scenic Trail Conference
A good place for thru hikers and future thru hikers
Appalachian Trailside
An interactive AT thru-hiker page
Trails and Waves
AMC newsletter
Snowcat's hiking page
Hiking page.......Massachusetes and more
Appalachian Mountain club
A great Group......very Active
New York New Jersey Trail Conference
A good source of Topo Maps for NY/NJ
Trail Builders
Trials under construction in Sullivan County, New York
New York Trails
Good source of info and links
Alabama's Sipsey's Wilderness
A great page/major cool Links!
Journals from the AT
Journal entries from AT thru hikers
East Coast Hiking Info

In an effort to organize my links, 
I have decided to place them on pages 
that make sense..... I hope this will
let me have more room on my front page
to ramble on about rambling on, LOL