My favorite recipe is apples and rice.

Ya need 1 apple, 2 little boxes of raisins,Rice (Minute rice works good, but not the stuff in the pouch),sugar & cinnimon(ya can buy it mixed), and some powdered milk(or 2 spoonfuls of cream mate).

add a little more water than what the rice instructions call for, and core and cut the apple into 8 pieces. Throw the apple and raisins in with the water and bring to a boil).

When the skins of the apple get that brownish tint, add the rice and cook,acording to the directions.

If you are substituting cream mate for powdered milk, don't drain off the water,( If you are going with the milk then drain it) just add it in.

If you are using powdered milk mix it seperately

divide the apples and rice up into everyones bowl, add milk and sprinkle on sugar (and cinnimon)

This makes a great dinner or an awesome breakfast!

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