I have tried very hard to make this a safe place for children. However I can't be responsible to changes on the sites I have linked to, so as always, it is a GOOD idea to observe your children whenever they are on line.

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Child approved Links

Nickelodeon: A fun site with games information on shows
Smokey the Bear: Help Smokey and his friends fight forest fires
Kid's Domain: Pokemon site
Sesame street: A good sight for young children
PBS kids: Links to lots of children programing
Kratt's Creatures: two brothers and thier friends explore the world of animals
USGS kids' corner: pretty good site <government ya know>
Nick Junior: Learning and fun in one!!!!!!!!!
1000 friends of frogs: Save the frogs
Young Ikes: Find out what kids can do to save our world
Milk Carton: bird feeder project
Animorphs Rule!: a good work in progress/ this page will be great


Why didn't the fly land on the computer?

He was afraid he would get stuck on the world wide web!

What do you get when you drop a pumpkin?


What has webbed feet, fangs and feathers?

Count Duckula