Hi Folks. Welcome to my page. I am very glad ya are willing to scope it out. I owe my life today to God & A.A.. It's really awesome how wonderful it can be.

I really love the outdoors, hiking especially, but I have to remember I wouldn't care about going any place if I wasn't Sober today.

Please note that this page is dedicated to Recovery, However the first link below is to my "Hiking " page.

The world we live in is a truly wonderous place. The burden of it's care is likewise placed apon us. Consider volunteering with your local trail club, become the conscious of your congressman, speak out in her defence.

Tread lightly on this good Earth. Pack it in, pack it out.

Feel Free to write me. My addy is on the bottom of this page.

"Let no one ever come to you without
leaving better and happier"
Mother Teresa

This site is not an official AA site, it's purpose is to assist other alcoholics in thier Recovery.

My page has been visited times.

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my other page, lots of hiking links and a pic of me.
sober recovery
fast becoming the largest recovery web ring
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AA online Recovery Resources
Literature,downloadable Big Books, Big Books Translated and more.
Alcoholics Anonymous World Service
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Dr. Bob's Last Message
This link is on another fellows page..he won awards
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A good list of sober chats on the web
the Big List, for other cities States and Countries
meeting lists for all over/ contact #s etc.
Face to Face State by State
Meeting lists for States in the US, very cool
Sobriety Calculator
Check it out.....but don't let it go to your head hahahaha
Recovery Emporium
And I thought I had Links WOW!!!
OSAT Hiking Page
Sober hikers, mountain meetings...way cool
wrench's story
sharing my experience, strength & hope
On-Line Intergroup of A.A.
The Crear Creek Club
AA in Sea Brook Texas
AA Big Book on line
a Great resource page for new comer and old timer alike
Help Page
Hospitals,Rehabs, and Support Groups
Women in Recovery
Sites for Women in Recovery
BeachBums homepage
A great page full of great pics of great people
Benny and Dor's Homepage
two wonderful folks with great taste in music
SoberSpace in Erie Pennsylvania
Great Page.... really cool links, waves and images
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Cool Graphics too
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Ottowa Canada Meeting info
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It's like the meeting after the meeting
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pretty cool stuff,with lotsa links
bigbook online
great reference page for the BigBook
12 step cyber cafe
another recovery chat
the winner's circle
AA "meetings" and sober chat on line
Neato Links Page
Government type web sites mostly
suicide help
a place for folks who realy want to live
Jerry Willard's Home Page
A very talented individual
Serenity Prayers
The Serenity Prayers in thier entirety
An unofficial web site for AA intergroups
Contact #'s for everywhere (truly awesome 12 steppin')
Mining Company's AA resource page
Links to AA stuff thru the mining company
Daily Reflections
Fresh Food For the Mind Soul & Spirit
Hawg's Page
A Truly Cool Site
Touched by Recovery
A site dedicated to recovery thru 12 step programs
recovery USA
a place for individuals and small recovery shops to show you their products, books, tapes, all kinds of stuff!
the OCD ADD/ADHD Support page
good resource page for obsessive compulsives,Attention defecit disorders/attention deficit hyper actives
Understanding Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
a tragic fact of life for many new Parents
Wrench's Kid Page
A fun page with carefully chosen links
An Answer to all your network needs

Wrench in front of Dr. Bob's
Yes Folks I went to Akron for Founder's Day!!
I must say it was Awesome!!
Every one should do it!!

Want to contact me ???
I am sorry to say ya have to do it
the long way. If you want your page added to my list
of links, include the address in an e-mail, I'll scope
it out and add it to my list if I think it fits the
theme I'm trying to keep. This goes for my hiking page
also. I try to add new links all the time, so if you
find one that is "broken" please let me know.
I appreciate it...... comments are appreciated,
critisism is well you know......hahahaha
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