Stephen R. Lawhead

I thought it was about time I made a page for one of the coolest
authors out there. And this isn't just opinion...LAWHEAD RULES!!
heehee. I know that everyone has different tastes but
Stephen Lawhead really is a skilled writer. He has very vivid
descriptions and developes characters wonderfully. He uses both
first and third person perspective well, though I personally prefer
third person. I have read a lot of his books. My favorite so far was
Dream Thief, though I read it a long time ago so I don't remember
details. Alrighty, here's all the Lawhead books I know of...One's
I have not read should be red and italicized.

    The Dragon King Trilogy
  1. In the Hall of the Dragon King
  2. The Warlords of Nin
  3. The Sword and the Flame

    The Pendragon Cycle
  1. Taliesin
  2. Merlin
  3. Arthur
  4. Pendragon
  5. Grail

    The Song Of Albion Trilogy
  1. The Paradise War
  2. The Silver Hand
  3. The Endless Knot

    The Empyrion Saga
  1. The Search For Fierra
  2. Siege of the Dome

Dream Thief


Pretty cool sounding titles aren't they? Now these are only the fiction
books he's written...I know that he's done a bunch of non-fiction as well
but I haven't seen it ever. Most of these books I own, except for Dream
Thief, the Empyrion books, Pendragon, and Byzantium.


The Dragon King Trilogy

Uhh...ok.. I read these a long time when I was still in public
school trying to think up good excuses why I didn't have my homework done again
long ago. So I don't really remember them. All I know is there was some kid
named Quentin who becomes king and such. Oh and I never got to read the last one
because I got stuck on another book before I had a chance to finish it and I lent it
to someone and they somehow pulled out pages, so I couldn't give a complete report

The Pendragon Cycle

Another series I read a long time ago. This is one of his most popular series.
The first book is written in third person perspective and switches from stories about
Charis, a princess of Atlantis, and Taliesin a young bard and druid. It tells how
Charis saves some of her people from destruction and brings them overseas where she meets
Taliesin and they fall in love and have a baby named Merlin. The second book tells the
story of Merlin (well duh!) and how he places the sword in the stone and uhh...other stuff
its written in first person perspective. Arthur is also written in first person perspective
but switches viewpoints so often that I got tired of reading it. I don't own Pendragon yet, I
also have heard rumors of a 5th book to be released in this series. They are really good books
and very popular so they should be easy to find.

The fifth book is Grail. Don't have it.

The Song of Albion Trilogy

Yipee! I've read the whole thing! Great books...great great books. Unfortunately I also read
these when I was still in public school. The story centers around a guy named Lewis who goes
through some sort of standing stone thing at sunset or something and ends up being transported to
the land of Albion. Anyway...I don't remember much else...this is on my reread list. Honestly..
I'm working on it.

The Empyrion Saga

This is a very interesting story. Its about Mr. Orion Treet, a
history writer who is rather short on money. He's kidnapped and
offered several million dollars to go to a colony and record
their history and bring a report back to Earth. When he is on
the ship he find out that he is not the only one on this
mission. There is Mr. Asquith Pizzle (sp?) who is really into
science fiction writing and is a big whiner,Miss Yarden Talazac a
mind reader who falls in love with Treet, and Captain Crocker.
To get to the planet they must go through a wormhole and what
they find on the other side is nothing like they were expecting.
Instead of a new well ordered colony they find a decaying society
over 3000 years old. There is a strict caste system and the people
are distrusting of the strangers. All except Treet go through reconditioning
where they're memories are erased and they're sent into the city as
citizens. Eventually they escape and are asked by one of the rebels
in the colony to seek out another city called Fierra to find
a long exiled group of people called the Fieri, who they hope can
help them overthrow the government and help bring the people
freedom or something like that. Anyway Treet and his group set out
through a large desert to find a city no one is even sure exists.
They have many arguments and are nearly killed several times. During one
of these comes my favorite quote in the book...(this may not be exact as I borrowed the book)

"Oh yeah? Well if I had a stillsuit and a crys knife I'd have you water now!"

That's Pizzle speaking...I just think that is so funny. For those of
you who aren't sure that is an allusion to the book Dune by Frank
Herbert where the people would fight with knives made from the teeth
of sand worms and wore suits that purified the water the body
released because the planet Arrakis was all desert.

Anyway, eventually they all do find the city Fierra and what they
find there is even stranger than the first city the people here tell
them of the wars that went on on the planet and that the desert was
caused by nuclear war and that they haven't seen the other colony,
called Dome from now on, in many hundreds of years. They
are reluctant to help though because they don't want there to be
more war and they would rather die than be part of one. Anyway at the
end of the book there's a big argument between Treet and his group because noone
wants to go back but him. He wishes to keep his promise to
the rebels and come back to assist. Everyone else thinks its
too dangerous. In the end he does go back...and then the book
is over. I still have to read the second one

HAHAHA! I have NOW read the second book! Oh happy happy happy me.
Well, maybe not, but it was a good book.

Siege of the Dome

Whoa...I mean...whoa...this book is really something else. If you
read the first one and thought it was long, ponderous, and heavy
you'll either be more (or less if you like that stuff) dissapointed
in its sequel. Following four or five different viewpoints and
switching at a moments notice its sometimes hard to keep track of
who's where. You leave your hero in a dangerous situation only to
have the chapter end and be thrown into the life of a woman hoping
to be a dancer but turning to painting instead. Anyway...being this
one ends the cute little two book series I don't want to describe
what happens as much. Come on, you like surprises don't you!
Well, one thing i will tell you is that some parts in this book
are a little violent or very...strange.

Dream Thief

This is a really interesting book that I read a couple years ago.
This too was one I borrowed so its not easy for me to read again.
The hero is a guy..I don't remember his name...but anyway he starts
having nightmares and wakes up to find himself in put into dangerous
positions. He has no history of sleep walking and is confused.
He's on some space station too and somehow he goes to Mars and has
an episode there and ends up in underground tunnels in the care of
a genuine martian. The Martian tells him of the history of Mars and
how there was once a great civilization there but the explosion of
the 5th planet ruined the atmosphere...and when they could no longer
all survive underground they left to colonize other worlds but they
all agreed to leave Earth alone. Unfortunately, someone didn't honor
that agreement...ohh...naughty naughty Mars man....and the Martian
taking care of him tells Mr.heroguywho'snameiforgot that he is the
cause of his nightmares. So now we get into some fast paced exciting
stuff in India. They're kidnapped by bandits and save a young boys
life to get free and all sorts of stuff. Ok, I have a bad bad memory
sometimes. Anyway it all works out. I'll see if I can borrow this
again...because it really is a cool story.

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