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Ail Ail appears in the very beginning of the Sailor Moon R season. He also has the name Ginga Seijuurou. From the very beginning, he falls in love with Usagi, and hates Mamoru because of how much Ann and Usagi compete for his attention. Ail and Ann are the only two remaining Makaiju children. They came to Earth trying to steal energy to keep the Makaiju Tree, and its children alive. Sailor Moon was able to heal the tree of its negative energy, and gave Ail and Ann a new chance to start a life with love and kindness.

Aino Minako/Sailor Venus

Aino Minako/Sailor Venus Aino Minako appears in the very first season, and is a main character throughout all 5 seasons. Minako-chan was the original sailor soldier with her guardian cat, Artemis, in England, Sailor V! When she joined up with the rest of the inner senshi, she was then known as Sailor Venus, the pretty soldier of Love and Beauty! Minako is kind of ditzy at moments, but she is a great leader and friend. Behind Minako's generally cheery surface, Minako is a very hurt person. While she was busy being Sailor V, her boyfriend and her best friend fell in love, leaving her alone. People have always thought she was a snob, when she really isn't. Deep down inside, Minako is really an insecure person who needs the acceptance of her peers to maintain her cheery posterior. Why else would Minako dream of being an idol?

Aluminum Siren

Aluminum Siren Aluminum Siren is one of the Sailor Anima Mates who appears in the fifth season. She is a sailor senshi, only she had sided with Galaxia so that she could live without her star seed. (This is never specifically told in the season, but that is how evil Galaxia got sailor senshi to work for her to collect star seeds, as she had done with Sailor Neptune and Uranus.) Aluminum Siren was rivals with Lead Crow. She would go under disguise as Ayasai Reiko. Aluminum Siren's attack is Galactic Tsunami. Aluminum Siren had tried to take Sailor Moon's star seed but Chibi Chibi stopped her. Galaxia eventually killed Aluminum Siren by taking away her bracelets.


see Furuhata Motoki


Ann Ann appears in the very beginning of the Sailor Moon R season. She also has the name Ginga Natsumi. From the very beginning, she falls in love with Mamoru, and didn't really like Usagi very much because of how much Ail chased after her, and how she would compete with Ann for Mamoru. Ann went to Usagi's school and came off being very snobby, but yet very alone. Ann and Ail are the only two remaining Makaiju children. They came to Earth trying to steal energy to keep the Makaiju Tree, and its children alive. Sailor Moon was able to heal the tree of its negative energy, and gave Ail and Ann a new chance to start a life with love and kindness.


Artemis Artemis is Aino Minako/Sailor Venus's guardian cat. Artemis and Luna were guardian cats of the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millenium, and they were sent to Earth to revive the sailor soldiers if something were to threaten the Earth. Artemis eventually develops a crush on Luna, and the two kitties fall in love. In the future, Artemis and Luna have a daughter named Diana. Artemis only becomes human in the manga of Sailor Moon. Artemis and Minako have a very close relationship, and in the manga it has seemed almost as though he was in love with her. But anyway, Artemis really loves Luna ^_^


See Karaberas.



Bananu Bananu is a very minor enemy, but I just thought I would tell you about him here. He appears in the Sailor Moon Super S movie as one of Queen Vadilanne's loyal spirits. He was one of the little piper boys who made children follow him in their sleep to board a ship and take them away to Queen Vadilanne's Black Dream Hole. He is killed by either Sailor Uranus, or Sailor Mars (I'm not sure which one).


Beruche Beruche, known to the DiC world as "Bertie," is the 3rd oldest Ayakashi sister of the black moon family. Her attack is "Dark Water." Beruche's mission was to help capture the crystal points of the past is the second half of the Sailor Moon R season. She trys to secure one of the points, (some chess place), but she fails. She tried to kill herself by freezing herself to stop the pain of rejection from Rubeus and her 2 older sisters. Cooan, who was already healed by Sailor Moon, convinced Beruche that they could live happy lives of kindess and love. Beruche allowed Sailor Moon to heal her. Beruche was also equal to Sailor Mercury.

Besu Besu

Besu Besu Besu Besu, pronounced "Ves Ves," appears in the fourth season of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She is a part of the Amazoness Quartet. Her name can be spelled either Besu Besu, or Ves Ves, but I decided to go with Besu Besu, since it is the more accurate Japanese spelling. (It doesn't really matter either way.) Besu Besu is equal to Sailor Mars (much like how Cooan is equal to mars). Besu Besu was healed by Sailor Moon, and became a senshi of her asteroid.

Black Lady

Black Lady The Black Lady appears in the second half of Sailor Moon R. The Black Lady is also called "Wicked Lady." Black Lady is really Chibiusa. Chibiusa was brainwashed into believing that she was all alone, and that no one loved her. The Wiseman said he could give her the power to take revenge on the Earth for treating her so cruely. Wiseman tried to use Black Lady to summon the Doom/Death phantom, but Neo Queen Serenity was able to convince Black Lady that she was loved, thus undoing all the brain washing, and returning her to her normal self.



CereCere CereCere is the leader of the Amazoness Quartet, and a part of the Dead Moon Circus. She appears in the SuperS season (4th season) of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. She recieves orders from Ziorconia. Her mission with the quartet is to find and kill the pegasus. CereCere is equal to Sailor Venus. CereCere was healed by Sailor Moon and became a senshi of her asteroid.


See Kamada Yuuchirou

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen

Chiba Mamoru/Tuxedo Kamen Chiba Mamoru plays a great role in Sailor Moon, and he is a main character. Tuxedo Kamen is the protector of the Earth, and he is the one who holds the starseed of the Earth that shines forever. Technically, you could consider him to be a sailor senshi as well, since he has a starseed that shines forever. Mamoru and Usagi were destined to be together. In his past life he was Prince Endymion, protector of the Earth. Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion both died from an attack by Queen Beryl on the Moon, but they were both reborn to be themselves as we know them today. In the future, Mamoru is King Endymion, and his wife is Neo Queen Serenity, and they rule the world together. They also have a daughter named Usagi, who is respectively called "Small Lady," but is better known as Chibiusa.


ChibiChibi ChibiChibi appears in the 5th season of BSSM, the Stars series. She appears just falling from the sky as the cute litte 2 year old who can only speak her name, "Chibi Chibi," wich means "Small Small." Chibi Chibi is actually the starseed of hope that belongs to Galaxia. When Chaos began to take over Galaxia, she released her starseed out to someone who could protect it (which turned out to be Sailor Moon), because she knew that Chaos would soon take over her body. ChibiChibi becomes Sailor ChibiChibi who can power up the senshi, and who saves Eternal Sailor Moon on some occasions. ChibiChibi turns herself into a sword for Princess Serenity to defeat Galaxia with, but the sword is shattered, and ChibiChibi dies :(


Cooan Cooan, known to the DiC world as "Catsy," is the youngest of the Ayakashi sisters of the black moon family. Her attack is "Dark Fire." Cooan appears in the second half of SailorMoonR. Eventually, Rubeus rejects her for all of her failures to capture Chibi Usa, and get the ginzuishou. Sailor Mars is able to see the good in Cooan, and Cooan allows Sailor Moon to heal her with the ginzuishou. Cooan is also the one who convinces Beruche to let Sailor Moon heal her. Cooan is also equal to Sailor Mars.


Cyprine Cyprine is the 5th witch of the Witches 5 with her twin Ptilol. She is a part of the Deathbusters in Sailor MoonS (The 3rd season of BSSM.) Cyprine and her sister Ptilol used their staves to reflect the senshi's attacks, but they were tricked into reflecting attacks at each other, and the senshi were able defeat them.

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