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The Black Star Kingdom

As the green light shined upon the Black Star Kingdom, Serenity Rose, the soon to be queen, gazed upon her kingdom while her daughter Lexie watched, staring at the sky.
"When will father return to us?" Lexie asked as her mother just stared at the sky. "He'll return to us, my Lexie, even if I have to get him back myself. Dade will return to us," her mother said with a sincere tone.
"Will the queen ever be well?" Lexie questioned.
"We must heal her. As of now, she is living off the energy of the Black Star Crystal until we can find a way to save her. But now, we must go back to the time before the people of the Dark Moon, Nemesis, captured her heart crystal. Then we must protect her in order to change the events of our time. Finally, when Dade returns, we can take the thrown and rule the kingdom," She concluded.
A heart crystal was a sacred life source for the people of the Black Star Kingdom. It was the crystal of all their life energy, and without it, no one of the Black Star Kingdom could survive for long, without another source of energy. There was only one crystal more sacred than ones heart crystal, the Black Star Crystal. It had incredible power which could not fall into the wrong hands. The black star crystal's energy was the only thing keeping Queen Heira of the Black Star Kingdom from dying after Nemesis had attacked.
The people of Nemesis were banished from Crystal Tokyo on earth in the 30th century. Their people were unable to takeover the kingdom, and were forced to move on. They came across the Black Star Kingdom in their long aimless journey to find a new world, and they had found one. The Black Star kingdom had always been allies with Crystal Tokyo, but the Black Star Kingdom existed several thousand light years away, making communication impossible. The Black Star Kingdom would be unable to contact Crystal Tokyo one Earth in time, and would surely be stomped by Nemesis. Nemesis' forces attacked the Black Star Kingdom, and were able to steal Queen Heira's heart crystal while she attempted to protect her kingdom. The queen was then powerless, and without the energy she needed to survive, and has been in a long sleep, feeding off the energy of the Black Star Crystal. The queen could not protect her kingdom anymore.
Although Lexie was aware of the problems at hand, she had faith in her mother. Serenity never made a statement that couldn't be possible. Serenity was a sailor soldier. She was the sailor soldier of the darkness, Sailor Shadow, with the stars as her guardians. Sailor Shadow, the neoqueen of the Black Star kingdom. She would become queen one day, and possibly, one day soon. Lexie would soon be trained, not as a soldier, but as a powerful, ruling princess who would one day take her mothers place in society. She would become Princess Black Star, a great powerful leader of the Black Star Kingdom.
Lexie, only of twelve, was very brave and intelligent like her mother. She had big purple eyes and long flowing black hair. Unlike her mother and the queen, she didn't wear her hair in buns, just to show her independence. Her mother, the daughter of Queen Heira, her grandmother, stayed eternally young and beautiful like the queen. That would be a feature of her inheritance which she would grow to appreciate.
Serenity had long pink hair, which she wore up in pointy buns. Serenity, thirty years of age, had grown to be powerful, as well as dedicated, caring, and strong. Those qualities she hoped her daughter would obtain more of as she grew older.
Serenity had married at only seventeen, but had had a long lasting relationship, unlike what most young couples seemed to have developed. Her husband, Dade, the soon to be king of the Black Star Kingdom, was very much like Serenity, making them ideal for each other. Although Serenity was at a hard time with her kingdom, Dade could not be by her side. The evil forces of Nemesis had captured him. Queen Heira's freshly renewed kingdom would soon be captured by chaos if something wasn't done.
"Lexie, the time has come for us to regain our kingdom," Serenity said to her daughter.
"Without the queen's heart crystal, she will eventually die, as well as weaken the Black Star Crystal of which she's feeding off of. If the queen dies, our kingdom will die with her," she continued.
"But mother, what can I do?" Lexie asked with great curiosity.
"You must do as I say. Do not worry though. The queen will not be unprotected. Before I take the Black Star Crystal, I will fill her with enough energy to live off of until we return. I will use the Black Star Crystal to enclose the kingdom, and freeze time." Serenity explained, trying not to seem nervous.
"Our mission will be dangerous, but we are left with no choices. Dade is unable to return to us now. We must do what is right, we owe it to our kingdom, our queen and Dade," she continued, and she silenced herself for a moment to let Lexie take it all in.
"You must call upon your power in your heart crystal, and concentrate on the passage of time, and on Sailor Pluto. Just do as I will show you," she concluded.
Serenity held her hand in front of her heart and spoke "Black Star-" as she summoned her power. The crystal appeared in her heart, and light passed through her. She raised her hands to the sky as the crystal floated just above her, and se spoke again. "- Transport!" She yelled as flames burst out of the crystal and enveloped her as she disappeared.
Lexie watched in amazement, not believing what she had just witnessed. In her mind, she imagined Sailor Pluto holding her talisman, which was her key to unlock the gate of time.
"Black Star, transport!" Lexie yelled. Before she knew it, she opened her eyes and was beside her mother at the gate of time.
"I knew you could do it. You will learn all that you're capable of soon," Serenity told the princess.
With that said, Serenity revealed a different crystal.
"This is the sacred Black Star Crystal," she began, " and with this, I will capture the kingdom inside it so Nemesis can't attack while we're away."
"Where exactly are we?" Lexie asked.
"We are at the gate of time, a neutral place which few others will ever access," Serenity explained. "Sailor Pluto will unlock the gate of time for us. From then, we must concentrate on our destination, The Black Star Kingdom just a year or so before now before Nemesis tried to take over. But first, I must conceal the kingdom in the crystal."
Lexie watched her mother, anxiously waiting to see what she would do.
"Black Star Crystal," Serenity Began, "enclose!" She held the crystal to the sky. Lexie could then see her kingdom start to break down to dust until each grain was vacuumed into the crystal, now floating above her mother and glowing profusely.
"We must go now, Lexie. Sailor Pluto is waiting," she said in conclusion, motioning Lexie to follow.
It had looked as though they were only floating, and then Lexie saw the gate appear through a heavy mist as the poor isolated Setsuna, Sailor Pluto, awaited. Sailor Pluto had guarded that gate for thousands of years, even when Silver Millennium had existed. Sailor Pluto was the only Sailor Soldier who wasn't killed when Nemesis attacked Silver Millennium, and destroyed it. All the others were reborn on Earth, but Sailor Pluto remained isolated for thousands of years, guarding the gate of time. The planet Pluto was her guardian, and she was the Sailor Soldier of the underworld.
"Princess," Sailor Pluto said, "I have long awaited the day I would meet you."
Lexie watched as the tall soldier with green hair, Sailor Pluto, approached her and began to introduce herself.
"I am Sailor Pluto, as I'm sure Serenity has told you. I will let you through the gate of time, but I must warn you. You have to concentrate deeply while inside the gate of time. Time travel can be very dangerous. Do not lose hold of your mother's hand, or you could be lost in time forever," Sailor Pluto continued, "As you enter the gate, hold hands and concentrate until your destination appears. The other end of the gate will appear. Walk through it, and continue your journey. Good Luck!" She spoke enthusiastically, most likely just happy to have someone to be with, if even just for a short time.
Serenity took her daughters hand and anxiously waited. Then Sailor Pluto swayed her talisman in the air and directed it at the keyhole. Rays of violet light shot out, and the gate unlocked and opened.
"Be careful, your kingdom's existence is in your hands now," Sailor Pluto said as she watched the two of them walk through the gate hand in hand. If only I could return to the kingdom with them and join society again... Sailor Pluto thought as she closed the gate and sealed them inside the gate of time.
Serenity and Lexie floated inside the gate of time. They concentrated deeply on their destination, and before long, the second gate appeared before them. As they walked through they could see their kingdom well and strong like it had been the day Serenity had helped her mother rebuild the kingdom.
"We must transport to the palace, and we must not waste any time," Serenity said. As if instinct, Lexie took her mother's hands, and together they transported themselves to the palace. When they arrived at the palace, Queen Heira sat before them in her thrown with an awkward smile as she watched them.
"Dear Serenity and Lexie, why so you look so different?" she asked with a puzzled expression on her face.
"Mother, Queen Heira. We have came from the future. Within a year the people of Nemesis will attack and try to steal your heart crystal. We have came t prevent that from happening," Serenity started, "and my dear Dade is captured in the future. I want to change that too."
"This is all very hard to take in," the queen spoke solemnly.
"I know Mother, but it is true. We, as you know us today, will be replaced when we return to the future. We will share all the memories, for we share everything, except hopefully our future," Serenity finished.
Within a few moments, Dade burst through the palace doors and, and was then befuddled, but made his claim.
"The people of Nemesis are coming, we must protect the kingdom," he said, running to Serenity.
"We must also protect the queen," she began. "Lexie, quickly, we must summon our power to shield the forces of Nemesis from the queen, and Dade," she explained quickly. "Dade, stand between us," Serenity instructed him, giving no explanations. Lexie and Serenity faced back to back with their arms out wide, with the confused queen, and Dade between them.
"Black Star," they started as their crystals shine through their hearts as light passed through their bodies. "Shield!" they screamed, as their crystals floated in front of them. Their crystal's began to multiply and form a circle around the four of them as green beams of light shot out, making a force field which could not be penetrated. Dade could not believe his eyes. The queen was aware of their power, and she stood up. As her daughter, and grand daughter protected her, she called upon the Black Star Crystal.
"Black Star Crystal Inferno!" the queen yelled, holding the crystal to the sky. A new set of light beams shout out of the crystal, and surrounded the kingdom, creating an even greater force field. All of Nemesis' efforts to attack the kingdom were futile. Every attack was reflected, and they eventually destroyed themselves.
As Serenity and Lexie grew weak, the multiple crystals vanished and the girls collapsed to the floor, lifeless and weak. They had used all their energy in protecting the queen. Their crystals were no longer floating in the air, but had fell to the floor and faded away back into their hearts. Without any energy, their heart crystals would be useless. The queen knelt beside her weakened kin. She clenched the crystal in her hand and yelled, "Black Star Crystal, heal!"
The crystal then began to hover over the two girls lying weakened on the floor as Dade watched helplessly. The crystal burst into flames that covered them and returned them their strength and energy.
"Serenity, Lexie, are you alright?" The queen called to them. They slowly opened their eyes and sat up to see the two most important people in their lives there with them again.
"We'll be fine, but we must return home to the future," Serenity stated.
"Yes, I suppose you must. Although I still can not exactly recollect everything that has just happened, thank you both for saving me in the future, and for helping me protect the kingdom," the queen said and motioned them to go. "I know that when you leave, you as I had known before today, will have no knowledge of the events you spoke of in the future, but I will not reveal the futures face, even though it has changed," she said reluctantly.
Serenity smiled at the queen, and took her daughter's hand as they once again transported themselves to the gate of time.
"Welcome back, Serenity," Sailor Pluto said. "I knew you would be successful. I will return you to the future as soon as you're ready.
Serenity held the Black Star Crystal to the sky, and yelled "Black Star Crystal, release!" The crystal began to glow and the crystal quickly began to release and return to its normal state.
"We're ready now," She said.
Pluto once again opened the gate of time and Serenity walked through with her daughter, hand in hand.
"Thank you Sailor Pluto," Serenity said, and she began to concentrate on her home. The second gate appeared, and they walked through into their palace to see Queen Heira as well as Dade, alive and well.
Within the next few days, Queen Heira passed her thrown down to Serenity and Dade. Her time as ruler had come to an end. Serenity and Dade became the true king and queen, and ruled their kingdom wisely for years to come.

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