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So you would like to enter a contest, huh? Alright then! I'll explain the deal here. This contest is for anyone who likes to either write fan fics or draw fan art and has, or plans on making a website. Here's the deal: I need FanFic's and FanArts for a Fanfic and Fanart page I want to create. In this contest I am asking you to write a fanfic or submit a fanart to me. The Fanart or Fanfic would be used on my page, with credits to you. The contest is for the best FanFic, and Fan Art, I will make a custom design for your site free of charge. I don't have much to offer you other than graphics assistance, so the winners will have a website design created just for you, with all your specifications in mind. If you don't like the design I create for you, I'll make you a different one (and the one I'd made for you will go into a graphics collection). Below are the Rules/Terms that you'll have to agree to.


-Your Fanfiction/Fanart must be based on Sailor Moon, but it can include aspects of other Anime's. If you do inclide aspects of other anime's, you might want to tell me. The only other Anime's I'm familiar with are Pokemon, Magic Knight Rayearth, Dragon Ball Z, Akira, Vampire Hunter, and Project A-Ko.

-You have to be willing to have it published on my page in a fan art/fiction page. You will revieve credit! I will take no claim to it!

-Be Creative! I don't want any rip-offs.

-The Contest starts on July 16 1999 and it ends December 31 1999. After 12/31 I will no longer accept submissions available for the contest, but your submission will be published on my page. As I revieve submissions, I will post them, and allow web surfers to vote on thier favorite, but the vote does not determine the winner, but the people's choice. The People's Choice may influence the winner however.

-If you win as the people's choice, I will give you the People's Choice award.

Well, those are my terms! Send your submitions to me at and include the following info:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Type Of Submission:(fan fiction or art?)
Submission: Preferably, have it attached as a seperate file.

(Documents preferably as .TXT or .DOC, And Fanarts preferably .JPG)