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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

The very first person who ever died in Sailor Moon was Sailor Jupiter, Mako-Chan. In the last episode of the first Season, the sailor senshi had left to fight Queen Beryl. They hadn't been there very long when the Gloom and Doom girls appeared, sent by Queen Beryl. They had tricked Jupiter into seeing an illusion of Andrew, but she had fallen into their trap. Jupiter wanted to destroy the youma (monster) on her own, and used her attack "Supreme Thunder" to kill the enemy, as well as herself.

The next senshi to die was Sailor Mercury, just shortly after Jupiter. Mercury split up from the others, and was surprise attacked, and died defeating the enemy. While walking, Sailor Venus was attacked. The attack was meant for Sailor Moon, bu Venus pushed her out of the way. Venus used her "Cresent Beam" attack to kill off the Youma. It was shortly after that when Mars realized her fate. She was destined to die that day, to kill the remaining youma. Sailor Moon was destinied to fight Queen Beryl alone. Sailor Moon pleaded with her not to go, not to leave her. Mars refused. She encouraged Sailor Moon, and went on to kill the remaining Youma. She killed them using her "Fire Soul" attack, and died as well.

Sailor Moon was forced to face Queen Beryl alone, but not without being confronted by her love, Mamoru-San, in the form of the wicked Prince Endymion. He would have killed her then, but she revealed their locket. He touched it, and gained all his memories back again. He didn't keep them long, unfortunately. He was killed by Queen Beryl, leaving Sailor Moon all alone. She then faced Queen Beryl. With the strength of the spirits of the 4 senshi, Sailor Moon destroyed Queen Beryl, and herself. The incredible strength of the silver crystal killed Sailor Moon as well, but the world was now safe. She hadn't died in vain.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R

The only one to actually die in Sailor Moon R was Mamoru-San. In the first half of the season, Mamoru was killed by Ann and Ail, the Aliens of the Doom Tree, when he had defended Sailor Moon. Although Mamoru had been killed, he was brought back to life, memories and all, by his other self, his soul of The Moonlight Knight. To my knowledge, no ther senshi actually died in SMR, only Mamoru.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R Movie

In the SailorMoonR movie, Sailor Moon almost dies protecting the senshi, and Tuxedo Kamen. She uses the Silver Crystal ("Ginzuishou") To destroy Fiore and the Kinsien/Xenian Flower, and keep them from crashing into earth (or being destroyed trying to go through the ozone..) Sailor Moon actually does die, but the Fiore gives Sailor Moon back her life, in thanks for saving himself from the wicked being he had become.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S

Throughout the series, Rei, Usagi, Mako, Ami, and Minako all had their pure hearts taken by daemons of Kalonite, and Eudial. The all, fortunately, got their pure hearts back and survived.

The other close-call deaths I know of are the almost deaths of Uranus and Neptune. Eudial discovered that Neptune and Uranus were 2 of the carriers of the talismans hidden in the pure hearts of humans. Eudial called them, and told them she had discovered who carried the talismans. They met Eudial, and she first took the talisman of Neptune. That was when Uranus discovered that after all their searching, they were the ones who would have to sacrifice their lives for the talismans.

Uranus then uses Eudial's gun to take the talisman from her pure heart, and she dies. Eudial then proclaims that she only has to find the one now, and Pluto walks in. She told them that she has the 3rd talisman, her garnet orb. Pluto begins to glow, as well as Neptune and Uranus, and their talismans then form to make the holy grail, which Sailor Moon gets a hold of. Uranus and Neptune then live again! That same day, Mimete, the 2nd witch, tampers with Eudial's car breaks, and Eudal accidentally drives off a cliff and dies.

In the SailorMoonS series, Sailor Saturn revealed herself as a senshi, destroying the evil Mistress 9 that had originally overcome hotaru. In order to undo all the horror she had done as Mistress 9, she killed herself by jumping into Master Pharoh 90. She was, however, reborn by Sailor Moon, who had jumped in after her, and brought back a cute little baby Hotaru.

Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Stars

The first person to die in Stars was Tuxedo Kamen, The holder of the Earth Star seed. Mamoru had proposed to Usagi, and was about to leave to study in America. Before he could leave for America, Galaxia came after his starseed. He warned Galaxia that the sailor senshi would stop her. The very last word out of his mouth was "Usako," as he gazed up at the moon. Isn't that sad? :( *sniff sniff*
Usagi and the others hadn't know about this. They hadn't heard of his death, and the inner senshi never survived to hear it either.

The Death Of The Inner Senshi
The inner senshi were killed by Galaxia some time after Tuxedo Kamen was killed, although they hadn't know that at the time. Galaxia was about to kill the starlights, but the inner senshi blocked their attacks, and had their star seeds taken. The Starlights then spoke to the inner senshi.

Healer: Why? For us?
Mercury: To protect the ones that are important.
Maker: Important to you?
Venus: Sailor Moon and Star Lights are very important to us.
Fighter: Even if you're going to die?
Jupiter: Please, in our place, protect Usagi and this world.

Eternal Sailor Moon then went to mars. Eternal Sailor Moon was hysterically saying "Rei-Chan, Rei-Chan! Minna*!" as she watched the others die, while she was approaching the motionless Super Sailor Mars. While Sailor Moon was talking to herslef, Mars stirred.

Moon [crying]: Wait! Don't leave me alone.
Mars: Don't be a cry baby.
Moon: You promised that we will be together until the end.
Mars: Stupid, you have Mamoru.
Of course, Mars wasn't aware that Mamoru-San really wasn't alive, but her intensions is all that matters. She didn't want Usagi to feel that she was alone. Shortly after Mars' last words, She died.

*-Note, "Minna" is Japanese for "Everyone." Sailor Moon was using this in reference to the other inner senshi.

Neptune And Uranus takes sides
Galaxia wanted to bargain with the outer senshi to get them on her side. This way, they would live. Pluto and Saturn wouldn't, but Uranus wanted to be with Neptune.

Galaxia: You're going to die, but there is still a way.
Uranus: Tell me about it.
Galaxia: If you have these bracelets that contain my power, you can live even if you don't have your star seed.

Galaxia: What are you going to do?
Pluto: If I have to take your orders, it's better to die.
Saturn: Yeah, who's going to be a servant to you.
Uranus: Interesting. If I can get that bracelet, I can live?
Galaxia nodded.
Uranus looked at Neptune: If I can be with you, I don't mind selling my soul to the devil.
Neptune: Ok.

Neptune: I'm with you until I die.
Uranus: Let's be together in hell.

They let Galaxia blast them and take their starseeds, but they did not die. They accepted Galaxia's bracelets, and were now under her control.

Now being turned to Galaxia's side, she ordered Neptune and Uranus to take Pluto and Saturn's star seeds. They didn't fight back. They just closed their eyes, and took their blasts. They couldn't fight against their friends.

Sailor Moon and the starlights appeared.

Pluto: It's all right.
Saturn: Please don't forget your trusting heart.
After those words, they faded away.

The Couple Divided
Neptune and Uranus, believed to be under Galaxia's control, were ordered to take Moon's starseed. They had turned to face Galaxia, and shot their bracelets at her. Her starseed didn't appear.

Neptune: It can't be! The star seed didn't appear.
Uranus: It should have been a direct hit.
Galaxia: I never expected that there would be someone who wouldn't become controlled by my bracelet.
Galaxia: It's the first time I met senshi like you.

Galaxia then took away the bracelets, and they fell to the ground, and began to fade away.

Becoming very dim, hardly visible, Neptune spoke.

Neptune: Haruka..
Uranus: What.
Neptune: I want to touch you.
Nearly faded away, they struggled to reach for each other, but finally did.

Neptune: I can see the light.
Uranus: It's warm, Michiru.
With those last words spoken, they faded away. Very Sad :(

The defeat of Chaos
When Eternal Sailor Moon is killed by Galaxia, Sailor Cosmos* reveals herself to Sailor Moon and gives her her starseed back. She also gives The now renewed Princess Serenity a sword which is Chibi Chibi. Galaxia does destroy the sword, in turn, killing Chibi Chibi. Serenity finds the long lost goodness within Galaxia, and helps her to releases Chaos from within Galaxia. Together Galaxia and Princess Serenity defeat Chaos. Galaxia then says that she will release the starseeds back to the senshi. Sailor Moon, now alone, is then reunited with all her friends as the Starlights watch ^_^ The starlights, who never die in this series, are also reunited with Princess Kakyuu after the defeat of Chaos. What a happy ending :)

*-Note, Sailor Cosmos is believed to be Sailor Moons Future Self (And I mean Way in the future. This, I think, is supposed t be a reborn Sailor Moon of the distant future. If anyone knows the exact stats on Cosmos, please tell me!

If there are any deaths I have left out, or and details I got wrong, or left out, please email me and tell me what you know! It would be greatly appreciated.

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