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I would like to dedicate the month of April to the Soldier of Fire, Sailor Mars. I would like to first talk about Rei Hino/Sailor Mars's Character. I know that a lot of people either Hate Rei, or Love Rei. Most Sailor Mars haters don't like her because of her attitude. Some fans do not even realize just how close of friends Usagi and Rei really are. I mean, sure they fight a lot, but it's like sisterly love. (And Rei, obviously, is like the older sister) Rei loves and cares for Usagi very much, even if she doesn't always show it, and Usagi feels the same way. In the first season of Sailor Moon, Mars does doubt Sailor Moons leader capabilities, but she grows to trust her. The picture to the left shows when Sailor Mars died defeating the monsters sent on by Queen Beryl so Sailor Moon could continue the journey. The image is from the last episode of the first season, called "Day Of Destiny." Sailor Moon doesn't want Mars to leave her. Sailor Moon as well as Sailor Mars knew that she would die if she took it upon herself to kill Queen Beryl's monsters, the Gloom and Doom Girls. Sailor Mars encouraged Sailor Moon, and went on to destroy the monsters knowing well that she wouldn't survive. She had faith in Sailor Moon, and new that it was destined to be this way.

Even in the Sailor MoonR movie, their friendship shows. In the Sailor MoonR movie, Tuxedo Kamen is nearly killed, and is taken away from Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon loses the will to fight, because she doesn't want to lose any more of the people she loves, and the scouts try to change her mind. In the picture to the left, Sailor Mars was saying "And for mamoru too," trying to get her to teleport to save him.

Tragically, as Sailor Mars dies in the last series, how much they trully care for each other shows. In the pictures to the right and left, Sailor Moon is holding Sailor Mars and Saying (something like) "Rei-chan! you promised we will always be together," and Sailor Mars says, in reply, "Baka Usagi, you still have Mamoru-san." And then, Sailor Mars dies, as well as the other inner senshi. In a sad way, what Mars had said was ironic though. Tuxedo Kamen had already been killed by Galaxia, but they didn't know it yet.

To learn more about Rei and Usagi's friendship, visit the Rei & Usagi's Friendship Page

To continue with this months dedication, I have reasons to love, or hate Sailor Mars, and my opinion of her.

Reasons to LOVE her

1.)She has great self-esteem
2.)She's dependable, and would do anything for her friends.
3.)She's talanted
4.)She's beautiful in both the Anime, and Manga series
5.)She has considerably powerful attacks
6.)She's very spiritual, and has psychic powers
7.)She has great leadership skills
8.)She's compassionate
9.)She's a true friend

Reasons to HATE her

1.)She may have too much self-esteem
2.)She tends to be too bossy
3.)She is mean to Usagi when she teases her
4.)She may have too much firery spirit

In my personal opinion, Sailor Mars is my favorite of all the senshi. I see a lot of aspects in her like self esteem, faithfulness, and compassion that I would like to have more of. She is a true friend, and is very reliable. She is a little shameless ^_^ But its just part of her firery Aries spirit!

If you would like to post any coments about Sailor Mars here, than please email me, and I'll post them here.