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File Name Description File
Sailor Moon MultiMedia Player A cute media player with a manga pic of Mercury
Sailor Moon Solitare A solitare card game for windows with a sailor moon deck.
Sailor Moon Media Player Another cute media player, but with Chibi Usa pictures.
Cursors This zip file is full of cute animated sailor moon cursors (for windows)
Cursors2 This zip file also has cute cursors, and pointers for windows.
Icons Here you can find assorted Icons for windows with pictures of the senshi.
SM Media Pro Yet another media player, but with a cute pic of Sailor Moon.
Screensaver This is a very cute sailor moon screensaver for windows.
Sailor Moon FAQ5.0 A very nice thing to have! It has a lot of great info and recources for Sailor Moon.
Usagi Clock This clock for windows has a picture of Usagi running for school (Yeah, sure Usagi. It's the clocks fault you're late again!).
Winamp This isn't a Sailor Moon utility, but I would highly advise downloading this MP3 player if you don't already have one.