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Below are some of my favorite sites in no specific order.

Otaku World: Otaku world is a great recource for everything Anime! They have an extensive KiSS doll section, Games, toys, reviews, and desktop themes for all different anime sereies. This site also has an Anime Guide. The Anime Guide contains brief series summaries with many links to sites containing further info, etc. They currently have guides on over 700 Animes.

Lycentia's SM Webgraphics Shop: Lycentia can make some great graphics! In the early days of my web building, I got everything there! She is very talented with graphics making, so if thats what you seek to find, this is the place! She has backgrounds, main page designs, fonts, dividers, animated gifs, and a lot more!

Transparent Gif Gift Shop: There are many transparent gifs here on all the sailor senshi. They are great to be used on webpages, so if you're in need, this is the place!

Manga Style!: Manga style is a beautifuly designed sailor moon manga-based site. It has galleries full of beautiful manga images, and graphics.

KatC's Sailor Moon Wing: This site is probably one of my all time favorite sites! It has graphics, emulated games (with instructions), galleries, fan art, windows goodies, and more! This site is definitely worth checking out.

Pluto Planet Power: Mara is the best when it comes to laying out beautiful sites! This site in particular is dedicated to one of my favorite senshi, Sailor Pluto. It has a lot of good info on pluto, and as I said before, it has beautiful graphics.

SailorMoon.Org: SailorMoon.Org is probably one of the best sources for Sailor Moon. Here you can find huge galleries of JPG and GIF images, as well as music and movies. You can get your very own library card here! They are also a part of the Sailor Senshi Domain Group!

The Sailor Mars Zone: The Sailor Mars Zone is great, beautifuly laid out shrine to Sailor Mars. You can find great information here on the tempermental spiritualist Rei Hino!

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